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70 Inch Tall Tree Vinyl Wall Decal

If you are looking for an interesting vinyl wall decal idea what you are going to see today is something that looks really amazing. Designer by WilsonGraphics the Enormous 70 inch tall Tree Vinyl Wall Decal is a really big wall graphic that could change the whole atmosphere of any room, just check the bedroom […]

DIY Project : Beautiful DVDs/Books Storage Idea

For those of you who have a huge DVDs/books collection today we want to present an interesting idea that was implemented by Johan from Sweden. He used affordable pieces of IKEA LACK components to build the greatest home theater storage I’ve ever saw until now. Looks like it was a beautiful finished DIY project. You […]

The Wisdom Tree Bookshelf by Jordi Milà

Personally I have to say that I love books, and I with I could read faster,because there are so many interesting things on the internet and so many books but so little time in a day. Today I’ve found a beautiful way to store your books designed by Jordi Milà. The WisdomTree is for people […]

Over sized versions of actual crubber as furniture

Designed by UK designer Jason Taylor these series of seating that appear to be over sized scrubbers and brushes are some very interesting and unique pieces of furniture. The ‘Imagine Brush Table’ is a square shaped table that has a wooden top and a yellow haired base which using the hundreds of individual pieces to […]

Modern Old-Fashioned Flat in Sweden

  • modern-old-fashioned-flat-in-sweeden-2
  • modern-old-fashioned-flat-in-sweeden-3
  • modern-old-fashioned-flat-in-sweeden-4
  • modern-old-fashioned-flat-in-sweeden-5

We’ve featured white-inspiration before from Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör, but this time it’s really a dazzling delight that combines the old fashioned furnishings with a tinge of modern for a winning recipe. This three room apartment has been renovated in one of the most captivating way, with a bedroom view towards the whole living room. […]

Jessica Helgerson Remodelling a Modern Ranch

Specialized in environmentally sustainable commercial and residential interiors, designer Jessica Helgerson took the challenge of remodeling a once run-down split-level ranch house, into a mid-century modern residence. And I’m telling you it wasn’t easy. They had to “chop down” the existing master bathroom and the kitchen in order to create a bright and airy living […]

Luxurious Residence With Stunning Views Over Los Angeles

On the market with LA Classic Estates for $4.95 million, the stunning views over the amazing Los Angeles is what makes this luxurious residence well worth the investment. Located at 8400 Grand View Drive, on the exquisite Hollywood Hills, the house is an amazing architectural masterpiece that breathes celebrity lifestyle from any angle. With stone […]

Hillside Gipsy House in Berkeley, California

Designed by Architect Craig Steely on a steep sloping acre lot in Berkeley, California, the Gipsy House is a modernish structure with a rich natural wooden exterior that adds to its natural appeal. With one part of the house buried into the hillside and the other one— mostly glass, cantilevering toward the view, the contemporary […]

Black S-House 2 Residence by Tamizo Architects

It is always heartening to see creativity in “effect”, but this S-House 2 Residence close to Namyslow in Poland, takes the whole concept to a new level. Designed by the young and talented architects from Tamizo, this doubled-storied structure proves an ambitious project which features a black styled exterior that follows an elegant minimalist theme. […]

Relax Lounge Chair by Kamil Kurka

The Relax Lounge Chair by Kamil Kurka is a wonderful and artistic design that could be a perfect home décor item for your modern home. This chair is a combination of modern technology and functionality with a beauty of natural materials. The frame of the Relax Lounge Chair is made of straight grain veneers glued […]

The Floating Bed by Falegnameria 1946

Designed by Leonardo Danielli, the Urano bed from Falegnameria 1946 appears to float above the ground with its cantilevered design structure. Built from dark oak and burnished metal, the Urano, designed by Leonardo Dainelli, rests on a thick frame and features a headboard. This unique design is breautiful because is an useful piece of furniture […]

Paz & Rizzatto’s “Hope” Chandelier

A modernist take on the traditional crystal chandelier, designers Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto undertook an interesting challenge: to develop a new and contemporary approach for a timeless design.  Much like a traditional chandelier, Hope uses hundreds of delicate crystal pieces to disseminate an isolated prismatic effect to light it reflects.  But unlike traditional […]

How to Buy a Kitchen Sink

You would think that selecting and buying a kitchen sink is a relatively easy job, but then it has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Bringing home the right sink allows you the luxury of living peacefully for sometime without worrying about washing needs too much. Bring a bad one home […]

Gomes’s Caesarstone Table

Originally designed for the Caesarstone Design Competition, designer Pedro Gomes’s creative and fluid table design would serve as an amazing furniture piece for those of us who love the heavy reflective quality of quartz surfacing.  A curvilinear but grounded design, the storage space and smooth, simple surface allows the table design to serve several interesting […]

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