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Fire extinguishers as beautiful decorative objects by Fire Design

Fire prevention and safety should be a must in every home, and Fire Design a french company makes unique, artfully designed fire extinguishers. Now with these fire extinguishers you can combat any outbreak of fire and protect domestic and your family best, but also have a beautiful decorative object in your home. A fire of […]

Echo Modern Night Stand by Michael Rall

Designed by Michael Rall the Echo Night Stand is a modern piece of furniture that gives you the illusion of floating furniture or appears to stand only on one leg. Echo’s form created the opportunity for a balance between both private and public storage. The open area is meant to store your latest magazine or […]

Bathroom Vanity Inspiration : Stylish Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

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A few months ago we wrote a guide called “How to pick out the most appropriate bathroom vanity“, where we shared a few tips on how you can pick the best bathroom vanity for your bathroom. Today while I was searching for new materials to post on Freshome I’ve stumbled upon a website called Quality […]

Definition of Architecture

Everyday we use a lot of words unconsciously, without thinking to much what they mean. Today for example Maya Design has put together this short video about the word architecture and what it really means.

House of Georg Spreng by C18 Architects

  • georg-spreng-house-11
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Jewelry designer Georg Spreng have commissioned the creative folks from C18 Architects (Marcus Kaestle, Andreas Ocker and Michel Roeder) to build him a house in Wissgoldingen, Southern Germany, near Stuttgart. An amazing dream project that covers a total area of 2,043 sqm, on a first glance the cubic shape charms with its glamorous white square […]

6 Rooms Apartment Squeezed into 60 sq. meters by h2o architectes

The “Front and back” Apartment was a singular brief from a young Parisian advertising executive also avid collector of comic strips. He wished to live in a fresh environment, both serene and sparkling despite the fact that his existing space was dilapidated, its geometry confusing, compartmentalized and contorted. The original apartment consisted of 6 rooms […]

Fly Me to the Moon Chair

The “Fly Me to the Moon” Chair, designed by Norwegians Sigurd Strom and Torstein Nilsen, won the Norwegian Design Council’s “Design Excellence Award” in 2008. The Design Council described the chair as “a rigid design providing a beautiful frame around anyone who sits in it. The chair is stylish and minimalist, with exquisite details and […]

Lot 23 House in Colombia by Juan Esteban Correa

Juan Esteban Correa is the amazing architect behind this holiday house in Colombia. Built for a couple that returned to the country from Spain, the 500sqm exquisite building is a simple grayscale salute to contemporary architecture. Defined by stylish intersections, pure volumes with character and a stunning scenery, the house’s exterior got beautiful wooden accents […]

Holley House by Hanrahan Meyers Architects

Designed by Hanrahan Meyers Architects, the Holley House in Garrison, New York, is a sophisticated “sanctuary” nestled far away from the Manhattan lofts. Located on a picturesque site near Garrison, the exquisite residence personifies the modern country retreat. It’s made from locally quarried stone, has two parallel planes that slide past one another without any […]

Dick Van Hoff’s Wood Burning Tile Stove

Presented in Milan this past April, Dick Van Hoff’s Tile Stove is another fantastic Royal Tichelaar Makkum collaboration.  A concept developed to explore the possibilities of ceramic product design, the stoves are an amalgamation of contemporary tile usage, classically-detailed craftsmanship, and traditional ordainment.  Keeping in the mind the need for durability and functionality, these wood-burning […]

Villa Rahoj Alle in Hojbjerg, Denmark

Architects from C.F. Moller have been commissioned to build this beautiful house in Hojbjerg, Denmark. Dubbed as Villa Rahoj Alle, it has been created for the Sandahl family in an old single-family neighborhood close to the dense forest. An L-shaped structure that blends with the surrounding landscape, the 209 sqm house has two stories toward […]

Disposable Furniture by Ice Bulb

Certainly an interesting option for social gatherings or one-off events, the sculptors at Ice Bulb have developed a system for fabricating event furniture out of gigantic blocks of ice.  From the perspective of a guest, the furniture concept is highly inventive and ornate, but from the perspective of a designer, each furniture ice sculpture takes […]

Sinus House in Denmark by Cebra Architects

An unusual 1,735-sq.-ft. country home located in Denmark, the Sinus House is a great mix of pastoral settings and modern architecture. Designed by the creative folks from Cebra Architects with a black roof and facade to contrast the stark white cut-outs in its exterior walls, the structure charms wits its interiors where comfort blends perfectly […]

Hoffman’s Modular Lights

Adaptive and interesting, German design student Robert Hoffman’s diplom thesis “Modular Lights” are a very personal way to establish a lighting scheme for your home.  By tilting and adjusting the outer flat panels of the sculpture, light is released from the inner light structure to your specifications.  Highly recommended for someone who enjoys constantly shifting […]

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