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Bloomframe : Innovative Window which can be Transformed into a Balcony

Bloomframe is an innovative window designed by Hofman Dujardin Architects from which can be transformed into a balcony. Opening the Bloomframe window offers the possibility to step outside and enjoy the outdoor space. With one simple movement, light, air and space are added to the interior. The dynamic balcony offers a solution for compact apartments […]

Pierantonio Bonacina’s Wiry Modular Garden Furniture

Light and graceful, Italian designer Pierantonio Bonacina’s all-white garden chair is just as slender as it is nimble.  In the fashion of other modular furniture, the individual components can be re-arranged as needed to suit the needs of your outdoor space, and on a personal note it’s nice to see more versatile outdoor furniture designs […]

Suspension Lamp in The Shape of a Spider

With the way things are evolving in design, it’s time for you to forget the classic light bulbs and let yourself be amazed by all these new and fascinating ideas on suspension lamps. Redentor comes from Sillux, a design company that ” stands out for its particular sensitivity of interpreting the new way of good […]

Keep Warm But Stay Fresh With Planus Towel Radiators

Imagine getting up in a cold winter morning and instead of  drying your face with some cold wet towel, use some really comfortable, fluffy and warm towels. This is were the Planus towel radiator from Zehnder comes in. This heater doesn’t have a striking or an  unusual design, instead it is  simple and classy.  Installing […]

Flower Table from Fatih Can Sarioz

When it comes to design, small apartments are no longer an issue.  We see more and more creative ideas with every passing day and a lot of designers stop and think of the final user’s preferences and possibilities. The Flower table comes from Fatih Can Sarioz, a talented industrial product designer.  “Flower” is currently just […]

Color-Accents Galore for a Miami Beach Apartment

Although he may run a business based in New York, Ken Valenti’s apartment on Miami beach has a particularly interesting theme.  Namely, a strong focus on color accents… even when the color is all white.  In fact, the majority of his apartment is designed to be all-white with very very minimal use of off-white color […]

Time In Letters: QLOCKTWO

Meet the new and unusual QLOCKTWO, a clock that tells time not in numbers, but in words, from Biegert & Funk.  Here is the description of the item as we found it on the site of the manufacturers:  “QLOCKTWO has a quadratic matrix of letters, where some of the letters are illuminated. The time is […]

Expanding TV Screen

We all dream about that huge TV screen that would take over our room and give us the perfect cinema-like experience. But too bad that  idea usually conflicts with the lack of space. Here’s an ingenious solution for this problem: the TV wall unit from Acerbis. Make your living room a home cinema by simply […]

Stylish Bathroom From Duscholux

This elegant modern bathroom design comes from Duscholux and was created under the slogan “let yourself be inspired”. The CX bathroom set seems to have it all: unexpected sloping angles, an amazing furniture design and that touch of elegance that will keep your senses awake. Every piece is special: the shower comes together with a […]

Italian Furniture: Modern Leather Round Beds by Prealpi

Interested in adding glamour, panache, and incontestable smudge of excitement to your bedroom? Experience this contemporary leather round bed crafted by Italian leading furniture manufacturer, Prealpi. Upon all modernity, round beds are amongst the most practical when they come with an integrated rotating mechanism. It is dreamily endowed with a built-in light to bring about […]

Reinventing Art Nouveau

This unusual and fascinating set of furniture comes from Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, a designer that is known for reinterpreting and giving new meanings to History and its influences. These items are a part of a furniture collection called “Manta” and they were designed for Italian company  Ceccotti. The sideboard, the armchair and the desk represent the […]

Elegant Bathroom Design : Suave Bathtub from Lacava

The bathroom was originally designed to be purely functional place, but now it’s a place for pleasure and luxury. Elegance, softness, and sophistication are the keywords for bathroom decor. The Suave bathtub from Lacava is an elegant tub that has the capacity of approximately 40 gallons and the bathtub is dressed with the floor mounting […]

Stunning Rahimoana Villa in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand

New Zealand’s Bay of Island has long been a retreat for those who urged for a getaway site that prizes privacy, stunning landscapes and end-of-the-earth exclusivity. Stunningly build in 2006 on 30 hectares at the top of a steep slope at the end of a long private driveway, the Rahimoana Villa extends into the bay, […]

Cool LED Staircase Handrail Concept

Here is an interesting idea that can help you physically and visually perceive your way through dark passages and corridors and it was designed by Zoran Sunjic from Croatia. The idea also appeals to those who are interested in saving energy as LED consumes less energy and is more environmentally friendly than fluorescent bulbs. You […]

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