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Dick Van Hoff’s Wood Burning Tile Stove

Presented in Milan this past April, Dick Van Hoff’s Tile Stove is another fantastic Royal Tichelaar Makkum collaboration.  A concept developed to explore the possibilities of ceramic product design, the stoves are an amalgamation of contemporary tile usage, classically-detailed craftsmanship, and traditional ordainment.  Keeping in the mind the need for durability and functionality, these wood-burning […]

Villa Rahoj Alle in Hojbjerg, Denmark

  • villa-rahoj-alle-in-hojbjerg-denmark-5
  • villa-rahoj-alle-in-hojbjerg-denmark-4
  • villa-rahoj-alle-in-hojbjerg-denmark-3
  • villa-rahoj-alle-in-hojbjerg-denmark-7

Architects from C.F. Moller have been commissioned to build this beautiful house in Hojbjerg, Denmark. Dubbed as Villa Rahoj Alle, it has been created for the Sandahl family in an old single-family neighborhood close to the dense forest. An L-shaped structure that blends with the surrounding landscape, the 209 sqm house has two stories toward […]

Disposable Furniture by Ice Bulb

Certainly an interesting option for social gatherings or one-off events, the sculptors at Ice Bulb have developed a system for fabricating event furniture out of gigantic blocks of ice.  From the perspective of a guest, the furniture concept is highly inventive and ornate, but from the perspective of a designer, each furniture ice sculpture takes […]

Sinus House in Denmark by Cebra Architects

  • sinus-house-in-denmark-by-cebra-architects-7
  • sinus-house-in-denmark-by-cebra-architects-6
  • sinus-house-in-denmark-by-cebra-architects-5
  • sinus-house-in-denmark-by-cebra-architects-4

An unusual 1,735-sq.-ft. country home located in Denmark, the Sinus House is a great mix of pastoral settings and modern architecture. Designed by the creative folks from Cebra Architects with a black roof and facade to contrast the stark white cut-outs in its exterior walls, the structure charms wits its interiors where comfort blends perfectly […]

Hoffman’s Modular Lights

Adaptive and interesting, German design student Robert Hoffman’s diplom thesis “Modular Lights” are a very personal way to establish a lighting scheme for your home.  By tilting and adjusting the outer flat panels of the sculpture, light is released from the inner light structure to your specifications.  Highly recommended for someone who enjoys constantly shifting […]

Selin’s Crush Sofa

German design studio Coordination presented Flip Selin’s Crush Sofa at this year’s DMY Extended in Berlin last week to much interest.  An upholstered surface held in place by a painted white metal frame, Crush consists of two chaise lounge chairs that can be fused together to combine a larger sofa.  A strong accent for a […]

Subscribe to Blog via Email Now Available

Until now the only way to be noticed when something new appears on Freshome was the RSS subscription, but many don’t fully understand the concept of RSS (”Really Simple Syndication”) feeds, and for them today I’ve decided to introduce Feedburner’s Subscribe by Email option on RSS feeds. What’s that mean? It means that you can […]

The Toilet That Transforms Into an Urinal

It’s a fact that men have something when it comes to urinals. We love them for a reasons that we don’t even understand. However when you look at this piece of technology below, you may get an idea why! It’s a self-cleaning toilet that turns into an urinal with the flick of a button. An […]

Alphabet Drawers by “Kent and London”

Inspired by vintage printing blocks, this beautifully finished chest of 26 drawers called Alphabet Drawers by “Kent and London” is made from solid oak – the perfect place to file everything from A-Z. At Kent & London they use quality materials and traditional methods to create solid, beautifully finished, bespoke furniture. As all of their […]

J House by Isolation Unit & Yosuke Ichii Architect

Designed by Isolation Unit & Yosuke Ichii Architect, J House is a private residence for a married couple with three children in a suburb of Kagawa, Osaka, Japan. A single plain volume with a generous space in between of two boxes, the rooms inside the J House are continuously interconnected in the most stylish way. […]

Sonos Multi-Room Music System

If you like to listen music at home then here is something that you might want. The Sonos Multi-Room Music System lets you play all the music you want, all over your house and control it all from the palm of your hand. With ZonePlayers in the rooms of your choice and a full-color Controller […]

Swedish Minimalism: Villa UH1 by RB Arkitektur

Designed by the creative folks at RB Arkitektur as a German bunker from the Second World War, Villa UH1 is actually a minimalist home with contemporary accents. Meant as a single-family house, it’s actually an eco-friendly example of how to go beyond the boundaries. Located on a soft natural slope in a residential area of […]

OneLessOffice suite of products by Heckler Design

Heckler Design has rounded out their OneLessOffice suite of products. Now joining OneLessDesk, the beautifully minimal computer desk, is OneLessStand and OneLessFile. OneLessDesk is designed to be more flexible. Re-arrange and re-direct your work environment throughout the day. OneLessDesk is the beautiful, ergonomic, space-saving computer desk. At one time, you needed a desk that could […]

Villa Hrozno in Bratislava’ Old Town

Located in Bratislava’s Old Town, Villa Hronzo is an architectural masterpiece that stuns at a first glance. Designed by creative architects from Zavodny, the structure is made from two basic substances. One is a three storey building oriented towards the Old wine street, while the other one is a two storey terraced building. Modern architecture […]

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