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The Contemporary-Style 23” Balboa Corner Glass Vessel Sink Vanity

Modern bathroom design has been steadily transitioning into a “simple is better” mentality over the last decade, and bathroom vanities have been following a similar trend. Take, for instance, the 23” Balboa corner vanity. Simultaneously striking and subtle in its design, the Balboa does seem to attract attention. But that’s the interesting thing about it: […]

Luna’s C30 Volvo Chair

The first place winner for the “Volvo For Life Design Awards,” designer Luis Luna’s C30 Volvo Chair is actually inspired by the back tail light on the Volvo C30…  in fact, from the side you can even see where the light would be in the circular ottoman!  Interesting and adaptable, the C30 Chair is built […]

Hello Kitty House in Shanghai

  • Hello Kitty House in Shanghai 5
  • Hello Kitty House in Shanghai 4
  • Hello Kitty House in Shanghai 3
  • Hello Kitty House in Shanghai 2

Obviously meant for the fancy girls who adore the cute cuddly cat, check out this lovely Hello Kitty House (Villa) in Shanghai. Designed in – what else but pink, this cute looking mansion has Hello Kitty themed interiors and a charming exterior that would make a guy blog live from the premises if permission granted. […]

The Cullen House from Twilight – The Hoke House

  • twilight-hoke-house0
  • twilight-hoke-house
  • twilight-hoke-house1
  • twilight-hoke-house2

A few months ago everybody was crazy about a movie called Twilight. Twilight is a love story movie between a human and a vampire. They’re modern vampires and live in a modern house. Usually I don’t speak about architecture in the movies here on Freshome, but when I saw the movie I really liked that […]

A different way to store your books : Book Porcupine by Holly Palmer

Designed by British designer Holly Palmer to sit beside your chair, this shelving unit has three different sizes of compartment to accommodate books of varying sizes. With 18 compartments in various sizes for storing your favourite books, the Book Porcupine is a product that is based on the idea of negative spaces. The compartments are […]

Hand silkscreened giant condom pillows

So you want a creative pillow in your bed ? Check out these colorful pillows that are cushy and promote safe sex. The pillow is handmade and it is 100 times bigger than a regular condom package. At the inside, it features a “happy condom” hand-printed pattern and two pockets (one use to hold usual […]

Bookend Specially Designed for Star Wars Fans

Since I spend a lot of time on the internet, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people who are Star Wars fans, and today I’ve found something for them. Inspired by the famous garbage compactor scene from Episode IV: A New Hope, these limited-edition hand-painted bookends flip that classic movie moment inside-out. You’ll […]

Gallop’s Black Apartment Designed by Stefan Boublil

The converted locker rooms of the first YMCA in the United States ( see more here ), Cindy Gallop’s “Black Apartment” was designed by New York-based creative agency “The Apartment.”  Highly ornate, down to the last detail, this is an amazing retrofit that seems to have deliberately retained a lot of the general layout used […]

Mikhailov’s Edge Desk

Ontario, Canada-based designer Alexi Mikhailov developed the sleek and hyper-streamlined Edge Desk: a table design straight out of our ultramodern cyberprep fantasies.  Especially geometric with powerful, curvilinear angles as its foremost features, the Edge Desk is clearly intended to tug at the heartstrings of progressive contemporary designers among us.  The Edge Desk would be a […]

Inspiring Modern Home Architecture

If you’re in the market for a new property and don’t know exactly how your dream home should look like (we can hardly believe it), then we’d like a word with you. Check out this amazing list of contemporary homes and let yourself charmed by these amazing structures. Created by some of the most talented […]

Velichko Velikov’s Elaxa Chair

Arguably one of the cooler chairs I’ve seen recently, Velichko Velikov’s Elaxa Chair is a fluid furniture piece that’s an amazing contemporary take on the classic Thonet bentwood chair designs.  Developed simply from bentwood and metallic joints, seat and base, the Elaxa Chair took the rules developed by classic Prague and Tivoli chairs and really […]

Modern Jodlowa House in Krakow, Poland

Designed by the creative British architects from PCKO together with Polish folks from MOFO Architects, the stunning Jodlowa House in Krakow, Poland, definitely kicks off as a whole. With large ground to wall windows, a sprawling living room, a ravishing indoor pool and 2 main bedrooms – all are designed in the most elegant way […]

Thomas Coward’s Dune Basin

Developed by Thomas Coward, the Principal Designer of Australian bathroom products manufacturer Omvivo, the Dune Basin is clearly inspired by the swelling and falling forms of the desert landscape.  To be officially released this upcoming July, the Dune Basin is an organic take on modernist basin design: sleek and deliberately asymmetrical.  What I find interesting […]

Dang Residence by Pb Elemental Architecture

Designed by Pb Elemental Architecture, this organic wooden residence (actually the Dang Residence) is a super savvy structure in Greenwood, Seattle, that “shines” thanks to its stylish furnishings, unique interiors filled with modern art and its very own private courtyard to spend time in. Spread over 3200 sq feet, this two storied house comes with […]

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