Mediterranean Luxury Comes in White: Villa di Gioia by Pedone Working

Villa Di Gioia is a single-family house located in the idyllic region of Apulia, outside the urban area of Bari and close to the Adriatic Sea (Southern Italy). The construction, completed by Pedone Working… in 2011 was designed as an inspiring open space, in harmony with the surrounding site. Reflecting a typical Mediterranean lifestyle:  soothing and relaxed, Villa di Gioia

Smart Lighting Solution with Spectral Qualities for a Brighter Home by BETILLON/ DORVAL-BORY

Appartement Spectral is a 20 square meters studio apartment in Levallois, Paris, France. It might seem small but the space’s enough for a young couple with a busy schedule. When BETILLON / DORVAL‐BORY…, an architecture office based in Paris, took the project understood that the main problem was not the lack of space but the lack of light. In

Stylish Bungalow Inspired Residence in Singapore: Sunset Terrace House

a_collective… completed the design and development of Sunset Terrace House, a highly modern residence organized in an L-shaped plan in Singapore. Stylish and diverse, the bungalow-inspired crib exudes harmony and a large degree of openness. A modern blend of glass, wood and concrete results in an eye-catching street facade. All the rooms have views to a private garden at the

Luxuriously Integrating Water Elements: 813 Laurel Avenue House

Amit Apel Design ( development, interior design, landscape design, material selection on this project was done by YL CONSTRUCTION… ) have completed the development of 813 Laurel Avenue, a contemporary home built with the functionality of a traditional plan and the sleek, distinct taste of modern design. The home has large, multi-height windows to allow ample room for natural light

Modern Home Design With a Little Extra: Hillsborough II Residence by MAK Studio Architects

San Francisco based MAK Studio Architects…, completed the design and development of Hillsborough II, an interesting looking modern residence located in Hillsboro, Oregon. From the street side, the building displays a “reserved” appearance, a rectangular shaped pierced by glass. You can notice the intention of blocking out curious gazes in the blurry, impermeable windows. The opposite facade reveals a

Welcoming Modern House with Panoramic Views in Greenwich, Australia

This modern residence located in Greenwich, Australia, was designed by VOLPATOHATZ SA… to replace an old dwelling from the forties. The client’s request was to maintain the house’s orientation, due to the fact that it provided some of the most spectacular views of the bay. The upper floor was completely transformed from a dull living area with a view into

White Residence in Spain Incorporating Modern Volumes by LADAA Studio

With a neat, all-white exterior, the Time House designed by LADAA…, in Vilamarxant, Valencia, Spain is the perfect place to live in. Bright, spacious, modern and youthful, the house integrates two rectangular-shaped volumes, which define the villa’s architectural structure. It has several entrances and offers a variety of methods to relax and enjoy a tranquil lifestyle. The Time House

Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez Moix

Located on a plot of land in Molina, one of the upscale districts that comprise the city of Lima (Peru), Casa Cachalotes is an interesting residential project characterised by openness, transparency and joyfulness. The two-storey house, completed by Oscar Gonzalez Moix… in 2010, is surrounded by an area studded with lush vegetation. A maze of greenery surrounds the house and

Filter Between Busy Street and Quiet Garden: Ecole Normale House in Bordeaux

Modern architecture has adapted to crowded cityscapes in a variety of manners. On Freshome, we see more and more private homes that act like filters or “buffer zones” between the street and commonly surprising courtyards. This is also the case with Ecole Normale House, a contemporary residence envisioned by FABRE/deMARIEN Architects… in Bordeaux, France. The 210 square feet home is

Modern Rectangular-Shaped House Boasting an Elegantly-Joyful Interior

Seen first on Architectism…, One27 Grovedale is a residential project completed by the architect Mick Rule in the city of Perth, Australia. The house, modern and bright, impresses the viewer with its neat and clean exterior. A fine example of bold and modern architecture (combining successfully elements from the middle of the last century with the latest design trends),

Partially Cut Into the Hillside: House by the Lake in Bregenz, Austria

Integrated in a picturesque Austrian landscape, above a lovely looking church at the foot of the Pfänder mountainside in Bregenz, this residence by Marte.Marte Architekten… inspires modern elegance. The retreat has identical facades on all sides, except for the west side of the house facing the lake. Concrete and glass were the materials employed for the finishing touch, the white

10 Hot Trends To Bring Metallic Influences To Your Interiors

This season is the best for bringing out metallic inspiration throughout your interiors. Everywhere you look metals are a hot trend – from the warm gold, brass, and copper accents to the cool chrome, nickel and stainless steel applications there is no doubting that metals are here to stay! If you’ve been trying to find ways to bring these colorful…

Bold Modern Architecture Details Adorning House N in Moscow

Speaking a clear and autonomous architectural language, House N completed by studio 4a Architekten… in Moscow is an original re-interpretation of the existing building initially constructed in the 1990s. The clients requested a bright and spacious residence that would accommodate a family of four, as well as numerous art objects in a living area of 350 square meters. An impressive

Modern Dream Home Built for Social Gatherings: AM Residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Drucker Arquitetura completed the design and development of AM House, an impressive 1000 square meter contemporary residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The residence was built for a single entrepreneur with a rich social life. The idea of entertainment seems to be well reflected by this multilevel building with access to a large outdoor area and an originally-shaped pool.
Interiors are

Welcoming London Home Boasts Ingeniously Suspended Living Room Bed

This unusual looking home in London instantly captured our attention and you probably guessed why. Found on JJ Locations…, the striking design project comes with a suspended bed right in the middle of the living space. This may not be the most practical idea we’ve seen so far, but it sure ranks high in terms of originality. The place

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