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Why Minimalist Interiors Are Good For You

There’s no place like home. At least that’s what we all want to think, but is your home making you stressed out? Do you walk in the door after a long day of work only to be greeted by piles of laundry, dishes and dust bunnies?  Did you ever consider the idea that your home […]

Why Japanese Interior Design is Popular

Japanese interior design is being mimicked world-wide, for good reason. Japanese tradition is steeped in many qualities that are worthy of mimicry— such as a deep-rooted love and respect of nature, or a fondness towards minimalist interiors that highlight the artisan-appeal of individual pieces. Our busy world, whose cultures seem to mesh more readily thanks […]

The G12 House Brings Modern Architecture to Idyllic Überlingen

Nestled in the hilly shores of Lake Constance, Überlingen Germany is a booming tourist destination. The city’s villages are filled with medieval structures and still hold market days that harken of times past. It’s the perfect spot for visitors searching for a peaceful escape, but it is not entirely in the past. The G12 house, […]

Minimalist, Monochromatic Home in Girona, Spain: Casa Pocafarina

Hidalgo Hartmann Arquitectura completed a minimalist family home located in Girona, Spain and entitled Casa Pocafarina. The project turns to seek the views and avoid contact with neighboring buildings while accompanying the curving street which borders the plot. The four volumes were therefore built in order to provide different perspectives on the surrounding landscape.According to […]

Vivendelstien House in Norway

If you were to ask me what my dream home would look like, the answer would be modern, minimalist, with lots of space and with a nice view over the beach or maybe over the woods. I’m not sure if the Vivendelstien house in Norway is close to a beach or a mountain but I […]

Glide Chair by Kedar Naik

The Glide Chair is an interesting chair concept designed by Kedar Naik. Lightweight and comfortable, the Glide chair molds to your body supplying a single moment of rest after a hard day at work. The Glide Chair is made of lacquered aluminum and fiberglass and the design is simple, modern and minimalist.

Patino Furniture that can Save Space in your Balcony

There were numerous space saving designs here on Freshome, but this time here is something that we didn’t covered until now. Designer Sandy Lam created a design that is not only useful because it saves space, it is also completely hidden with zero space invasion while not in use. The purpose of this design is […]

Minimalist Wall-hung Washbasin from Sanindusa

Clean and white, the form of this wall-hung washbasin from Sanindusa is simple, minimalistic and geometric. Flow’s rectangular shape contrasts nicely with the circular impression of the sink. Almost solid in appearance, it offers a different interpretation of what a sink should look like and be: Flow carries us in the future of bathroom design. […]

Minimalistic Swedish Interior Designs by Åsberg Interiör & Styling

The Swedish Interior Designs are heavily influenced by the light and weather of Scandinavia, because long dreary winters with early dusk and a lack of natural light necessitated rethinking the structure of the interior design. Anything dark, gloomy, and heavy was out while anything pale, light, airy, and minimal was in. Pale walls ( especially […]

Plinth Bath by Hugh Thomas

Designed by Hugh Thomas the Plinth Bath exudes humble sophistication with its minimalist styling and emphasis on subtle detailing. The plinth base may also act as an easy access storage unit for optional water jet pumps and its finish can be matched to suit a variety of bathrooms. Through its cantilever construction the Plinth base […]

Facade Vase – Transform a Watter Bottle into a Vase

The Facade Vase is a really neat design from Orcadesign. The Facade Vase is actually a wool slip-on cover that lets you turn an unwanted plastic bottle into a minimalist vase. There’s plenty of fancy vases out there, but for those who like to recycle and reuse some products the Facade Vase allows you to […]

Inflatable Japanese Teahouse

Japanese Tea Houses are among the most beautiful and serene structures on the planet, and are usually minimalist in design and modest in size. This inflatable Japanese teahouse, designed by Kengo Kuma, was created for an exhibit at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt. At a first glance you don’t even know that is a […]

Minimalist Bathroom Furniture U-(you)

The U-(you) bathroom furniture looks like a tilted U and is aimed at a cost-conscious target group with an individual taste. In order to keep production costs low, the production process was reduced to two steps. First the CNC surface finish, followed by thermal moulding. Thanks to their smooth surface the pieces of furniture are […]

Bathroom Furniture

This piece of bathroom furniture is inspired from the beautiful sea shells, and is called Piude. The Piudue bowl welcomes and mostly enjoys the water. Pinudue is made up of the perfect fusion of horizontal and vertical axes, minimalist forms of the interlocking modules convey a sense of rhythm and equlibrium. Soft natural colors embrace […]

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