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Distinctive Architecture Geometry Unfolding Towards Spectacular Views: Groveland House

  • design modern residence
  • exterior modern residence
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Located in Vancouver, Canada, the Groveland House by Mcleod Bovell is a three level residence opening up to spectacular views. According to the architects, “a wide footprint and generous building area allows the central living portions of the house to expand into double-height spaces. These tall spaces interact with a large roof plane with a […]

Modern River House in Lithuania Contrasting Natural Surroundings

  • Striped River House by GYZA (1)
  • Striped River House by GYZA (2)
  • Striped River House by GYZA (3)
  • Striped River House by GYZA (4)

Having a modern river house is like making peace with both nature and technology. This particular modern river house is located on the banks of the Neris River, in Lithuania’s Vilnius County. Spreading over 226 square meters, this house was imagined and built from the ground up by GYZA. Having the bedrooms and guest room on the ground floor made it easier […]

Original Scandinavian Loft with Skylights and Wood Burning Fireplace

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Located in a beautiful area of Gothenburg, Sweden, this 59 square-meter apartment displays a modern and stylish character. Discovered by Freshome on Alvhem, the remarkable Scandinavian loft features tall ceilings, large skylights and a wood burning fireplace for chilly autumn evenings. As you enter the main hallway, you are thrown aback by the airy feel […]

Bathroom Ideas – The Ultimate Design Resource Guide

  • beachy white wood walls and marble counters
  • brick floor and tub
  • bright yellow colored vanity
  • colorful walls and gold tub details

Bathrooms are one of the most popular and commonly remodeled rooms in the home. And since they are a high-traffic space (and one where updates are noticeable), doing so can have a significant effect on resale value. When starting a bathroom remodeling project think about utility as well as design. Bathrooms are often difficult jobs […]

Steeply Arched Copper-Clad Chapel Design in Finland

  • St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel in Finland by Sanaksenaho Architects (1)
  • St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel in Finland by Sanaksenaho Architects (2)
  • St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel in Finland by Sanaksenaho Architects (3)
  • St Henry's Ecumenical Art Chapel in Finland by Sanaksenaho Architects (4)

Under an arched framework, this astonishing chapel design in Finland finds new ways of expressing old, powerful feelings like faith. Designed by Helsinki-based Sanaksenaho Architects, the steeply arching chapel design surprises with a curious mix of building materials. The exterior is clad in shiny copper, while the interior was lined with the warmth of wood, which will become reddish with […]

Asymmetrical Pitched Roof Defining Minimalist Family Home near Munich

Displaying a minimalist design character, this family home on the outskirts of Munich, Germany is a contemporary approach to the dwellings one can find in the neighborhood: ” The building follows line of the houses in the street and thus continues the urban edge along the link road. The front garden area next to the […]

Stylish Pillows as Comfy Additions to Bed Headboard: Comoditi by Formabilio

Comoditi is a modular bed headboard made up of differently-size pillows and customizable depending on the user’s needs. Envisioned by Italian designer Daniele De Santis and produced by Formabilio, this is a project that combines aesthetics, creativity and ergonomics.  According to the designer’s description, “the colors and the softness of the elements are an invitation […]

Pops of Color Reenacting Joyful Memories in Taipei Home: The Chorus Apartment

The Chorus project by Ganna Design is an original contemporary apartment spiced up with color additions in Taipei City, Taiwan. This thirty-year old house with mezzanine was the place where one of the inhabitants enjoyed beautiful years of childhood, so it was important to preserve these memories, but conduct a functional process of upgrading as […]

15 Smart Patio Ideas To Rejuvenate Your Exterior

It’s impossible to deny that what we consider to be “smart patio ideas” has changed over the last few years. In the past, outdoor spaces used to be almost seen as an afterthought. Rather than going for a particular style, most homeowners were content to let these areas become a hodgepodge of different pieces that […]

Vintage Industrial Crank Table Designs Crank Up Your Decor

Phoenix-based furniture manufacturer Vintage Industrial, the globally recognized designer of vintage-inspired furniture, has some eye-candy industrial table designs that we couldn’t wait to share with you. These industrial tables have the charm of vintage design while satisfying the need for functionality. They say that “each item is meticulously designed using a mix of old world […]

Explore the Enchanting Aman Canal Grande Hotel in Venice

When in Venice, you might want to stay at or admire the fabulous Aman Canal Grande Hotel. Italy’s romantic city on water houses some spectacular buildings, so you never know what might surprise you behind the next corner. Occupying one of UNESCO’s World Heritage List historic building, Palazzo Papadopoli, the elegant hotel was given new life by Denniston International […]

Playful Dynamics Exuded by Family Home in California: Keystone Ave Residence

The Keystone Ave Residence in Culver City, California is a modern family home completed by RILEY Architects. The focus of the project was to make the most of the temperate Southern California climate; this was mainly achieved by creating a social living space that extends outdoors with the help of a large terrace. A sense of […]

Impressive Yet Elegant Walk-In Closet Ideas

Walk in closets have always been a symbol of luxury, but the days when a walk in closet exclusively belonged in a mansion are over. We have some of the most functional and beautiful walk in closet ideas to help you create an impeccable, organized dressing area. If your clothes and accessories are works of art […]

L-Shaped Contemporary Home Adapted to an Inclined Topography: Zgharta Residence

Located in a Mediterranean olive grove landscape in Zgharta, Lebanon, Zgharta Residence by  platau is an L-shaped contemporary home adapted to an inclined terrain. According to the architects, the residence is perceived as “a series of horizontal silhouettes that fade out in the ground, inscribing the house in its larger geography while giving it privacy from the proximity of the road”. […]

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