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Shelves with Lights for a Modern Decor

YET is a modular wall lamp from Foscarini, satin painted polycarbonate diffuser which doubles up as a shelf, that can carry a small load of accessories or a couple of books. The YET wall lamp is another product that serve a dual purpose. The lamp is available in yellow, orange, gray and white to add […]

Comic Art Printed on Furniture

This piece of furniture designed by Giuseppe Canevese features the artwork of graphic artist Guido Crepax who was influential in the development of European comic art in the second half of the 20th century. His most famous storyline, featuring the character “Valentina“, was created in 1965. Printed on white polished MDF, these creations are certainly […]

Robotic Arm Faucet Design – Kohler’s Karbon Faucet

Breaking away from traditional faucet designs Kohler’s Karbon is a new design which essentially “articulates from a compact pole-looking thing into a long arm that reaches right where you need it.” The new faucet design from Kohler, is just like a smart robotic arm that can move the faucet to any place you wish to […]

Kitchen Designs Countertops

  • White Kitchen
  • alvar penthouse kitchen
  • chancellor home
  • kitchen chancellor house

Modern homes need to have kitchens that are both spacious and practical. Contertops have an enormous impact on the look and feel of your kitchen design, helping set the style and tone for the heart of your home. Today while I was surfing on BBA Design Consultants I’ve noticed in their residential works, a few […]

The Tio Lounge Chair with Additional Cushion Covers

The Tio lounge chair is a combination of furniture and fashion. The unique system of changeable covers enables you to easily change the appearance when you like. Now you can have a wardrobe for your furniture, and with the additional cushion covers which fit over top, you are able to change the look to suit […]

Beautiful Bathtub Design – Sorgente

“Sorgente” is a very beautiful bathtub by Lenci Design for Teuco. Highlighted by a seamless sunken profile and fitted with 8 Hydrosilence whirlpool jets, the tub’s function is super quiet to ensure a tranquil experience. In the Sorgente bathtub you can also enjoy the benefits of a control panel or remote control operation, plus underwater […]

Great Idea for a House with High Ceilings

Take a look at the pictures from this post …I’ve found them today on Apartment Therapy and I think that this suspended library is a great idea for a house with high ceilings. That empty space is now a beautiful library, that also saves space on the ground, accessible by ladder, high up enough so […]

Furniture for “The Addams Family” – Coffin Couches

Sometimes people are so creative that you’ll say “What a crazy idea !“. One of these ideas came from the folks at Coffincouches who have managed to grab the 18 gauge steel coffins from the local funeral homes primarily in Southern California and transformed them in to designer Coffin Couches. At a first look these […]

Colorful Bleeding Paint Chairs by Anna ter Haar

These colorful pieces of furniture designed by Anna ter Haar were exposed during the international design fair Salone del Mobile, which takes place in Milan from April 16 until April 21. The white chairs appear to be bleeding rainbows of wet paint, the fantastic hues dripping from holes drilled in the corners. Now a lot […]

Expandable Table for Small Places

A year ago I’ve presented a smart expandable table that when rotated at its outer perimeter, amazingly doubles its seating capacity and, just as astonishingly, remains truly circular. You can see this amazing expandable table here. Today I’ve found another expandable table, but this time with another mechanism, that is also interesting. Take a look […]

Bedroom Design Pictures and Inspiration

A bedroom is a place in a home that a person spends an average of 5 to 8 hours each day. If you think a little at this, you’ll find out that actually you spend a lot of time in the bedroom. It is a place you can unwind and relax at the end of […]

Hand Sculpted Desk Furniture by Allan Lake

If you are a regular reader of this blog you might remember the Sculpted Bedroom Furniture Collection by Allan Lake a great piece of sculpted furniture for someone who want something unique. Today I’ve decided to present another interesting piece of sculpted furniture from Allan Lake. This Bespoke hand sculpted Desk was made on commission […]

3 Pieces of Furniture in One in Just 5 Seconds

Since Freshome started we presented a lot of interesting pieces of multi functional furniture, and today here is a new piece that I want to add at the collection. This new piece is called “One To Three For Five (Seconds)” and is designed by John Nouanesing. This piece is a white square box, that a […]

Contemporary Living Room Interior Ideas

After I’ve just posted 6 pictures with Modern Living Room Interiors Ideas I’ve decided to post a few more contemporary living room ideas, because people usually come to Freshome to get fresh inspiration for their homes. Now I think that when you are searching for a new look for your home the more pictures you […]

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