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Glass and Wooden Volumes Highlighting a Fresh Landscape: Bray’s Island Residence

  • design wood glass residence
  • exterior wood glass residence
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The Bray’s Island SC Modern II Residence by SBCH Architects is located in Brays Island Plantation, a private country club in Sheldon, South Carolina, USA. Its modern character is unveiled by a series of connected volumes, paying tribute to minimalism. Asymmetry is a main characteristic of the architectural plan, each point of view offering new […]

Summer House in Argentina Defined by Twisted Concrete Columns

  • design modern residence
  • exterior modern residence
  • modern residence (3)
  • modern residence (5)

Located on the shores of a Patagonian lake in Rio Negro, Argentina, this summer house by NE-AR is a redesign of an existing dwelling on the site. According to the architects, the interior space was characterized by “a deep dark dinning- living area with limited relation to the outside with a deficient connection between the […]

Colorful Graffiti as Highlight for Minimalist Villa Von Stein in Frankfurt

  • design modern villa
  • exterior modern villa
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Designed by Philipp Architekten GmbH, Villa Von Stein in situated on a slightly inclined lot in Frankfurt, Germany. The owner’s brief requested a modern home that would ensure a high level of privacy, as well as a good indoor-outdoor connection. As a result, the minimalist building “shows a consequent closed unity towards the street, to […]

10 Signs That You Are Married To An Architect

  • architect joke
  • bathroom stone soaking tub
  • wood walls modern stone fireplace
  • lake view modern windows

How many architects does it take to change a light bulb? Well, we don’t have the silly response to that joke, but with one quick Google search you can find a lot of jokes about architecture and architects. It seems that architects get picked on for their quirky personalities and traits. However, here at Freshome, […]

Oak Pass Residence in Beverly Hills Surrounded by Lush Vegetation

  • design modern pass
  • exterior modern pass
  • modern pass (1)
  • modern pass (2)

Blending in with the natural surroundings, this modern residence in Beverly Hills USA offers two levels of luxurious living. The Oak Pass Residence by Walker Workshop is the main house on a site which also accommodates a guest dwelling and one hundred and thirty beautiful oak trees. Defined by a high level of transparency, the […]

Delightful One-Room Studio Apartment in Gothenburg Inspiring Brightness and Space

Located in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden, this small, tastefully renovated studio apartment makes for a delightful home. Discovered by Freshome on Alvhem, the one-room crib features plenty of charming features, such as a preserved tile stove, wooden flooring, renovated kitchen and a small balcony. Once you enter, you are greeted by a ceiling height […]

Traditional Mountain Chalet Integrating Modern Life Perks in Colorado

Contemporary design meets traditional mountain architecture in perfect harmony in this Steamboat Springs, Colorado property. Designed by architect Bill Rangitsch, this home exemplifies the style and vision of a great artist. As you cross the covered bridge entry, the quality of woodwork, chief cliff stone and well-manicured landscaping set the stage for an exciting experience. […]

Spacious Micro-Apartment for the Global Nomad: Zoku Loft in Amsterdam

Zoku Amsterdam is a new type of hotel promoting the concept of a spacious micro-apartment for global nomads. Designed by Concrete Architectural Associates, The Zoku Loft offers a spacious experience in a room of at least 25 square meters. According to the project developers, “it provides a stylish and spatial feel due to its flexible […]

Seven-Bedroom Residence Exhibiting Lavish Interiors: Water Mill South Estate

Developed by architect Peter Block in collaboration with designer James Michael Howard, the Water Mill South Estate discovered on Brown Harris Stevens is a sumptuous residence featuring 12,000 sqf living space. The construction boasts a shingle-style exterior, elegant proportions and manicured gardens that ornament a three-acre parcel. The grand foyer has inlaid stone patterned floors which […]

What Are Architects Doing In Response To Population Growth

As this is being typed, the current world population is 7,260,873,955, according to the real time Worldometer. By the time this article is edited and published (assuming four to five days from now), the population will have approximately increased by 316,000 people! Isn’t that amazing!? According to World Population Balance, the current global population is […]

Contemporary Extension for Early 1900’s Villa: Matai House in New Zealand

Parsonson Architects completed the redesign of Matai House, a welcoming family home in Wellington, New Zealand. The early 1900’s villa had a simple layout, with rooms situated on each side of a central hallway and a bathroom area in the back. A better connection between interiors was needed, as well as a larger living space […]

Modern Family Home in California Functioning as a Working Vineyard

Designed by Swatt Miers Architects, this modern family home in Windsor, California is built on a a 20-acre plot in the Russian River Valley, known as Retrospect Vineyards. The client’s brief requested a project that would function both as a welcoming family home and as a working vineyard: “Equipment and materials for the vineyard are […]

50 Creative Home Organization Ideas

If your home always seems to be cluttered and messy, then you’ve got a problem (and would likely benefit from some home organization ideas). Perhaps you have too much stuff, or you don’t have anywhere to put all of your stuff away. Most homes don’t come with all the organizational tools you need, and often […]

Compact Home in Spain With An Arresting Inverted Floor-Plan

Located in the old town of Blanes, Girona, Spain, this compact home’s design absorbs your attention with an arresting color contrast and sleek, modern design lines. Architects of Jordi Queralt collaborated with La Boqueria to erect this eye-catching structure under the Spanish sun. This curious structure is, in fact, a cozy home known as House Ca’s Bouer. Functional and […]

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