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Another Swedish Apartment that Looks Stunning

  • swedish-apartment-that-looks-stunning-2
  • swedish-apartment-that-looks-stunning-3
  • swedish-apartment-that-looks-stunning-4
  • swedish-apartment-that-looks-stunning-5

With an eye for the stylish Swedish white, we at Freshome blush when something new comes up from real estate site Alvhem. Those guys always seem to find amazing apartments that trigger our emotions and makes us go ‘wow’. This time it’s nothing different. A white wonderland and a brilliant way of bringing in the […]

Private House in Chihuahua, Mexic

  • house-in-chihuahua-productora-2
  • house-in-chihuahua-productora-3
  • house-in-chihuahua-productora-4
  • house-in-chihuahua-productora-5

What do you do if you live in a place where temperatures go down to -10C during winters and over 40C in the summer? How about a private house like this one in Chihuahua? Developed by Mexican-based architects from Productora, the house is part of a golf club community in the desert, northern part of […]

Drawers and Bedside Tables Covered with Mirrors

If by now you had a mirror in the bedroom to check your t-shirt or the new skirt you bought last week, the Italian furniture manufacturers from Porada have taken it to a whole new level. A special collection of stylish drawers and bedside table have now become shinny by being covered with mirrors, Porada […]

Stylish Panama House by Marcio Kogan

  • panama-house-by-marcio-kogan-2
  • panama-house-by-marcio-kogan-3
  • panama-house-by-marcio-kogan-4
  • panama-house-by-marcio-kogan-5

An architectural masterpiece, Marcio Kogan’s Panama House is more than just a place to live. Located in Sao Paolo, Brazil, it’s the uninterrupted connection between the interior and the exterior that makes this stylish building look like an unlimited living space with no walls. Clad in concrete and covered with a sliding vertical wood lathes, […]

Waterproof Porcelain Vase by Maxim Velčovsk

  • waterproof-porcelain-vase-2
  • waterproof-porcelain-vase-3
  • waterproof-porcelain-vase-4
  • waterproof-porcelain-vase-5

For some the name is completely unknown, but for others Maxim Velčovsk is one of the best Czech designers. Plus he knows how to play with ceramics. An easier shape to tolerate for our society, he’s one of those guys that is trying to bring the knick-knacks back into the spotlight. His latest “Waterproof” porcelain […]

Bayside Outdoor Modular Sofa Set

Designed for versatility and classic appeal for modern homes, Bayside Outdoor Modular Sofa Set can be arranged in many different ways for many different occasions. Perfect for outdoor spaces with different uses, ranging from small family visits to larger weekend get-togethers, the Bayside Sofa Set can be modified to fit your Outdoor Furniture needs. Part […]

Hollywood’s House of the Year – The Ultimate Bachelor Pad?

Call it the the ultimate bachelor pad or a dream home, this is how Hollywood’s “House of the Year” looks like. Put together by the talented folks at Temple Home, the breathtaking 7,000-square-foot structure is the perfect blend of drama, design and innovation. Nestled close to the most shining stars in Hollywood Hills’ best, the […]

Teen Room Inspiration from Zalf

The Italians from Zalf are renowned for their modern furniture, but today we laid our eyes on their latest teen room designs. With bold lines and vibrant colours, the rooms suit as great inspiration for anyone trying to redecorate the kids room or are looking for furniture that suits a teenager . They all come […]

Modern Pasha Armchair, Relax in Style

Imagine a long day at the office and you getting home beat. What if there’s a cozy armchair to give you a big hug? That’s what the Pasha armchair does for you. Designed in 2006 by Carlo Colombo for the Italian manufacturers from Ycami, it features expanded polyurethane in different heights, frame in post-formed wood […]

Stylish Pozuelo House in Madrid

Surrounded by books, that’s the whole concept behind the Pozuelo House. Locate in Spain’s capital, Madrid, and covered with a  marble shell, the stylish building stands out from the crowd with its exquisite details and geometric purity. Designed by Spain practice architect A-cero around two oblique axes, the Pozuelo House exudes elegance and sophistication in […]

Transparent Glass Pool Table by Nottage Design G-1

A few years ago I’ve had a dream to own my own pool table, but that dream is not a top priority right now. Today I’ve found a pool table that is a little more different than most pool tables. Created by Australia-based Nottage Design, the G-1 offers a perfect blend of modern styling and […]

Minimalist Waste Bin by Grace Youngeun Lee

Designed by Grace Youngeun Lee this Waste Bin is characterized by simple and minimalist lines. By stepping on the pedal, the bin opens towards you- yet the cover remains stationary. This natural motion is emphasized through a graphic division of color and material. – Via – Todayandtomorrow

Stoned Box House in Sao Paolo, Brazil

An old existing one-story house in Sao Paolo, Brazil, have been redesigned by Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato. Dubbed the Box House, the small construction is nestled at 100m above sea level next to two enormous rocks. With a suspended box that acts as a bedroom and the street level with the living room, kitchen […]

View House by Johnston MarkLee

Diego Arraigada Architects and Johnston MarkLee are the guys behind the View House. Located in Rosario, Argentina, it’s a contemporary residential design that gets the eye with its irregular cast concrete contour that also “hides” it well withing the lush landscape. Built on a restricted site, scarred by fire and unstable geologic conditions, this modern […]

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