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Clever Layout Exhibited by Modern Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine

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This modern apartment in Kiev, Ukraine was envisioned and developed by architect Irina Mayetnaya and Mikhail Golub. The apartment layout planning was limited by all windows facing one side of the building. The goal was to create a modern and functional apartment for a young family with children, all within a total surface of 1,000 square […]

Coziness and Relaxation for Your Home: Anana Furniture Pieces by Aqua Creations

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Finding pieces of furniture for your home interior that are both beautiful and functional can be difficult, but the Anana furniture pieces by Aqua Creations are a lovely exception. From sofas and benches to chairs, the collection is hand-made from fabric covered pods that form three-dimensional surfaces. The pieces are developed using soft and nice […]

An Instant Attention Grabber: Lyubkka Chair by Nuvist

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Each new design from Nuvist comes with an intriguing extension of the main characteristic now defining the brand: modern fluid shapes. Not too long ago we published a project entitled Lyubkka seating on Freshome. The photos below depict the chair version, having smaller dimensions and a slightly different, but just as eye-catching design. Lyubkka seating represents […]

Charming Light-Flooded Attic Apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden

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We step inside this modern Swedish, light-flooded attic apartment and explore the playful distribution of light. The charming city of Gothenburg is the place to be if you’re into gorgeous interiors. Simplicity is valued, highlighting a bohemian and romantic lifestyle. Tastefully decorated in black and white, with white as a dominant colour, the apartment was envisioned as an […]

Sustainable Learning Centre in Minnesota: Bagley Outdoor Classroom

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Supporting the idea of outdoor learning, David Salmela designed the Bagley Outdoor Classroom, a LEED Platinum building at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, a wonderful sustainable learning centre. The new sustainable learning center was built on an old, unused volleyball court, encompassed by a maze of trees. Although the area has a nice setting for running, hiking and exploring, the university never […]

Spacious and Colorful Apartment Located Steps Away from Central Park, New York

Located just steps away from Central Park and the most famous restaurants and museums in New York, you will find a private residential project entitled 737 Park Avenue. The newly restored building has a fitness center, a children’s room, a garden for outdoor recreation and laundry, as well as a concierge. 60 architects presented their ideas […]

The Ultimate iPhone-Charging Dock: Saidoka by Bluelounge

With a sleek and innovative angle design, Saidoka is the ultimate iPhone-charging dock and one of the most interesting products of its kind we’ve seen lately on the market. A trustful companion, the stylish dock designed by Bluelounge plugs into the USB port of your computer or adapter to charge your phone as you work. Saidoka responds to […]

Emotion Versus Reason: Private Penthouse in Turin by Uda Architetti

Ufficio di Architettura known as UdA has recently completed this private penthouse apartment in Turin, highlighting the ideal match between emotion and reason. The flat, located on the roof of a former industrial unit recently transformed into a residential building, boasts a coherent structure and a clean lined interior. The property, belonging to a young couple, […]

Fascinating 18th Century Parisian Interiors: La Maison Favart Hotel

La Maison Favart Hotel borrows its name from the famous FAVART couple, founders of the Comic Opera in Paris. According to the designers, a visit here will transport you into their world, “immersed in an exciting, surprising 18th century Parisian decor; you will discover a theatrical jewel-box, rich in detail yet discreet, in the very […]

Warm and Family Friendly Home with Sustainable Features in Venice

The Appleton Living project envisioned by Minarc is a modern addition to the town of Venice, Italy. Especially developed for a family with children, the residence takes advantage of the many outdoor spaces which make up the property: swimming pool, outdoor dinning, barbeque area and play court. Each of the interiors is connected to one of […]

Cozy Villa In Sweden With A Delightful Design By Haubro-Nielsen

This beautiful villa found on Skeppsholmen ,located in Stockholm created by the Danish architect Haubro-Nielsen is a true masterpiece that entwines Japanese, Swedish and American architectural influences. It features different large volumes, bright rooms, open and separate spaces. The house displays a clean interior, with a subtle elegance in each room and includes two large […]

N1 Residence Modern Simplicity: The Exciting White Igualada in Barcelona

Igualada N1 is a project completed this year by Jaime Prous + Damián Ribas in the municipality with the same name (Igualada), Barcelona, Spain. Boasting a modern minimalist white exterior, the construction comprises three massive cubes. The building’s unitary design, as well as the courtyards generated by the solid blocks, have a strong impact on the viewer. Windows have no […]

Originally Blended: Minimalist Mirror & Hanger Design by Luis Arrivillaga

Giulietta is a floor standing minimalist mirror designed by Luis Arrivillaga in a simple and effective elementary form, graphically displayed. Although its slender figure may lead people on in thinking there is not much practicability attached, the item also comes with a second function; it also be employed as a hanger. This comes in handy […]

Hypnotizing Mix of Colors and Textures Displayed by Modern Apartment in Brazil

Welcome to a colorful apartment with plenty of interesting features. Located in a building planned by architect Oscar Niemeyer in the central region of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the loft was recently added a new vibrant feel. Gislene Lopes took on the challenge of reinventing the personality of this home and employed plenty of strong colors […]

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