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Transforming a Swedish bakery into a cozy little abode

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Swedish designer Cathy Gedda Westrell and her fiancé Erik could be considered a couple of brave souls for taking up a running Swedish bakery and transforming it into a place that one can proudly call their home. The incredible feat was achieved with extensive planning, intelligent and affordable solutions along with the right usage of […]

Relax: Wooden Cabin on Wheels

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With a little creativity, the good folks from Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects designed a structure that not only looks like a cabin on wheels, but actually is. Partially clad in wood with one side entirely made of glass, the environment friendly hut has low maintenance costs and looks like the perfect choice for those […]

5 Reasons Why Home Design Matters

Different people have different ways and methods of leading their life, but most of them will often agree on a few basic things that are a must. And everyone believes that home design, at some level, is a must. Of course, the degree of sophistication, interest shown in it and success achieved vary from individual […]

Contemporary Greek Style House in the UK

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Space is one of the most precious things we’ve come down to, but with a little creativity it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with something that charms. With that in mind, the innovative folks from Peter Barber Architects came out with a structure that maximizes on every little space. Located in Hackney, UK, […]

6 Useful Tips to Help Decorate Apartment Spaces

It is one thing trying to decorate your own new home and a whole different ball game when you are trying to move into an apartment you rented and wish to alter it to suit your personal style and needs. There are many constraints that will dictate terms to the way you can move forward […]

Malvern House in Melbourne : Turning Old into Modern

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Malvern House (first built in the early 30s) is an amazing design exercise by Greg Gong, who managed to turn it into a highly elegant contemporary home. With a rebuilt third bedroom that adds more space, a spacious open kitchen, glass walls, a beautiful living room with a classy fireplace, modern […]

6 Tips on How to Become an Interior Decorator

If you happen to receive constant stream of compliments regarding the way you design your own home and how good your taste is when it comes to shaping up interiors, then a career as an interior designer might just be waiting for you. Though it’s not an easy task, becoming a professional interior decorator only […]

Metamorfosis 1, Remodelling in Chile

Another great example of remodeling the old, here’s a renovated wooden house by José Ulloa Davet and Delphine Ding. Blending with a beautiful rocky scenery in Tunquén, Casablanca, Chile, and overseeing the amazing ocean, Metamorfosis 1 is a unique project that uses excessive timber in the most graceful way. With a “raw” interior that looks […]

5 Tips for Decorating a Small Studio Apartment

The biggest problem that not just interior designers but the whole of mankind faces today, is the tricky situation in regards to limited space. With the room around us shrinking so rapidly, small studio apartments challenge with their limited spaces. So how exactly are we going to fit so much into so little? Here are […]

Blend : Cool vertical storage space by Karim Rashid

Blend is a vertical storage space from Karim Rashid’s first collection for Horm. Made of lacquered wood, the piece has a tremendous visual appeal to it and is certainly unique – no matter what you decide to call it. This piece of furniture is something that looks good, but there is one problem …you’ll have […]

Spotless sanity: How to clean and maintain your outdoor furniture

The furniture in your home is safe, secure and often enjoys the pampering care of the brush, vacuum cleaner and even the wet cloth once in a while. But what really needs extra care is the furniture outdoors in the patio. Having been exposed to the fury of the elements all year long, patio furniture […]

Cirrus MVR: The transformer among the bathrooms

The innovative and highly space-conscious bathroom designed by Michael Trudgeon just won the 2008 awards of the Reese Bathroom Innovation in Australia. And for good reason, too. Dubbed Cirrus MVR, the luxurious and complete bathroom folds up into a simple and minimalist shelf when not in use and thus saves on space greatly. Its design […]

Wooden delights: How to buy a quality dresser

Most often it’s a touch of wood that truly brings class and comfort to interiors of a home no matter what artificial material one uses; it is that touch of natural elegance that gives every home a complete look. Yet, the problem with picking a wonderful dresser is that people often tend to concentrate too […]

Calypso chair: Unmatched Comfort and Ergonomic Style

With Multitasking being the flavor of the modern world, we expect everything that surrounds us to serve more than just a single purpose. The fashionable, chic and highly dexterous Calypso Chair is a complete master of all trades. Designed by Brandon Allen with a multi-purpose design that fulfills almost all needs of net surfers, it […]

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