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Modern Pasha Armchair, Relax in Style

Imagine a long day at the office and you getting home beat. What if there’s a cozy armchair to give you a big hug? That’s what the Pasha armchair does for you. Designed in 2006 by Carlo Colombo for the Italian manufacturers from Ycami, it features expanded polyurethane in different heights, frame in post-formed wood […]

Stylish Pozuelo House in Madrid

  • stylish-pozuelo-house-in-madrid-2
  • stylish-pozuelo-house-in-madrid-3
  • stylish-pozuelo-house-in-madrid-4
  • stylish-pozuelo-house-in-madrid-5

Surrounded by books, that’s the whole concept behind the Pozuelo House. Locate in Spain’s capital, Madrid, and covered with a  marble shell, the stylish building stands out from the crowd with its exquisite details and geometric purity. Designed by Spain practice architect A-cero around two oblique axes, the Pozuelo House exudes elegance and sophistication in […]

Transparent Glass Pool Table by Nottage Design G-1

A few years ago I’ve had a dream to own my own pool table, but that dream is not a top priority right now. Today I’ve found a pool table that is a little more different than most pool tables. Created by Australia-based Nottage Design, the G-1 offers a perfect blend of modern styling and […]

Minimalist Waste Bin by Grace Youngeun Lee

Designed by Grace Youngeun Lee this Waste Bin is characterized by simple and minimalist lines. By stepping on the pedal, the bin opens towards you- yet the cover remains stationary. This natural motion is emphasized through a graphic division of color and material. – Via – Todayandtomorrow

Stoned Box House in Sao Paolo, Brazil

  • box-house-by-alan-chu-cristiano-kato-2
  • box-house-by-alan-chu-cristiano-kato-3
  • box-house-by-alan-chu-cristiano-kato-4
  • box-house-by-alan-chu-cristiano-kato-5

An old existing one-story house in Sao Paolo, Brazil, have been redesigned by Alan Chu & Cristiano Kato. Dubbed the Box House, the small construction is nestled at 100m above sea level next to two enormous rocks. With a suspended box that acts as a bedroom and the street level with the living room, kitchen […]

View House by Johnston MarkLee

Diego Arraigada Architects and Johnston MarkLee are the guys behind the View House. Located in Rosario, Argentina, it’s a contemporary residential design that gets the eye with its irregular cast concrete contour that also “hides” it well withing the lush landscape. Built on a restricted site, scarred by fire and unstable geologic conditions, this modern […]

eBay Auction for Car Couch Sculpture

I know that there are a lot of people who would like to spend more time in their car that in their homes, and this post is dedicated to those people. A few days ago someone posted an Ebay auction for this 250-pound hot rod couch is entirely hand-crafted in metal, features black leather upholstery, […]

The Andromeda Lamp by Ross Lovegrove

Designed by British designer Ross Lovegrove for Yamagiwa, the Andromeda lamp is an artificial structure for capturing artificial light. The piece is moulded from a single material as a unified white botanical, aquatic organism to softly implant a sense of nature into the spaces we inhabit. Here are a few words about Andromeda from the […]

Curve wall mounted bed for your cat

If you are looking for a pet bed, then here is an interesting idea that looks good. With a slim profile and a choice of wood and fabric options, Curve seamlessly blends in with your décor. It can be mounted anywhere on the wall, allowing maximum flexibility. The curving shape and cushion provide your pet […]

Bergman’s “Special Editions” Bulbs

As if infected by a disease, designer Pieke Bergmans’ Light Bulbs slump and die away slowly as they add a warm, amorphous glow to the space in which it’s placed.  Part of her aptly-titled project “Design Virus,” these bulbs spill like ooze from their power sources onto surfaces, clearly victims of a lighting pandemic.  The […]

Urquiola’s “Night & Day” Seats.

More of a system for manipulating furniture than a single couch, Patricia Urquiola’s “Night & Day” is a entertaining design that’s stylish in any of its potential manifestations.  As it’s meant to be manipulated, Urquiloa encourages total personalization of the “Night & Day.”  Go ahead and color to your preference, add or subtract accessories, adjust, […]

Los Andes House by Juan Carlos Doblado

Peru-based architect Juan Carlos Doblado has complete a spectacular new private house in the foothills of the Andes. With two concrete pavilions, one nestled into the shallow slope, the other cantilevered forwards across the site, the single storey building is all about simple geometry. The Los Andes House features floor to ceiling glasses and sliding […]

The Fluid Faucet by Kohler Design, Doubles as a Drinking Fountain

An amazing concept that exudes style and elegance, Fluid is a flexible faucet by German-based Kohler Design. With a sleek design, the Innovative faucet brags highly functional usage by doubling up as a drinking fountain. All it needs is a simple flick of your wrist to twist the knob on the side to control temperature, […]

Cutler House in Montauk, New York

We at Freshome think that the Cutler House is the ultimate vacation home. Put up together in Montauk, New York, by the creative folks from Murdock Young Architects, the building was meant with a minimal impact on the surrounding landscape. The house is clad with a textured wood paneled exterior (that goes great with the […]

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