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Ultra-minimalist Home in Pousos, Straight Lines and Sleek Form

Designed with grace and precision by Portuguese architect Bak Gordon, this modern home located in the heart of Pousos, is all about smooth and simple design that draws from the modern architecture principles of using simple cubical structures. Created as four separate blocks that are integrated into one large unit, the home sits a level […]

Recession-Savvy Decorating Tips: Shop Smart During the Credit Crunch

The global meltdown is taking its toll on everyone and everything and none of us are spared from the growing gloom. Of course, you can always try to outsmart it by making sure that you spend as less as possible, save as much as possible and by ensuring that you shop smartly whenever you go […]

Ergon by Venetian Celegon, Trendy Two-way Door

  • ergon-two-way-door-2
  • ergon-two-way-door-3
  • ergon-two-way-door-4
  • ergon-two-way-door-5

Space is such a premium in modern homes and tiny studio apartments that even a single square meter of area can make a huge difference. That is exactly why the ultra-modern and uber-cool Ergon rototranslating doors by Venetian Celegon are such a cool and chic innovation. The doors allow for both rotatory and translatory motion […]

The house of Versace: Neo-classical Art Brilliance

  • sothebys-gianni-versace-villa-2
  • sothebys-gianni-versace-villa-3
  • sothebys-gianni-versace-villa-4
  • sothebys-gianni-versace-villa-5

How about owning a grand home that housed classic art work that includes stucco casts of Antonio Canova’s Pair Of Pugilists estimated to be worth up to £40,000, a pair of cherry-wood bookcases by Karl Roos worth £120,000 and a previously unseen painting by 18th-century artist Johann Zoffany? As amazing as it sounds, Gianni Versace’s […]

The H House, a Daft Living Space in the Garden

  • h-house-2
  • h-house-3
  • h-house-4
  • h-house-5

Are you starting to feel a bit too congested with your home and wish to expand on the available space in an unconventional fashion? Then how about adding a nice little cozy adobe in your green garden. As stylish as any modern home and offering an amazing retreat right outside, that’s exactly what folks at […]

Sleek and stylish modern furniture by Cate & Nelson!

Designed with twists and turns by the eccentric Spanish-English duo of Cate and Nelson, these glossy and ultra-modern furniture designs steal the show with their minimalist look and unconventional design. A seating space that has an uncanny resemblance with a coffin, a lamp shade with concentric and slashed rings, a grand chair with a cushioned […]

Apollo by LineaAqua, Steam Shower Luxury

There is absolutely nothing like a lavish steam shower with some soothing music and ambient lighting to take the tension away. And Apollo by LineaAqua does that exactly. It’s a space age-styled futuristic capsule that comes completely loaded with LED mood lighting, a stereo system with AM/FM and AUX inputs, a pampering spa seat and […]

Giant Cactus Takes Shape in Qatar

Borrowing an idea from nature and its adaptive strategies, the designers and architects at Bangkok-based Aesthetics Architects, have come up with a new office for the Ministery of Municipal Affairs & Agriculture (MMAA) in Qatar. Soon to be the largest concrete cactus-styled structure in the world, the unique design of this stunning project was penciled […]

Innovative Bookshelf, Boldness Pinned on Your Wall

There is absolutely no doubt that sex sells like nothing else on the planet and is the most searched item on the Internet. Designer Arun Kumar Francis has taken that obsession a step further and nailed it quite stylishly on the living room in the form of a cool little bookshelf. The bold and innovative […]

Swedish Inspiration, Maria Adlersson’s Flat

The apartment of Swedish artist Maria Adlersson is a wonderful and snazzy example of how one can maximize space and accentuate looks in the most elegant of way. With white pristine walls laced with a stylish delight. It features an “ergonomic” kitchen that uses the limited space to perfection sporting glossy cabinets and a kitchen […]

The Muston Street House in Sydney

Why is it that the Aussies seem to be getting some of the most gorgeous houses of them all? Check out the amazing Muston Street Residence in the Mosman neighborhood of Sydney. Designed by the creative Fox Johnston Architects with stunning views over the parkland and the ocean, it’s the extensive use of wood and […]

Modern Backyard House by SHED

Can you feel the Spring fever? Surrounded by a lot of green and perfect for a family, Seattle-based architects from SHED managed to come up with a modern house. A dream space that proves unique. Dubbed the Backyard House, it’s an example of practical art with a retro feel. Featuring a white interior with sharp […]

Mannequin Lamps

Daniel Loves Objects of Singapore designs lamps like no other. Called At Your Command, these really cool lamps can be manipulated into different postures as they are jointed. Imagine how much fun you could have arranging the lamps.  A single one could be posed on its knees or leaning against the wall if you feel like […]

Colorful and Charming Interior Design from Mi Casa Revista

Spanish design magazine Mi Casa Revista just published these bubbly and bright ideas for prepping up your interiors with a dash of dazzling shades and some bubbly candy-styled colors. With white walls in contrast with the candy pink, gentle rose, brilliant blues and dazzling reds, the interior looks clean and sharp. The refreshing feel is […]

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