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Highly Inviting Upholstered Daybed: Kulle by Stefanie Schissler

German designer Stefanie Schissler came up with the concept for an original looking upholstered daybed. As the designer herself stated, the overall goal of the project was to create the ultimate relaxation place. A chill-out zone that calls out to the user with its genuine appearance; one should feel the comfort just by looking at […]

Contemplative Sea Retreat in Chile by Raimundo Anguita

  • Sections
  • elevation
  • second floor plan
  • ground floor plan

Located on the Central Chilean coastline, this contemplative sea retreat designed by Raimundo Anguita has it all: an amazingly creative design, a spectacular panoramic view and last, but not least, a dynamic interior. Nested on a cliff between the exclusive summer locations, Zapallar and Papudo, the residence comprises two living areas. The main floor and […]

Strange Art Collection: Nomad Patterns by Livia Marin

  • Ceramics by Livia Marin
  • Vase gone liquid
  • Liquified vase
  • Details melting teapot

Nomad Patterns is a strange art collection designed by Chilean artist Livia Marin. It consists of pieces of ceramic: cups, vases and teapots – to be more specific, that melt into puddles, yet retain the original printed patterns. At the first glance, it seems a pure expression of destruction. Something like an act of dissolving […]

Imposing Modern Residence Near Lisbon, Portugal: Belas House

  • design JM_MoradiaBelas residence
  • exterior JM_MoradiaBelas residence
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  • JM_MoradiaBelas residence (5)

Estúdio Urbano Arquitectos completed the design and development of Belas House, an imposing modern residence near Lisbon, Portugal. The house is located inside the Belas Clube de Campo, a private condominium, where topography allowed to maximize exterior areas and offer privacy to the users. The project extends throughout three floors; the first floor accommodates the […]

Art Deco Influences Defining Contemporary Apartment in Warsaw

  • apartment Warsaw
  • interior apartment Warsaw
  • project apartment Warsaw (4)
  • project apartment Warsaw (5)

Roland Stańczyk of RS Studio Projektowe sent us photos of an apartment he designed in Warsaw, close to the banks of the Vistula River in Poland. The apartment is located on the second level of one of the modern buildings belonging to Mokotów Park . Its 160 square meter surface is divided into two areas. […]

Playing with Perception: Prism Table by Maurie Novak

Prism Table by Australian-based designer Maurie Novak (of MN Design) is one of those creative furniture objects that triggers your attention instantly. Associated by Dornob with a trippy Pink Floyd laser show, the thought provoking object looks different from every standpoint. The magic was obtained by attaching colored elastic lines to a single stainless steel bar, […]

Inviting Modern Apartment Design in Jaffa by Vered Bonfiglioli

Vered Bonfiglioli completed the design and development of an inviting modern apartment in Jaffa, Istrael. The crib showcases a vintage flair with a modern touch. Pops of yellow and blue pay tribute to the colors of Jaffa. All the spaces are interconnected, yet the living room remains the focal point of the loft. It is […]

Futuristic Approach to Contemporary Fireplace: Mvtikka by Nuvist

We have to say we were surprised by this contemporary fireplace design recently completed by Nuvist. The studio’s remarkable fluid shapes and powerful modern language strikes again, this time to provide house owners with a futuristic addition. Proving that a cozy ambiance can be well provided by a highly modern source, the team at Nuvist […]

3D Printing Just Got User Friendly: Photoshop Creative Cloud [Video]

You will probably hear a lot about the new Photoshop Creative Cloud (Photoshop CC in short), recently unveiled by Adobe as a response to the evergrowing 3D printing trend. The new system is said to help with the “beautifying” of 3D models, including those made through other 3D modeling applications. After uploading a project, users can […]

Tiny Flat in Copacabana Making the Most of Its 45 Sqm Surface

Trying to find the perfect balance between home styled comfort and cutting-edge elegance has been a challenge for the designers at Ravaglia & Philot ever since they started their journey in the interior renovation market. This tiny flat in Copacabana neighborhood (Rio de Janeiro) owned by a young female lawyer is a wonderful addition to […]

Fresh and Stylish Renovation of Ocala Polo Club in Florida, USA

Dee Dee Eustace of  Taylor Hannah Architect Inc. completed a stylish renovation of the Ocala Polo Club, located in Florida, USA. The compound consists of  an 8,000 sf main house, a 3500 sf Farm House and five cottages. There is a stable, a riding ring, a polo field next door and 100 beautifully-landscaped acres with charming […]

Minimalist Chair Design Ingeniously Crafted in Northern Italy

This minimalist chair design crafted in Northern Italy has neither screws nor metal elements whatsoever. With a structure that is both sturdy and simple, the assembly is elaborated by strategically interlocking each part and adding a bit of glue. In aspiration for a light weight design ideal for daily use, the chair weighs only 2.6 […]

Artistic Manifesto Against Modernity: Iconic Wax Skyscraper Sculptures

FLAMMABLE is an intriguing collection of iconic wax skyscraper sculptures artistically shaped by Jing Jing Naihan Li, a young architect. As a long time resident of Beijing, Naihan has watched the urban landscape of her home city undergo drastic changes over time, with startling effects. Her candle artworks can be perceived as an artistic manifesto against […]

10 Luxurious Ways to Decorate with Travertine in your Interiors

In your home the materials that make up your surroundings are those that captivate you and help you love your home. Travertine is one of those finishes that can be used for countless ways throughout your interiors and looks beautiful regardless of how its used. From bathroom walls and kitchen backsplashes to gracing your outdoor […]

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