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Hand Knitted Lamp by Philippe Tyberghien

I’ve noticed that DIY websites are more and more popular over the internet, and it seems that more and more people seem to join this trend. Today here is a design by Philippe Tyberghien, the designer behind Cercle et Carre that might be a source of inspiration for all the DIY people that are reading […]

Sartoriale Bathtub : Simply extends further on one side than expected

This is the 3rd time when something designed by Antonio Lupi appears on Freshome. This time I’ve decided to present the Sartoriale Bathtub, a new design that is really an attention grabbing object. The line of the bathtub simply extends further on one side than expected, for a pleasing asymmetrical twist. Made in flawless Cristalplant, […]

Creative LED Lighting Sculpture : Cumulus Maximus

Designers Daria Burlinska and Wojtek Traczyk have developed this creative lighting sculpture from the concept of a bulbous (no pun intended) cumulus cloud.  Made from hand-formed glass bulbs, the Cumulus Maximus emits a subtle blue accent from LED lights strewn through the sculpture.  Though built from steel and glass, the design of the Cumulus Maximus […]

Setu : Herman Miller Newest Office Chair

Last year we presented the upgraded version of the Aeron Chair upgraded that is called the Embody Chair by Herman Miller. A few days ago at NeoCon 2009 in Chicago, US which was between 15th and 17th June Herman Miller unveiled its newest office chair called SETU. Herman Miller’s new Setu chair has a “kinematic […]

Bathroom Faucet & Flower Vase Design in One Product

Designed by Davide Vercelli for HegoWaterDesign this is a new approach to bathroom design, a clever combined bathroom faucet & flower vase design. I think that someone who loves flowers will appreciate this design. Even without the flower the design is quite compelling, including simple, clear resin handles and a likewise transparent basin leading up […]

Swedish Inspiration – Chic Apartment With Scandinavian Feel

Swedes really know how to ‘live-it-up’. Check out these spectacular interiors and you will know what I mean. Floral and checked fabric gives a radiant look to the living room and brightens up the entire theme of the house. Oil paintings and superb wallpapers gives it the artistic touch it needs badly. Chandeliers and candle […]

Luján & Sicilia’s Zona Lights

Bordered by a clear acrylic frame and developed from a polypropylene diffuser, Francisco Luján and Jaime Sicilia’s Zona Light pendant lights have an industrial feel that’s hard to find in colorful complementary light systems.  Available in several sizes and several different colors, I love the way that these lights are a modern, progressive take on […]

Modern Home in Auckland By Belinda George Architects

If you love simplicity, then this is the house for you. Designed by George Architects, this stunning yet simple and very modern residence is located in Auckland, New Zealand. Looking like it jumped right out of a vintage houses catalog, this place keeps away from the busy city. With a spacious veranda, sophisticated furnishing, modern […]

Santachiara’s Zabriskie Point

From the center of Denis Santachiara’s Zabriskie Point suspension lamp is an egg-shaped lighting structure designed for Italian lighting manufacturer de Majo Illuminazione.  From the center of the fixture, Santachiara attached glass fragments on all sides to capture and change the arrangement of light as it bursts from the Zabriskie Point.  Elegant and striking, this […]

Beautiful Pool House in Connecticut by Hariri & Hariri Architecture

This 1200 square feet structure was designed as a minimalist sculpture in the landscape. It is part of a 3.5 acre property in Connecticut. The architecture of this pool house is in contrast to the traditional architecture of the existing house yet the design sets up a dialogue between the two. The architecture of the […]

Decorative wall clock for DIY Fans : Radius Wall Clock

The WALL CLOCK RADIUS is a decorative wall clock for DIY fans.The amazing gimmick: you have free choice of setting the dimensions of the clock. That means you can place the 12 time dots closer or more distant to the clock hands. Just as it crosses your mind. Let the whole wall become a giant […]

Space Saving Solution : New Concept Table for Kitchen and Studio

The New Concept Table is a piece of contemporary furniture of Italian design, the innovation dreamed from everyone looking for space-saving solution. The table folded is a very compact decorative panel: the folding leg let the table close completely to a three centimeters board; it pops-up easily for additional working or dining surface. The table […]

The Contemporary-Style 23” Balboa Corner Glass Vessel Sink Vanity

Modern bathroom design has been steadily transitioning into a “simple is better” mentality over the last decade, and bathroom vanities have been following a similar trend. Take, for instance, the 23” Balboa corner vanity. Simultaneously striking and subtle in its design, the Balboa does seem to attract attention. But that’s the interesting thing about it: […]

Luna’s C30 Volvo Chair

The first place winner for the “Volvo For Life Design Awards,” designer Luis Luna’s C30 Volvo Chair is actually inspired by the back tail light on the Volvo C30…  in fact, from the side you can even see where the light would be in the circular ottoman!  Interesting and adaptable, the C30 Chair is built […]

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