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Urquiola’s “Night & Day” Seats.

More of a system for manipulating furniture than a single couch, Patricia Urquiola’s “Night & Day” is a entertaining design that’s stylish in any of its potential manifestations.  As it’s meant to be manipulated, Urquiloa encourages total personalization of the “Night & Day.”  Go ahead and color to your preference, add or subtract accessories, adjust, […]

Los Andes House by Juan Carlos Doblado

  • los-andes-house-by-juan-carlos-doblado-2
  • los-andes-house-by-juan-carlos-doblado-3
  • los-andes-house-by-juan-carlos-doblado-4
  • los-andes-house-by-juan-carlos-doblado-5

Peru-based architect Juan Carlos Doblado has complete a spectacular new private house in the foothills of the Andes. With two concrete pavilions, one nestled into the shallow slope, the other cantilevered forwards across the site, the single storey building is all about simple geometry. The Los Andes House features floor to ceiling glasses and sliding […]

The Fluid Faucet by Kohler Design, Doubles as a Drinking Fountain

An amazing concept that exudes style and elegance, Fluid is a flexible faucet by German-based Kohler Design. With a sleek design, the Innovative faucet brags highly functional usage by doubling up as a drinking fountain. All it needs is a simple flick of your wrist to twist the knob on the side to control temperature, […]

Cutler House in Montauk, New York

  • cutler-house-in-montauk-new-york-2
  • cutler-house-in-montauk-new-york-3
  • cutler-house-in-montauk-new-york-4
  • cutler-house-in-montauk-new-york-5

We at Freshome think that the Cutler House is the ultimate vacation home. Put up together in Montauk, New York, by the creative folks from Murdock Young Architects, the building was meant with a minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. The house is clad with a textured wood paneled exterior (that goes great with the […]

Mountain and Ocean: Sea Ranch Residence

  • sea-ranch-residence-2
  • sea-ranch-residence-3
  • sea-ranch-residence-4
  • sea-ranch-residence-5

San Francisco-based Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects have built a minimalist house with amazing views over the Pacific Ocean. Secluded on a hilly mountainous landscape, the Sea Ranch Residence is almost entirely clad in wood. Simple on the outside, the house charms with its warm interior that features cedar ceilings and sheetrock walls. With large windows […]

Garden Furniture: Emu’s Ivy Collection

Maybe not suited for your modern interior, Emu‘s Ivy Collection seems perfect for any outdoor spaces you have. Put them between trees, on your back yard turf or anywhere to create an amazing contrast and somehow “show off”. Created by designer Paola Navone and inspired by the art of topiary, it will not only make […]

Buddhism-Inspired Furniture by Tangle Creations

Inspired by the the Tibetan Infinite Knot where there’s no begining and no end, the Infinity Collection by Tangle Creations strikes at a first glance. Dubbed Art, Sky and Sun (two armchairs and a lighting system), the stylish mini-sculptures are timely and well understood as a breakthrough in contemporary aesthetics and design.Launched earlier this year […]

Compact Bathroom Suites by Laufen

Stylish at its best, the latest compact bathroom suites from Laufen manage to get the eye with their vibrant designs. An amazing contrast of black and white shades, the bathrooms look perfect for those buildings where space has become a commodity and you have to pack everything in a small spaces. Contemporary looking, with rounded […]

Giorgio Armani’s “Calyx” Kitchen

Dubbed “the disappearing kitchen,” Giorgio Armani’s “Calyx” kitchen is a slick and glossy design with long modern lines and bold, flat accents.  Developed with a neat satin finish to give a heavy golden impression, Armani’s kitchen is meant to fold up and neatly fit behind wide doors and large panels, literally vanishing into the simplicity […]

Fusion Office Suite From Enrico Pellizzoni

The new Fusion office suite from Enrico Pellizzoni is one of those reasons why I’d love a larger house. Imposing and with a strong personality that somehow exudes “power”, the luxurious desk is covered with leather and features the Lybra Swivel Chair (with a 5 star base finish) and the Lybra Armchair (with a stylish […]

Mickey Mouse TV Stand by Pacini Cappellini

Designed by Pacini Cappellini the Mickey Mouse TV Stand is a wall system that is not just a stylish wall system to place your flat-screen TV, but you can also use the mouse ears to store your favorite DVDs, CDs and books. Made of lacquered MDF, the Mickey Mouse TV stand features two glass shelves, […]

Apartment in Dublin by Fuse Interiors

Here is another project designed by Danielle Mac Innes from Fuse Interiors, awarded ‘Best Newcomer’ at Ireland’s premier interiors show, Interior Design 2008, she has been widely recognized by the media for her fresh and unique style. This apartment was part of a new residential development situated in Dublin. The client was a large property […]

Way Basics Recycled Furniture – Super easy to assemble and rich in creative possibilities

Since you’re here, you’re probably a lot like this new company: inventive, practical, and ready for simple, sustainable products that help make the world a better place. Way Basics modern storage and furniture solutions breathe a fresh perspective on furniture – super easy to assemble and rich in creative possibilities, it’s also recycled and recyclable. […]

DC Bed by Ceccotti Collezioni

Unless you’re working from home, the place where you spend the most time when getting back from the office is your bedroom. That’s why your bed shouldn’t be “just” a bed. It should be one of those perfect combinations of style and comfort. Right? Well that’s exactly what the DC Bed by Ceccotti Collezioni is […]

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