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“We Are Family” Sofa for Six

The collaboration between Claus Molgaard (engineer) and Ole Jensen (designer) led to creating this very useful bed set that is suggestively called  “we are family”.  With this one sofa the accommodation of six people is possible. The set comes with plenty of blankets and pillows so there will be no need for extra sheets and […]

Neat Biodegradable VerTerra Plates

Fused from the remnants of gathered leaves, VerTerra’s biodegradable plates are natural in several design senses.  First they are made of natural materials, as the leaves are pressure washed, sanitized in UV light, and then pressed into their forms without using additives.  Second, though they’re microwave safe, they will completely break down into (essentially) soil […]

Crazy Upside Down House in Germany

  • updw01
  • updw051
  • updw10
  • updw09

This out of the ordinary house was designed for a special exhibition in Trassenheide Germany and is open to the public for visiting. The creators – Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastion Mikuciuk say they “didn’t built the house for a reason, they just wanted to do something different.”   Similar houses were built before but this time […]

Cityhall by Kevin Krumnikl

  • cityhall2
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  • cityhall
  • cityhall4

Krumnikl Environment is the place where you will find some very interesting furniture collections created by designer Kevin Krumnikl. Today we would like to present The Cityhall, a lovely storage item and also a very practical addition to your minimalist straight-lined interior. Addressed to a target always in search for something new, this single object […]

Light Up Your Stairway

Stair Lights is a low voltage (and this implies a low cost) LED system that will allow you to light up your stairs with or without a switch. The lights open up automatically when you are near the stairs, but they can also be controlled. There is also a generator connected to the system, so […]

Nova Corner Bathtub by Carlo Urbinati

The bathroom is often the smallest room in the house that is considered the heaven to seek peace and calm, and a place to get away from the frenetic routine of daily life. Today here on Freshome you’re gonna see the newest thing in luxury baths … the corner whirlpool bath Nova from Jacuzzi. Designed […]

Multi-functional Bathroom Accessory by David Goss

Arc Basin Mixer & Mirror Storage by David Goss is an interesting idea that combines three functions into one simple, discreet unit. This multi-functional bathroom accessory that besides providing with water to help you wash your hands lets you store your stuff. A wide (but controlled) plane of water emerges, momentarily extending the arc beyond […]

House with a Modern and Attractive Design

This house, located in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico has a very modern and attractive design and it was designed by Agraz Arquitectos. The entrance of this house is decorated by a piece of art in steel which is called “Family”. The living room, kitchen, dining room and spacious terrace are combined to create awesome feel of […]

Floors With a Personality: Yours

Here’s a crazy design idea: draw on your kitchen floor! Designer Olle Hemmendorff came up with it after she bought a new apartment and really wanted to get rid of the wooden floor. She did not want the value of her apartment to decrease, so she did not resort to “drastic” measures such as replacing […]

Altavoz- Blue Shelving System from Carlos Tiscar

There are so many ideas concerning shelving systems designs these days that few of them really manage to stand out. This blue system of shelves was created by designer Carlos Tiscar, from Spain. With various dimensions and unlimited  possibilities for combining the items, this set is not only practical, but also quite creative. Symmetrical or […]

Modern Fireplaces from Planika

Planika is an Australian-European company whose main purpose is “to bring the primeval fire from before thousands of years to contemporary interiors”. Today we would like to present a few items from the “Fire Collection” designed by Arik Levy. Stylish and creative, these models are not just not just a great replacement for a fireplace, […]

Light Hangers

The coat hanger in your hall way is probably the last thing you would think of investing in. However when the improvment is substantial, the change is definitely worth making. The “Alone”  light hangers come from Daniele Trebbi for Palluco. Available in black, white and red, the circular hangers emit a soft wall light that […]

Shaquille O’Neal’s House in Miami

For those of you who are not basketball fans, Shaquille O’Neal or “Shaq” is a famous and very good American basketball player (he has won five NBA championships so far), but also an actor and a rapper. This is one of Shaq’s cribs located in Star Island, between Miami and Miami Beach. With gargantuan proportions, […]

Anonymous Hugging Wall

After the famous and touching “Free Hugs” Campaign, here is another similar project that was “created” by Keetra Dean Dixon for Social Facilitation and Mood Elevation. Even though this may seem a little spooky at first, once you get used to the idea these hugging walls are not really that bad. Maybe this way some […]

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