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Gomes’s Caesarstone Table

Originally designed for the Caesarstone Design Competition, designer Pedro Gomes’s creative and fluid table design would serve as an amazing furniture piece for those of us who love the heavy reflective quality of quartz surfacing.  A curvilinear but grounded design, the storage space and smooth, simple surface allows the table design to serve several interesting […]

Custom Sand Job: Casa Monte na Comporta in Portugal

  • casa-monte-na-comporta-2
  • casa-monte-na-comporta-3
  • casa-monte-na-comporta-4
  • casa-monte-na-comporta-5

Waking up and stepping on hot sand in the morning has to be an amazing feeling. But what if you have the sun but don’t have the sand? Then you’ll have to give architect Luis Pereira Miguel of Lisbon-based Pereira Miguel Arquitectos a call. He recently built two crescent-shaped sand dunes on top of the […]

Cadena & Touraine’s “Divine” Furniture

Vincent Cadena and Emmanuel Touraine’s Divine furniture collection for Ventury Studio in France are as graceful as they are chic.  Very correctly marketed as a “couture line of furniture,” each of Divine’s editions are detailed slightly differently: “Glam” to serve as an fashionable accent in a modern room design, “Steel” a balancing piece for a […]

House at Rua Alabarda in Sao Paolo, Brazil

  • house-at-rua-alabarda-2
  • house-at-rua-alabarda-3
  • house-at-rua-alabarda-4
  • house-at-rua-alabarda-5

Designed by Affonso Risi and located on a steepy hill in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the House at Rua Alabarda is a great example of an urban residence that uses the given space at its best. It features a garage, a studio and a working area at the grand floor, including a stylish little pool with […]

Modern Barrow House in Melbourne, Australia

  • barrow-house-melbourne-australia-2
  • barrow-house-melbourne-australia-3
  • barrow-house-melbourne-australia-4
  • barrow-house-melbourne-australia-5

Sometimes it’s not the scenery that wins you over, but the modifications you bring to your home to make it more appealing. Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Barrow House has been designed by Andrew Maynard Architects with an arrangement of timber boxes that create a stylish variety of shapes to get the eye. With privacy […]

Small Apartment Ideas by Tori Golub

When it comes to interior designing, it’s always easier when you get to deal with larger spaces rather than small apartments to stuff everything you have. However, interior specialist Tori Golub is here to assure us that with a little creativity and imagination, even lofts with limited space could look nice and cozy. All you […]

A Washbasin Like You’ve Never Saw Before : Abisko Washbasin

The Abisko Washbasin is the result of a collaboration between Eumar Santhenica and Swedish Designer Johan Kauppi together with architect Lars Sundstorm. This design is a unique and totally new concept with an environmentally-conscious mentality without losing modern appeal. I’m pretty sure that you haven’t saw something like this before. The idea of Abisko was […]

Beautiful Bathroom Sink with a Looped Towel Rail

I love simple and practical ideas like this ingenious bathroom sink from Sanindusa. Made with 100 percent recycled material, the gently curving line of the sink terminates in a convenient looped towel rail. As you can see from the pictures this sink is quite small, and it works wonderfully in a small bathroom. The only […]

Create an Optical Illusion in Your Home : Cube Switchplates

The Cube Switchplates from The Curiosity Shoppe is a new funny idea than can Cube Switchplates turn your wall into an optical illusion. This idea would make your home a very cool place, and I’m pretty sure that all your visitors will ask you about these switchplates. Simply swap them out with your current, boring […]

Pasinetti House: Aaron Torrence adds a modern twist to the design of Haralamb Georgescu

Living in California is all about sun, sand and sexiness. And that’s what the newly renovated Pasinetti House— originally designed in 1958 by Romanian architect Haralamb Georgescu, is all about. Redone by Aaron Torrence of Design Plus Construction, the new look of the home comes due to extensive use of glass and wooden add-ons that […]

Soothing radiance: How to buy a table lamp

Whether you go to bed with a book or just loves the idea of sporting the perfect table lamp for some lovely nights in ambient light, it’s definitely a must that bring out the beauty of the room and adds fullness to it. However, picking the right table lamp though, is quite confusing at times. […]

Lord of the Rings Residence in Barbados

If it wouldn’t have been built in 1975 (long before the movie itself), some would probably argue that this 3,500-square-foot multilevel home by Ian Morrison on top of a hill in Barbados, is definitely inspired by the Lord of the Rings movie. Built in a stunning setting with soothing interiors that seem to be brimming […]

No.5 House: Stylish minimalist home in the heart of Sweden

It is nice and lovely to see a modern minimalist home with plenty of “green” and snow all around. This simple, yet stylish contemporary structure in Saltsjo-Boo, Sweden, looks both sophisticated and inviting with its extensive use of glass and wonderful amalgamation of wood and stone. Designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune to use the available […]

Shige Hasegawa’s “Hana” Set

The designers at Shige Hasegawa Design in Tokyo have developed this interesting, nature-inspired table and lamp set which is designed to focus in on a sense of tranquility and inspiration through simplicity.  ‘Hana’ actually means flower in Japanese, which is pretty clearly the inspiration for these products:  first, the Hana table, inspired by origami, is […]

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