Wandering Through Paradise: Exquisite Villas On a Private Island in Maldives

Overlooking the wonderful blue waters, the Coco Privé resort, located on a private island in Maldives (the Kuda Hithi Island) is the paradise itself. The Kuda Hithi Island Coco Privé is a project developed by the award-winning architect,  Guz Wilkinson….
Relax your body, mind and soul and explore the boundaries of a place that offers you once-in-a-lifetime-adventures. A

20 Smart City Technologies for 2013 and Beyond

Santiago Chile announced they’re going to become a “smart city” in 2013. Santiago is just one example of a growing number of areas around the globe preparing and modernizing for the future, in fact demographers have long predicted the mass urbanization of metropolitan areas across the world. According to the United Nations…, by the year 2050, 80% of the

Wonderful Designer’s Home: Villa Piedad by Marta Badiola

 Villa Piedad is a wonderful living space decorated by the designer Marta Badiola, who had the courage to purchase a home in one of the most expensive cities of Spain, San Sebastián, and decorate it. The house was originally a two-family house from 1950. In time, the building suffered some transformations. Marta Badiola bought one half of the under-roof space

Bright And Cozy Apartment in Gothenburg Featuring Unique Splashes of Personality

The bright and beautiful Scandinavian design strikes again: this time we’re presenting a small apartment in Masthugget, one of the top elite historical neighbourhoods in the lovely city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Despite its central location, the neighbourhood is relaxed and calm, offering a unique tranquil living experience. Wandering on the streets of Masthugget can be a wonderful experience, especially for

Celebrating Avant-Garde Minimalism: 2R Armchair by Sien Studio

Sien Studio… has finally unveiled its latest work, the 2R avant-garde armchair at the 52nd edition of Milan’s Furniture Fair. A full expression of minimalist, 2R exhales sophistication and elegance, due to its simple, yet graceful design. The 2R armchair can compliment the interior of a breezy living room, changing the entire ambience. Its “raw” shape, a playful geometry crafted

Curvaceous Mansion in Melbourne Reflecting a Relaxed Lifestyle by Rachcoff Vella Architecture

Reflecting a tranquil lifestyle, this curvaceous mansion in Melbourne, called The Hill House is the work of Rachcoff Velle Architecture…. The architects envisioned a living space that perfectly reflects the salty and breezy seaside environment. The clients wanted something stylish and comfortable, a house with panoramic views, suggesting that the beach is only a few steps away. Located on

Luxury Home in Beverly Hills Characterised By Warmth And Personality

Most of the times, sophistication is the result of good design combined with personality. A client’s personality must be reflected in every décor item that embellishes the home, creating a neat space, where dreams meet comfort. Every home is different and these differences make them unique and most of the times, wonderful. Wallace Ridge is one of those luxury residences

Charming On Budget Family Cabin Surrounded by Woods in Wisconsin

Envisioned as a weekend retreat, the Stacked Cabin located in Wisconsin, USA is a modern version of a mountain-like cabin, designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects…. The major difference between a regular cabin and this one is the structure itself. Instead of a classic roof and a discrete wooden dwelling, here we are, looking at a minimalist cabin, made of  

Private Island Resort in Cambodia Offering The Ultimate Luxury Experience

As the summer approaches rapidly, we sink into a deep state of melancholia, dreaming about our beloved moments of relaxation, when nothing and no one can put pressure on us. Away from the city rush, away from chaos, in the warm sapphire water of the Gulf of Thailand, lies the private Song Saa island, a tropical oasis dedicated to your

How to Choose the Right Neighborhood for You and Your Family

Where we choose to settle down and plant our roots is just as important as the home in which we cultivate our lives. A happy home is often so because of where the home is physically located.  As homebuyers it is therefore equally as important to note that not only are you buying a home, but in essence you are

Modern And Comfortable Multifunctional Sofa: Pil-low by Redesign

Redesign…, the Croatian design studio has recently presented its latest work, a multifunctional sofa, called Pil-low. Undoubtably, Pil-low is a sofa that combines three essential aspects of comfort. It wonderfully brings together special attributes, such as the comfort of a pillow, the benefits of an ergonomic seat and the relaxation provided by a bed. With a creative name, that

A Blend of Creative Details: The Vale Townhouse in Kuala Lumpur

Blu Water Studio completed the design and development for an original project entitled “The Vale Townhouse” and located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Their work displays a charming, almost bohemian-like atmosphere, inspiring contemporary serenity. You can see how the open plan layout is enhanced by a creative placement of furniture and decorating details, resulting in a harmonious and cozy blend.


Rural Peacefulness: Sustainable Cornege-Preston House in New Zealand

Located in Martinborough, New Zealand, Cornege-Preston House cleverly mixes modern amenities with a peaceful rural environment atmosphere. Envisioned by architectural firm Bonnifait + Giesen…, the 2,153 square foot contemporary residence offers plenty of sustainable features, such as double-glazed windows and skylights for cross-room solar penetration and heat retention, water heating by solar hot water panel on roof topped up

Lovely Sustainable Guest House Designed For Weekend Vacations

Meet this stunning guest house in Duchess County, New York. The LM Guest House was designed by Desai Chia Architecture…, in order to create a better relaxing environment for the client’s weekend vacations. The weekend retreat is surrounded by lush vegetation, offering beautiful views and the perfect serene atmosphere, in order to eliminate all the tension and recharge your

House Reflecting The Surrounding Environment in Washington

Located in Whidbey Island, Washington, USA, this modern cabin tries to integrate into the landscape. Its coherent wooden structure enhances the feeling of freedom and relaxation, in the middle of the woods. The project consists of two different structures: the cabin itself and a small guest house. Both of them are surrounded by a maze of greenery and a curtain

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