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Hug Set, Modern Patio Furniture from Schoenhuber Franchi

  • Hug Set 5
  • Hug Set 4
  • Hug Set 3
  • Hug Set 2

Have you been dreaming about a gorgeously designed furniture set, ranging from armchairs to loungers and tables that create a cool poolside set? Well the folks over at Schoenhuber Franchi would like a talk with us. Adopting simplicity in its block-like shape with these gentle round corners, the Hug Set deals with a matter of […]

Antique Meneghini Refrigerators and Freezers, Are Actually Modern

If there is one thing in your kitchen to represent the Italian Antique Modern in aesthetics, with glass shelving, and various other pleasing details like beautiful portholes and claw foot legs, these would definitely be it! And believe us, even if they may look antique, there is absolutely nothing old fashioned about the Meneghini Refrigerators. […]

Another Delightful Swedish Apartment That Stuns With Its Chromatics

  • Delightful Swedish Apartment 8
  • Delightful Swedish Apartment 9
  • Delightful Swedish Apartment 6
  • Delightful Swedish Apartment 7

Swedish interior designers are famous for their ability to extraordinarily spice things up using the ordinary to come up with what we can easily call — work of art. So how about dwelving in, once again, into their amazing apartments. Another stunning creation of contrasting black and white, this piece is the incontestable living proof […]

Lights and Lumiers For The Perfect Designer Garden

Grand Illusions wants to become the number one site for lighting up your garden if you’re from the UK. They have several well designed lights and lumieres with French and Dutch influences which can give any garden a totally new look. The heart shaped and the star shaped hooks give a very romantic expression, the […]

Home Decor Vinyl Stickers by ARTSTICK

  • Home Decor Vinyl Stickers by ARTSTICK 8
  • Home Decor Vinyl Stickers by ARTSTICK 9
  • Home Decor Vinyl Stickers by ARTSTICK 7
  • Home Decor Vinyl Stickers by ARTSTICK 5

We cover amazing homes or amazing pieces of furniture, but we never seem to get our sights towards wall decorations, so how about a switch? These customized wall stickers by ARTSTICK are some proper examples you should really check out if you want to add a special excitement into your living space wall in no […]

Contemporary Villa M2 in Malmo, Sweden

If you are aiming for contemporary and simplicity that blends in one, Villa M2 definitely matches your style. Designed by Lindvall A&D in Malmo, Sweden, this private single-family house was built to preserve the beauty of natural composition amidst its jam-packed traffic on its entrance side. Balancing its bright looking design, one part of the […]

Paris Hilton’s Dog House Could Be Better Than Yours

What you are going to read in this post might cause pain, especially if you still value $325,000 as serious money that buys you a real house (instead of a dog-size multi-level house). The crazy house belongs to Paris Hilton and is nestled on her Beverly Hills “palace”, it’s fully furnished with faux designer doggie […]

Tube Map of London Underground Shower Curtain

If you follow Freshome on Twitter you might know that I’m in Barcelona in these days, and that’s why you’ve saw only a few posts. Here in Barcelona as a tourist I travel a lot with the subway, and when today when I’ve found this London Underground Shower Curtain I immediately wanted to post it […]

Bathroom Simplicity and Style : ‘Lilac’ Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus

Aquaplus Solutions redefines elegance in teenage colors by launching the “Lilac” bathroom design. Suitable for teenager girls or for young ladies that want their own very special powder room, “Lilac” not only comes with a fresh view on bathroom furniture, but also provides the female-owner with a certain joy of possession. Just imagine how entering […]

Puzzle Table by Patou Design

There is something fascinating about puzzles, whether they are in the classical form of a game or in any other. Children love them, adults can’t get enough of them and the design industry seems to have fully taken advantage of their popularity. This cocktail table, part of the Puzzle Collection is a great example of […]

The Clean and Modern V-Star Tensegrity Table

Modern, elegant and clean, designer Konstantin Achkov developed something unique with his Tensegrity Table “V-Star.”  The V-star, formed simply from glass and stainless steel rope and tube, epitomizes sophistication in it’s use of smooth deliberate curves and clean metallic lines.  Achkov refers to his work as “Tensegrity” to emphasize the design focus on the sensation […]

Lamp Inspired by a Security Camera

Obviously inspired by the ubiquitous urban security camera, the Spoticam designed by Antrepo is a lamp that resembles a security camera. The Spoticam looks like the CCTV camera, with its adjustable arm, can be mounted wall or place on the table as a desk lamp. This lamp is just a concept for now, but I’m […]

The Xarxa Sofa: More Cushion than Pushin’

It was about time a designer found a way to eliminate the hard “chair” part of the chair, and Spanish designer Marti Guixé developed the Xarxa Sofa for the Italian brand Danese with just that intention.  Configured around a hidden wooden seat and buttressed by slim metal arcs, the Xarxa Sofa consists most prominently of […]

Los Amates House by Jorge Hernandez de la Garza (JHG)

Morelos, 60 kilometers South of Mexico City, is a warm place with an adequate amount of green vegetation. But don’t expect a conventional looking family abode from the Los Amates House, because this light, milky, and concrete frame really has what it takes to be an urban innovation amidst the green foliage surrounding it. An […]

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