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Bedroom Makeovers on a Whim: NOYO Headboards With Interchangeable Slipcovers

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NOYO Home Décor creates custom headboards that can give any bedroom the personality it deserves. NOYO’s slipcover headboard design makes bedroom makeovers as easy as changing the sheets. With over 100 different design solutions for all ages and styles- from whimsical vintage to the bold and poetic-the user can simply pick out what fits his […]

Assymmetrical Tub Reflecting the “Bath as Art” Trend: Juliet by Audrey Newsome

  • Juliet Tub Design
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  • Project Juliet Tub design

The combination of fluidity and elegance with modern convenience makes the Juliet bathtub ideal for homeowners and hotel guests who appreciate glamor in the bath.”The Juliet freestanding tub, just introduced as part of MTI’s Boutique Collection, is distinguished by its dramatic fluid lines and asymmetrical, organic shape,” notes Audrey Newsome who created the tub in […]

10 Contemporary Elements that Every Home Needs

  • contemporary outdoor home ideas
  • contemporary home kitchen
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  • contemporary home ideas exterior materials

In this modern day of living there is no doubt that the contemporary movement has affected every aspects of our daily lives. From our cars, fashion and technology to the world of design in architecture and interiors. Many use the term contemporary or modern interchangeably to mean a more relaxed break of traditional norms and […]

Welcoming London Home Boasts Ingeniously Suspended Living Room Bed

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This unusual looking home in London instantly captured our attention and you probably guessed why. Found on JJ Locations, the striking design project comes with a suspended bed right in the middle of the living space. This may not be the most practical idea we’ve seen so far, but it sure ranks high in terms […]

Private Point King Residence Designed to Bring Family and Friends Together

There’s something about the beach houses that makes us go “wow”, every single time we bump into one. Maybe it’s the general ambience or the particularly beautiful surroundings, the azure blue waters or the breathtaking cliffs, that allow us to return to a genuine dreamy state of mind. We’ve seen the enchanting region of Portsea on the […]

Contemporary House Inspired by a Galleria: The Gallery House in Toronto

Located in a quiet and peaceful neighbourhood in the town of Markham, nearby Toronto, the Gallery House is a contemporary residential project designed by Atelier rzlbd. Envisioned as a house that carefully integrates functionality and practicality as main features, the house looks surprisingly uncluttered, neat and filled with natural light. The name of the house reflects perfectly the atmosphere […]

Contemporary Approach: Minimalist House With Unusual Shape in Germany

Architekten Stein Hemmes Wirtz designed +Energy House, a contemporary residence located in Farschweiler, Germany, that perfectly adapts to the irregular sloping land.  The unusual building line and the unusual roof shape define are the elements that define the house. The contemporary approach towards shaping and the materials make it stand out. The exterior is entirely paved with […]

Camouflaged in Slatted Timber Screens: Motuoapa House in New Zealand

Mark Frazerhurst Architect completed the design and development of Motuoapa House, a modern residence overlooking the shores of Lake Taupo, Waikato, New Zealand. Overlapping planes of various tactile materials, slatted timber screens to filter sunlight, and a materials palette which will age naturally and weather gracefully all act to complement the natural environment and respond […]

Extravagant Frame Chair Designed for Memories Yet to Come

There are many things one would think of placing within a frame, but few literally achieve this. Despite its odd appearance, the “Frame Chair” by Slokoski has a deep vibe about it. The Bulgarian designers explain that it was created for “memories yet to come” and that the chair is able to draw attention just […]

Built Around a Vertical Sculpture Gallery: Totem House in Toronto

Have a look at the way this modern residence was integrated in its environment! Designed by Reza Aliabadi [rzlbd], the Totem House in Toronto, Canada has a total surface of 1600 square feet and is aimed at providing an original living space for a couple of passionate travelers. Developing the residence has its roots in […]

Colorful Floor&Wall Patterns by Pernille Snedker Hansen [Video]

We were absolutely fascinated by how Danish designer Pernille Snedker Hansen of Snedker studio creates these vibrant patterns using only a water tub, paint and pieces of wood. By reinterpreting an old marbling technique, the artist decorates wood like no other, resulting in unique flooring ideas or even decorative wooden walls. Creativity and color go hand […]

Wooden Nuances Defining the M4 House in Nagasaki, Japan

When different tones of wood are being used to define the profile of a house, the result is spectacular: a cozy and warm environment, dynamic and elegant, the-always-ready-to-welcome-guests kind of living space opens up in front of you. Architect Show Co. recently completed the M4 House, a project that makes use of wood, in order to […]

Sustainable House Integrating Well-Defined Volumes by Almazán Arquitectos

Casa del Agua is an imposing residence, an all-white rectangular building to be more specific,, with a neat exterior and a stylish interior. An inspiring waterspace accompanies the entry and makes you instantly think of zen living. Placed in the picturesque region of Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, this particularly beautiful project, designed by Almazán Arquitectos, is rich […]

10 Ways to Boost Creativity for Design Professionals

Have you ever wondered how an architect comes up with an award-winning building design or a fashion designer creates a fashion-forward line of clothing that everyone wants? Creativity is at the heart of all design and seeking the inspiration to boost that creativity can sometimes be a challenge. In some ways, we are all design […]

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