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Decorating with Brown Glass Tile: High-End Style for Both Husband and Wife

When the time comes to renovate the kitchen, it is often difficult to find an affordable design that both the husband and wife can agree upon. By nature, they generally have different visions for both style and budget. One particular couple wanted a high-end, stylish and affordable look that they both would enjoy, so they […]

Orfos Villas in Zakynthos, Spellbinding Greek Architecture

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There is something about Greece that makes you fall in love with it. Be it the excessive stone, the amazing sun, the clear blue sky, the calm waters or the exciting life, there’s a lot of inspiration to be drawn. And to prove my point, check out the luxurious Orfos Villas in Zakynthos in the […]

OTTO, First Wood-Formed Fan for Style and Function

Created by Swiss designer Carlo Borer, OTTO is more than a fan – it’s a piece of furniture with a purpose. As the weather gets warmer, replacing your air conditioner with a more cost-effective and energy-saving solution like a fan may be a reasonable choice. Unfortunately, fans in the past have typically been bulky, unsightly […]

Greek Inspiration: Breathtaking Emerald Deluxe Villas in Zakynthos

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There’s not much left from this winter and if you’ve been dreaming for some sun lately, it’s understandable. Although we’re not trying to change your destination for this year’s vacation, we got our eyes on a few villas in the sunny Greece. Located on the East Coast of Zakynthos – an Island at the Ionian […]

Eaglemont Resort-Style Luxury in Melbourne

  • eaglemont-resort-style-luxury_8
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A suburb in Melbourne, Eaglemont is the place where the creative team of designers from Bochsler have outdone themselves. Check out this spectacular private residence that looks more like one of those luxurious resorts you’re craving for in the summer. Surrounded by a small green jungle, the stunning mansion is filled with stylish contemporary furniture, […]

Recession blues: How to save money on home decorating

It seems that the much feared recession woes are hitting every industry and the best advice that most finance experts are giving today is to save what you have. But if you have just started thinking about decorating your home or office, does it mean that you put the plans away for several months now? […]

Contemporary Luxury Residence in Mosman

Designed by Burley Katon Halliday in Mosman – a suburb of Sydney, at 15a Burran Avenue, the stylish house is a work of art that adds functionality in the most exquisite way. Covering some 877 sqm with contemporary furniture and elegant furnishings, the near-waterfront residence has a grass tennis court, a heated pool and spa, […]

Carpet Clues: How to bring home the right carpet

Your home is much more than the four walls that surround you and most often people tend to ignore the fact that the ceiling above them and the floor under their feet need to compliment for the perfect look. But getting that flawless carpet for your home is not just about the looks but also […]

Contemporary Residence in Brighton, Australia

South-east of Melbourne, in Brighton on 11 Sussex Street, renowned architect Nic Bochsler designed this cutting edge contemporary estate. An amazing mix of luxury, comfort and high tech, the 90 sqm house has been designed for modern day family living. With large glass walls that offer stunning views to the bay and the city, quality […]

Luxurious YTL Residence in Kuala Lumpur

A breathtaking study of contrasts between the inside and outside,the YTL Residence in Kuala Lumpur blends the traditional with the ultra-modern and the natural scenery in the most stylish way. Designed together by the creative folks from Agence Jouin Manku from Paris and YTL Design Group from Kuala Lumpur, the lavish house was commissioned for […]

Temperature Sensitive Glass Tiles

Moving Color is an innovative technology which takes glass tiles to new heights in terms of interior design. These are temperature sensitive textured glass tiles  which change color with the ambient, body or water temperature. So when someone touches them or if warm water from a shower hits them, the tiles then literally “bloom with color”! How neat is […]

Dazzling delights: How to light up a room beautifully

No matter which part of the room you are decorating and how you wish to improve the beauty of your home, you will always find decorators telling you that lighting makes or breaks the entire effort. Creating the perfect lighting conditions is the difference between an attractive home and dull interiors that are pale and […]

Horchow Mirrored Furniture

Mirrors do help give a living area the illusion of space. They also help brighten up a room by reflecting light. But if mirrored tiles on walls seem dated and even tacky to you, consider the selection of stylish mirrored furniture from Horchow. They are even better in some ways than stainless steel fixtures which give […]

Jesus Floor Lamp

Feeling a little holier than thou lately? Then you should get the Jesus floor lamp by Mexican designer, Ricardo Garza Marcos.  You can place the halo style lamp behind where you sit either at home or at the office. Not only will it illuminate your work or reading area but it will make you look positively […]

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