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Sleek and Functional Two Bedroom Apartment Showcasing Family Scandinavian Design 

When you think about Scandinavian apartment interior design, you might get a picture of a minimalist space where white and light play a huge role. This bright and cheery two bedroom apartment seen on HusmanHagberg enhances that idea while adding a warmer tone to the overall appearance through carefully chosen patterns and textures. Spreading over 936 […]

Penthouse Apartment on Kungshöjd Showcases Scandinavian Design

The Swedish city of Gothenburg is unique in it’s ability to offer the convinces of urban life while still feeling like a small town. On the one hand, there is no shortage of restaurants and cinemas to enjoy. But, on the other, the nearby canal and plethora of family-owned businesses add a comfort level that […]

Gothenburg at Its Finest: The Charming Masthuggsliden 22 Apartment

The enchanting Gothenburg, with its cosmopolite streets, with the boutiques, the restaurants, the old side of the city, still fascinates design addicts. There’s something about the Scandinavian ambience that can’t be really put into words, but it can be felt, as soon as you explore and experience it. There are many charming Swedish apartments, awaiting […]

Renewed Two-Flat Edwardian House Exposing a Vintage Scandinavian Interior

John Lum Architecture designed this wonderful interior sprinkled with vintage elements of Scandinavian design. We’ve spotted this interior on Home Adore and we also wanted to share it with you because it looks really neat and modern. The  two-flat Edwardian home, called Nordquist is located in San Francisco and it suffered some transformations, in order to […]

Gothenburg’s Exquisite Side: Small Apartment Tastefully Designed

The tasteful Scandinavian design strikes again! Alvhem Makleri & Interior presents another gorgeous Gothenburg small, all-white apartment, integrating personalized elements to create the perfect simple living space, for those who seek tranquility and a relaxed lifestyle. Like other Scandinavian homes, this apartment showcases a variety of decorations in order to make the spot cosier and more personal. […]

Precious White Apartment With Shabby Chic Details in Gothenburg

Scandinavian design is so simple and neat, that doesn’t need any additional glow to shine. Characterised by minimalism and most of the times, shabby chic details, Scandinavian style definitely fits people with a little drain of nonconformism in their souls. This fine apartment in Linnéstaden, one of the central districts of Gothenburg, Sweden, is gorgeous, […]

Top 10 Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Interior

Here at Freshome we know that our readers love Scandinavian design. Renowned for their simplicity, utility, and beauty, Scandinavian homes have a pure, pared backed style that is centred around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship and understated elegance. The use of light is considered to be extremely important, and many Scandinavian homes  are characterized by the […]

Cozy Atmosphere Recreated in a Three Bedroom Loft in Stockholm

Reminding us of the bohemian artists with their simple-with-a-drain-of-chaos lofts, this three bedroom apartment in Stockholm showcases the powerful and inspirational Scandinavian design. Following the streams of simplicity, with wooden beams and brick walls, the designers focused on bringing life to a typical sterile living space. The continuous flow of the excessive white is “interrupted” […]

Scandinavian Attic Penthouse Showcasing Stylish Chic Souvernirs

There’s something about the Scandinavian design that makes us say: “we love it”. It’s luminous, bright and pure, without even trying too hard. As you wander on the streets of Stockholm, looking for a home, you might feel like stopping in Östermalm. The very first thing that strikes you is the beautiful view. When you consider […]

Youthful Scandinavian Penthouse Sprinkled With Authentic Details

Wandering on the Western shores of Sweden, we end up in Gothenburg where there’s this perfect cozy spot that defines the destinctive Scandinavian style.  An 85 square metres penthouse apartment located at the top floor of an old building represents the linking element between an impeccable simple design and the unexplainable Northern bohemian flair.  From the […]

Warm Display of Scandinavian Design in a Relatively Small Home

Even though this beautiful apartment found on Alvhem stretches over a surface of only 61 square meters, it gives out the impression of so much more space. Located in Gothenburg, the crib consists of two rooms plus kitchen and bathroom. The layout is clever and practical, providing quite a few inspiring decorating solutions.  The living […]

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