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Pasinetti House: Aaron Torrence adds a modern twist to the design of Haralamb Georgescu

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Living in California is all about sun, sand and sexiness. And that’s what the newly renovated Pasinetti House— originally designed in 1958 by Romanian architect Haralamb Georgescu, is all about. Redone by Aaron Torrence of Design Plus Construction, the new look of the home comes due to extensive use of glass and wooden add-ons that […]

Soothing radiance: How to buy a table lamp

Whether you go to bed with a book or just loves the idea of sporting the perfect table lamp for some lovely nights in ambient light, it’s definitely a must that bring out the beauty of the room and adds fullness to it. However, picking the right table lamp though, is quite confusing at times. […]

Lord of the Rings Residence in Barbados

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If it wouldn’t have been built in 1975 (long before the movie itself), some would probably argue that this 3,500-square-foot multilevel home by Ian Morrison on top of a hill in Barbados, is definitely inspired by the Lord of the Rings movie. Built in a stunning setting with soothing interiors that seem to be brimming […]

No.5 House: Stylish minimalist home in the heart of Sweden

  • no5-house-sweden
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It is nice and lovely to see a modern minimalist home with plenty of “green” and snow all around. This simple, yet stylish contemporary structure in Saltsjo-Boo, Sweden, looks both sophisticated and inviting with its extensive use of glass and wonderful amalgamation of wood and stone. Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune to use the available […]

Shige Hasegawa’s “Hana” Set

  • hanatable2
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The designers at Shige Hasegawa Design in Tokyo have developed this interesting, nature-inspired table and lamp set which is designed to focus in on a sense of tranquility and inspiration through simplicity.  ‘Hana’ actually means flower in Japanese, which is pretty clearly the inspiration for these products:  first, the Hana table, inspired by origami, is […]

Point Dume Residence in Malibu

Lavish, luxurious, extensive, exquisite and simple breathtaking— Malibu is home to some of the most amazing homes there are. And it should not surprise anyone that the island of the stars (and the rehab addicts) has thrown up another one at us. Dubbed the Point Dume Residence, it’s been designed by Los Angeles based Griffin […]

Storage splurge: How to buy a wardrobe

You are trying to redecorate your bedroom or even conjure up the design and decorating aspects of a new one and you are always faced with the daunting challenge of picking a new wardrobe that will suit all your needs? Whether you wish to use this storage space for your precious and fragile clothes or […]

Innovative Design: Nestle headquarters in Queretaro

After creating a tempting chocolate museum for Nestlé, Rojkind Arquitectos have been challenged to put up a new design a new facility in Querétaro, with laboratories, offices, an auditorium and a tasting area. That’s not much of a deal unless you consider the fact that in 1996 the center of Querétaro was declared a World […]

Recession Never Happened: London Building Sells for $150million?

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty certain that the recession and 2008, never happened. That’s because I’ve just heard that a luxurious house at 10 Belgrave Square, in London, went on sale for a record-breaking price of £100million. That’s some $150 million if you checked your wallet. With more than 21,000 sq ft […]

Green Design: Synagogue Turned Into a Modern Penthouse

Located in East Village, the building in here used to be a synagogue until the 80s and later transformed in five stunning contemporary residences. Its new owners, Dominique Camacho and Gary Hirschkron decided to keep the eco-friendly theme going by making the home as transparent as possible while still ensuring privacy. By using low-impact materials […]

A Hanging Bedroom in Valentin Apartment

Among the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Hanging Gardens of the Babylon played as inspiration for the hanging bedroom in the Valentin Apartment. This may not qualify as an architectural wonder, but it sure makes you gape your mouth wide open in ‘wonder’ as you walk through the home’s door. French architect Emmanuel […]

Storing in style: The essential guide to decorative storage

Modern living spaces are getting smaller and smaller with each passing day and for those who live in urban settings with studio apartments, every inch is a precious asset. Modern designing is becoming an art that finds the fine balance between style, aesthetic joy and utility. And the most important factor that will save you […]

Bathroom Fixtures from Toto, Oriental Charm at its Modern Best

How about adding a touch of natural class, a dash of cool green accessories and some eastern-styled simplicity to your bathroom? If you are game for it, then the latest range of bathroom fittings from Toto are just the thing you’ve looking for. The Neorest SE & LE bathroom fixtures merge the calming background of […]

Creative Lighting from GUMDESIGN

Ordained with LED lights and a simple, distinctive form the Sognibelli lamp stand design by GUMDESIGN was revealed at the Milan Design festival this past week to a lot of interest.  It serves all the same functions of a night stand with a lamp while naturally being slicker and leaner than buying a rickety wooden […]

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