House in Berlin Featuring a Fun And Untypical Facade

Here’s something you don’t see everyday! In the exquisite and contradictory city of Berlin, where contemporary, avant-garde and high tech blend wonderfully, Brandt + Simon Architekten… studio has recently completed this eco-friendly single family house. The pixel-like facade is the result of using peculiar green tiles, giving you the feeling that you are admiring an 8-bit design, that happens to

How to Instantly Upgrade your Kitchen without Spending a Small Fortune

It might be said that the kitchen is the most important room in the house. For many of us, it is the most used as well as where we spend most of our time, whether we’re preparing nutritious meals for our families, preparing to entertain large and small crowds, or just sitting at the kitchen table sipping coffee with an

Less Is More: Dream Home Featuring An Impeccable Minimalistic Design

This surprisingly beautiful home is located in Surrey Hills, Australia. The house stuns you with its neat, almost minimalistic exterior. Moreover, it gets straight to our hearts because it reflects a simple design line without getting lost in the big picture. There are many houses that respect the principle of simplicity, but only few manage to impress with it. Simplicity

Modern Geometrical Language Depicting the Palace of Labour in Italy

This particular project starts from a building renovation from the 60’s that was partially wrecked by the terrible earthquake that seriously damaged the old town of L’Aquila (the heart of Italy) in 2009. Italian Architect Alberto Apostoli… completed the renovation of the Palace of Labour, a building in which colors and details of the facade redefine the volume through a

Daring Penthouse in The Exquisite City of Cologne Incorporating a Strong Personality

Located in Cologne, Germany, this modern penthouse designed by the Belgian interior designer Angelo de Bock… is daring, provocative and incorporates a strong personality. The interior is sprinkled with warm tones of colour, creating that perfect ambience for a home located in a cosmopolite city such as Cologne. Let’s start with the terrace though, where there lies a rusty decorative

Impressive Eco-Friendly Home in Denver, Colorado Featuring Strong Architectural Shapes

Sustainability started to become a major issue these days. A home has to be energy efficient and made of eco-friendly materials in order to give you that “green state of mind”. In order to celebrate the awareness that a sustainable home means a planet less polluted, we are presenting you an interesting project, developed by the Scandinavian designer, Heidi Mendoza,

A Designer’s Imaginarium: How Does A Designer Home Look Like

It’s very funny how we usually wander with our minds, imagining all sorts of beautiful places: from spacious luxury homes with breezy patios, to NY lofts with a particular bohemian flair or small compact Scandinavian apartments with a sharp sense of style. We see everyday the work of some of the most brilliant minds, designers and architects, that create out

Beautiful Serene Living Space With Authentic Wooden Decorations in The Netherlands

 Zecc Architecten…, the Utrecht-based design studio has recently completed the transformation of an 18th-century coach house in Breukelen, the Netherlands. The picturesque house, surrounded by trees, once with strong rustic accents became brighter and more spacious. Respecting the lines of simple and neat design, the new Breukelen house is simply stunning. Most of the rooms are white and uncluttered.

Awarded Contemporary Home With Beautiful Garden in Toronto, Canada

The Toronto Residence designed by Belzberg Architecture …received the 2013 Ontario Association of Architects Design Excellence award. Very modern, and breezy, the stratified home showcases different types of materials for each of its layer, creating a very interesting contrast (plasters blends with zinc cladding, wood and stones). The house takes advantage of the natural rich surroundings. The flawless transition between

Massive Concrete&Glass Residence in Mexico: GP House

Wrapped in concrete and glass, GB House designed by Bitar Arquitectos… in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico is a modern retreat, offering security and seclusion. From the street side, the building resembles an imposing fortress, with simple, sober lines. But as one approaches the opposite facade, the level of openness and user-friendliness increases. Inside, warmth is suggested through an extensive use of

Contemporary Energy-Efficient Sample House by Andrea Castrignano

Modern design, technology at man’s service and a high degree of environmental friendliness are the main attributes of HI HOME, a sample house envisioned by designer Andrea Castrignano for this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile. You are looking at a typical contemporary home with plenty of space, an overall neutral color palette and a large dose of functionality.

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Enchanting Eco-Friendly Home With Gorgeous View Over the Pacific Ocean

The sunny California weather, the beaches, the fun and all the “glory” make people think that if there’s a paradise, this how it’s supposed to look like! With such a lovely view comes a lovely house. And if you manage to have a lovely house nearby the Pacific Ocean, with the breeze knocking on your windows, feeling the sand under

Wooden Surface Extremely Malleable And Fun: Woodskin by MammaFotogramma

The Milan-based design studio, MammaFotogramma …presented this interesting wooden sheet, simply called Woodskin. It might look just like another regular museum exhibit but it’s far more than that. Woodskin is an ultra-thin sheet of Russian plywood divided into small triangles in order to create a large range of flexibility. By simply bending it, you can create complex shapes and change

Reflective Ponds and Alternating Open Spaces: Strand Residence in California

Characterized by an overwhelmingly-diverse geometry, the Strand Residence in Dana Point, California inspires opulent modern living. The imposing residence was envisioned by Horst Architects as a series of open spaces, strongly rooted in the environment. Every room offers extensive ocean views and reflecting ponds at each level ensure a soothing atmosphere.

No matter what the standpoint, the well selected composition

How Does The Economy Affect the Furniture Industry?

Does the economy affect the furniture industry?
“The economy absolutely affects the industry, as furniture is a discretionary item” says Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership…, a social media and marketing company focusing on the furniture industry. “When the economy is good people are definitely more willing to invest in furniture as well as better quality furniture as they

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