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10 Things I Wish My Realtor Would Have Told Me

Ah, home ownership—the dream we all chase. Owning your own home is freeing, but it certainly catapults you quickly into the adult world of bills, brokers, and banking. There are so many things to know before buying a home, and even if you have owned and sold homes in the past, there may be things […]

An Oasis of Relaxation: NS Residence In Sao Paulo, Brazil

The NS House conceived by Galeazzo Design Agency and located in Sao Paulo, Brazil combines Scandinavian, French and Italian design with vintage furniture. Accommodating a collection of several art pieces, the project is an appealing social hub that grabs your attention instantly. There are many spacious passages and sectors integrated harmoniously into the house such […]

Lakefront +HOUSE Embracing The Canadian Landscape

This inspiring award-winning design displayed by studio Superkül’s +HOUSE is located in Mulmur, Ontario, Canada. Sustainability features were incorporated in the design, creating a house for the future that naturally rests on the sloped land. Designed by Toronto-based practice Superkül Inc Architect, the impressive sequence of spaces welcome daylight into the social zone, creating a powerful […]

Suntro House : Enjoy a Tequilla With Style

You may wonder why so many people turn their houses white. It’s chic. Really chick and modern. Designed by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza, the Suntro House is not just a highly modern structure but also a functional one. Located in Morelos, Mexico, the tranquil home stuns with its elegant white furnishings, and amazing pool […]

House in Wicklow by Odos Architects

Located in Wicklow, Ireland this 287 sqm house was completed in 2006 by odos architects, a firm based in Dublin. It is a two storey house with vehicular and pedestrian access from the Bray Road. Accommodation is comprised of a two car garage, boiler room, wc and utility at ground floor level and open plan […]

Schwimmhaus, a Compact Modern Houseboat

Crafted with outmost elegance by German architects Confused-Direction, Schwimmhaus is a compact modern houseboat that keeps in tune with the tranquil environment that it ventures into. Built with eco-friendliness in mind, the houseboat sports a green roof and is being fabricated out of salvaged wood from an old farm house in addition to other sustainable […]

Awesome Sculptural Home in Somosaguas : Spain

Most of us, really appreciate when seeing a new design, but this awesome sculptural home in Somosaguas, Spain, is more than just a modern design and managed to get me drooling. Designed by A-cero Architects on the water’s edge, it’s a stratified building with texturized dark concrete facades, that promotes open space and will sure […]

Lighthouse by Potton: First Net-Zero Carbon Self-Built Home

Do you remember the first zero-emission house that was released more than a year ago in UK? Today I hear that the same guys (the Brits) will get the first net-zero carbon house, that reaches the highest level of sustainability. Dubbed the Lighthouse, the highly eco-friendly house was designed by Potton and was meant to […]

Mind Blowing 19th Century Terrace House in Sydney

Paddington is an ever trendy inner-city, an eastern suburb of Sydney, where this amazing 19th century terrace house was found. We’re not sure if it’s for sale but if you plan on buying a property in Sydney why wouldn’t you check that out. The narrow property combines a modern traditional exterior with a stunning high […]

Five Steps to Making Your Home More Beautiful

image sources 1, 2, 3, 4 Most of us have watched those cruel home make-over shows at one time or another. You know the type, where a hyperactive bunch of designers and tradesman bombard their way into an ‘unsuspecting’ civilian’s home, with only an hour to complete a WOW transformation. The magic designer snatches up […]

House Baetens – Strange or Just Modern?

The same country, the Netherlands, this new house by JagerJanssen architecten BNA looks a bit like the one from the other days, that kept sound away – M House. And I’m talking about the exterior. True? It’s a 200 sqm two-storey house that uses a very simple design, with hard materials (lots of bricks) at […]

Old Barn Transformed into a Stylish New Home

I will have to be honest and say that I never thought a barn could be turned into such a beautiful home. It happened in Belgium where architect Rita Huys from Buro2, got her hands on a an old barn in the rolling hills of Central West Flanders, kept its rustic touch but transformed it […]

M House Offers Full Prvacy in the Netherlands

Do you know what a BMW M series is? A highly tuned car that not only looks very sporty but also is. Well I guess that’s exactly what Mark Koehler Architects wanted when they built the M House (really has an M shape) in 2005 in Almere, the Netherlands, for the privacy of its residents […]

SG Blocks Container House – Made of Shipping Containers

The largest conference and expo on green innovation, West Coast Green, just started off yesterday and we already have the scoop with a great house dedicated to those who really care about the envinronment (I’m one of them, you?). It’s the SG Blocks Container House designed by the Lawrence Group that was built up usng […]

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