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The Amazing Snake Bar Stool by Svilen Gamolov

Since I run Freshome I’ve saw a lot of interesting pieces of furniture but this one is really unique. Designed by Svilen Gamolov the Snake Bar Stool is radically designed and resembles a hissing snake ready to strike at the challenged with a vicious and fatal poisonous bite. Carved out of wood this superb piece […]

Wonderful Wood Sliced Walkway

Have you ever thought to pay more attention to a walkway to your home ? To be honest I haven’t tought to much about this until I’ve saw this wonderful wood sliced walkway that was photographed by Katy Elliott during a trip to the Portland Flower show earlier this year. I think that this is […]

Fireplace + Coffee Table = Fire Coffee Table

German designer Axel Schaefer has come up with this modern a-symmetrical high pressure laminate table that comes integrated with a bio-ethanol burning fireplace. Called “FIRE,” the coffee table touts an asymmetric and clear body finished in HPL (high pressure laminate) that not only makes the table look glossy but also ensures durability. This piece of […]

World-Record Attempt in Mattress Domino

This short film has been a huge hit on video sharing sites on the internet and has even featured on American network news, and is a great example of viral marketing. Forty-one people gathered at a Bensons for Beds furniture warehouse in Tewkesbury, UK to break the mattress dominoes record. I can say that you […]

Enjoy the Music in an Innovative Manner with the Sound Carpet

Sound Carpet by Lim Hyuntaik is an amazingly cool sound system that lets the user enjoy the music in an innovative manner. When I saw this design I’ve automatically thought that is a cool place for a party. The speakers and cords are hidden inside the four raised corners, so users are not distracted by […]

Rare Michael Jackson Portrait By Andy Warhol Up For Sale

I’m sure that most of you know about the Michael Jackson death. For those of you who have lots of money to spend on your home decor … a 25-year-old portrait of Michael Jackson created by pop art pioneer Andy Warhol is set to be auctioned in New York this month. The 30-by-26-inch painting shows […]

The Frankenstein Chair by T.M.Schmid

The Frankenstein Chair was designed by T.M.Schmid for Strala and I have to admit that is a piece of furniture that is at least wired. This chair looks like a joke for me, because there is no design, just a few random pieces that are put together. I don’t see this chair in to many […]

The Opposite House Hotel by Kengo Kuma & Associates

Designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, The Opposite House Hotel is snuggled in Beijing, China with 98 beautiful guest rooms and an amazingly unique penthouse lying on the two floors of the building. With a striking emerald glass exterior, this hotel adopts an open design which makes use of the abundant natural light and evokes […]

Wall Graphic Idea : Melting Keyboard by Zek

Wall graphics are more and more popular in these days, and here is an interesting example. Designed by Zek this cool wall graphic give another meaning to geeky living rooms and grant another vision even when watching the regular tube. It may not be a favorite home design for everyone, but it is definitely creative […]

The Citadel – Floating Apartments in Europe

When it comes to architecture’s creativity and design, fighting against the unstable tides could be inspiring sometimes. Now, rather than fight the water infiltrating their land, the Dutch will use it as part of a new development called ‘New Water‘ — designed by Koen Olthuis of Water Studio. The Citadel is a water breaking energy […]

Furniture Disguised as a Simple Container by Edgar Navarro

Designed by Edgar Navarro the “Lounge” is a cool set of home furniture disguised as a simple container. As you can see in the pictures attached below this design looks like a cube, but this cube is a table with four chair that you have to drag whenever needed. Made of recycled cardboard, this lounge […]

Small Budget House by Pb Elemental Architects

Check out this great example of turning a small site into a fresh looking house. The Pb Elemental Architecture guys are behind this project. They managed to make a sleek urban house plan for this Crockett Residence only with the budget of $167 per sq. ft. What is mind-boggling is the fact that this residence […]

Interior Design Fail

Usually I don’t post things like this on Freshome, but today when I received this picture from a reader I was just speechless. After some time I’ve thought that I should post this on Freshome because this crazy idea is to much fun, and everybody likes to see something funny from time to time. So […]

Deepest Darkest Beauty by Erik Andersson Architects

We agree that the title may be misleading, but when you’ll dwelve in below and look at the pictures you’ll appreciate the stunning/mysterious design. Designed by talented folks from Stockholm based Erik Anderson Architects, the Swedish white we’ve been used with has been turned into a dark pleasure — one that you simply can’t resist. […]

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