Located in Leawood, Kansas, this home is the result of an inspiring renovation. The family living here challenged Hufft Projects to adapt their 1950s single-story ranch house, dubbed Modern on Meadow, to their contemporary daily needs.

“The couple desired spaces that were open, modern and bright, and their ranch home afforded them none of these things,” the architects said. “We set out to renovate it to fit their lifestyle. When it became clear that the program they needed wouldn’t fit inside the existing footprint, the renovation became an addition.”

The new, flexible layout is suited for a variety of activities and situations, addressing both children and adults. The spacious interiors exhibit a clean, contemporary style. Windows and glass doors flood the social spaces in natural light.

“We carved away a second level for the kids’ bedrooms, a bathroom and a shared playroom,” the architects said. “The new dormer was designed to be a modern form quietly placed in a traditional neighborhood. The addition allowed us to create an open ‘great room’ on the ground level, which combines kitchen, living and dining.”

A leaf pattern evokes the clients’ favorite vineyard in custom screens throughout the residence. What are your thoughts on this ranch home renovation? [Photos by Mike Sinclair]