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Is the kitchen the most important room of the home?

  • importance of living and dining areas
  • kitchen after
  • the kitchen is the new living area
  • kitchen was not always where family congregated

I wrote two articles recently Are Dining Rooms Becoming Obsolete and  How Science, Art and Technology Are Creating the Kitchen of the Future, which led me to question whether the kitchen may now be the most important room of the home. I discussed this with decorators, kitchen designers, architects, realtors, editors and friends both in […]

Classic Lighting With a Unique Modern Spin: Windfall Crystal Chandeliers

  • Jewel 4
  • Jewel 5
  • WF 1256--300x100 - JEWEL_3,Diwana, Jeddah,
  • lighting project (1)

Munich based lighting brand Windfall has “invaded” hotels, fashion and jewelry boutiques internationally. Lighting experts Clarissa Dorn and Roel Haagmans take classic structures and add their own modern spin. Instead of having the lighting integrated in the chandelier, they have it lit from above so it becomes almost like jewelry for the lighting. Think of Windfall lighting as the […]

A Home Away From Home: A Stylish and Personal Retreat Called Brücke 49

  • Leis
  • Leis
  • Leis
  • Leis

Spotted on flodeau, the Brücke 49 project is a cozy retreat in the Alps and believe me, sometimes a place like this is all you need to break the monotony or escape the routine. For those of you who feel like the overwhelming cities are devouring you (metaphorically), we recommend to “run and hide” in the mountains. Just for […]

Rustic Village House Integrating Traditional Danish Elements by Powerhouse Company

  • Site Plan
  • Section
  • House Plan
  • Simplicity

A home is about the way it makes you feel. It’s about safety, comfort, warmth and a certain type of atmosphere that distresses you and fills you with happiness and unmeasurable joy. We’ve bumped into this project, the Village House located in northern Sjælland, in Denmark. Definitely worth presenting it on Freshome! To begin with, the […]

Uplifting New Design Enhancing the Feeling of Space: Westgate Residence, Brentwood

  • Terrace and Lounge
  • Lovely Terrace
  • Terrace and Fire
  • Details Bathroom

The Westgate Residence is a 1948 house located in Brentwood (California), recently renovated by Kurt Krueger Architect, a design centered architectural practice based in Los Angeles. The owners, a retired couple wanted a place that disconnects them from the past and connects them to the modern lifestyle. The impeccable new uplifting design is like a breath of fresh […]

Changing the Mood of a Studio Apartment Through RGB Lighting: Russian Loft by G-DESIGN

Creative Group G-DESIGN recently completed a modern studio apartment located in St. Petersburg, Russia. The main objective of the project developers was to create a spacious, bright and sleek interior in an area of ​​120 square meters. without the place feeling overloaded with decorating elements. At the request of the customer, a series of unconventional […]

Daring Monochromatic Interior Scheme: “Home in Black Serenity” in Taipei

Employing a single color in a residential design scheme is a daring decision. When this particular color is black, then the outcome may range from shocking to shockingly elegant. This is the case with the rooms belonging to project “Home in Black Serenity”, recently completed by Taiwanese firms Atelierii + Just Make Design in Taipei. […]

Playfully Eclectic Residence in Queensland, Australia: Mooloomba House

Creative and colorful, the design of Mooloomba House steps out of the conventions imposed by minimalist contemporary architecture. Envisioned by Lockyer Architects on Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia, Mooloomba House showcases a blend of different volumes, its exterior exuding an intriguing diversity. The approach was connected to “the idea of the organic evolution of the Straddie […]

Massive White Silhouette Above Lake Lugano, Switzerland: House Lombardo

Integrated in a dream location, high above Lake Lugano, Switzerland, House Lombardo by Philipp Architekten has an imposing appearance. The four level villa was anchored to the hilly terrain, its massive white silhouette contrasting the surroundings in both color and architecture style. Truly spectacular, the upper level of the residence features expansive glass openings and […]

10 Easy Ways to Mix and Match Patterns in your Home

Are you tired of your plain and borrowing solid colors throughout your home? While solids all have their place, aren’t your interiors more fun when we add whimsical patterns that add visual interest and contrast? Yes! Mixing and matching patterns can often be a challenge, especially if you don’t know how to choose the right […]

Modern Blend of Yellow Cubic Volumes: House A&J in Eindhoven

Displaying an intriguing yellow exterior, House A&J is a compact modern residence envisioned by CKX architecten in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The house belongs to a young family with two children and a special interest in modern Dutch architecture. Showcasing a rectangular shape, a flat roof and plenty of glass openings, the villa was visually integrated […]

Intriguing Design Project Emphasizing on The Complexity of Lighting by Pavel Yanev

The “Atmosphere” project by ALL in | Studio – a small and flexible studio for architecture, interior and product design in Bulgaria- revolves around the concept of LIGHT. According to the project developer, “light influences our well-being, the aesthetic effect and the mood of a room or area. Light can alter the appearance of a […]

Philipp von Hase’s Latest Handcrafted Work: the Spire Table and the Trialog Chair

Presented at London Design Festival, this year, the Spire Table and the Trialog Chair are two new pieces designed by the very talented Philipp Von Hase. We’ve spotted these two projects on design-milk and we decided to share them with you, for they really managed to attract our attention and conquer us with their expressive simplicity. […]

Intriguing Contemporary Residence Elegantly Maximizing Space in Fukuoka, Japan

Architect Show Co. completed the design and development of House of Corridor, a contemporary residence located in Fukuoka, Japan. Playing with geometric shapes, the architects created a visually intriguing street facade. A wooden entrance was integrated in the overall design of the building, adding an interesting aesthetic effect, as well as a functional feature: the […]

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