Place of Peace, a 1947 single-family home in Mühlheim, Germany, was redesigned by ONE!CONTACT. The 3,000-square-foot house offers forest views and contemporary architectural features while maintaining a quintessential traditional appeal.

The lavish landscaping includes a stone retaining wall, small pond and waterfall. The features complement the exterior of the home, which boasts a distinctive facade, large, energy-efficient windows and an unusually angled roof whose multiple skylights create a bright, warm atmosphere.

Inside, the contemporary update features modern furnishings and materials in the bathroom, living room and kitchen. Spanning the length of the kitchen is a built-in high-tech fireplace, which creates a subtly relaxed ambiance in the heart of the home.

The master bedroom includes a bright walk-in closet with a center island, abundant storage and a chandelier. The home’s artistic centerpiece is a staircase that spirals between the first and second floors, creating an airy flow between the two levels.

The designers accomplished the often-challenging mission of creating an elegant, modern home that also has the capacity to offer its owners the ability of living comfortably in it. [Photography by Jannis Wiebusch]