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If you have a cat, you should also own this table !

If you have a cat in your house then you’ll love this indoor low table designed by Koichi Futatsumata of Case-Real. This low table is called “The Hammock” and is a stainless steel base and glass top was just released by E&Y. If at some time your pets are not around, the rattan shelf underneath […]

‘VitraHaus': A Fantastic Showroom With A Creative Architecture

  • vitra haus freshome
  • vitra haus freshome1
  • vitra haus freshome12
  • vitra haus freshome123

This amazing construction was built as a design showroom and it houses exhibition areas, a shop, a cafe which is also connected to the exterior and conference rooms. Its architecture is original and creative. It is located on the Rhine plain, but here is a better description of the matter from the architects themselves: “The […]

How Open Can A Home Get And Yet Still Be Safe?

  • Enclosed_Open_House_Wallflower_Architecture1
  • Enclosed_Open_House_Wallflower_Architecture2
  • Enclosed_Open_House_Wallflower_Architecture3
  • Enclosed_Open_House_Wallflower_Architecture4

From Wallflower Architecture, this original architecture project is located in Singapore, on the East coast area and it is neighbored by four other urban buildings. The unusual design was chosen as a result of the owner’s “brief”: he wanted a house that could be as open as possible and yet not interfere with the notion […]

Stylish Apartment and Inspiring Interior Design

  • apartment sweden
  • apartment sweden1
  • apartment sweden12
  • apartment sweden123

We found this really great place in Sweden that serves our eagerness to show you quality interiors. Cosy and refined, the place features a lovely room made especially for socializing, large windows in the south which make the room bright and  light-painted walls. The living-room is the heart of the apartment and the place where […]

Great Architecture Under Space Constrains : Salamanca House

  • Salamanca-House-by-Parsonson-Architects-16
  • Salamanca-House-by-Parsonson-Architects-1
  • Salamanca-House-by-Parsonson-Architects-2
  • Salamanca-House-by-Parsonson-Architects-3

From Parsonson Architects comes Salamanca House, a residence located in a historically listed site. This usually comes as a major restrain for most architects, as the plans of the project must blend in with the environment. Moreover, this building had to be “added” to a 1900’s house, having to fit in a narrow space within […]

Solutions to Properly Display Wall Sockets : Neffa’s I WANT Contact

Designed by Neffa, “I Want Contact” is an idea that hopes to demonstrate that plugholes are simple to incorporate into their surroundings. For example, plugholes can easily be integrated into your wall’s design, combined with the pattern of your curtains or accentuated using a handsome frame. The basic assumption in all solutions is that the […]

Bamboo Chair Jun Zi by Jeff Dah-Yue Shi for Dragon Fly Gallery

Made of entirely of bamboo, with a simple geometric form, the Bamboo Chair Jun Zi by Jeff Dah-Yue Shi for Dragon Fly Gallery is composed of rounded box-shaped frames made of bamboo slats. While the front view of the chair appears like a bamboo tunnel at the base, the side vieW is similar to the […]

Beautiful House in Cyprus Sent to us by a Reader

We got these pictures from one of our readers ( Rosalía Damiani ) and liked them, which is why we would like to share them with you. These pictures are from a house in Cypru, where Rosalia stayed a few months ago. This house reminds me of the architecture  of the beautiful Greek islands. The […]

Human Furniture: A Sadistic Idea or a Contemporary Must-Have?

From Samal Design, this furniture collection really managed to draw our attention. These sculptural items are not only very bold and creative, but also make you think and want to take a closer look. The designer, Dzmitry SAMAL has a rich cultural background and  is known for his daring designs. These  furniture ideas are a […]

Art and Good Taste in A Flat: Turquoise Themed Apartment in Sweden

We know you like themes, so today we would like to show you this stylish apartment located in Stockholm. All throughout the rooms, there are small decorative items and interesting patterns, most of them having a turquoise tinge.  The rooms are spacious, fresh and unconventional furniture give the flat a contemporary feel and the colors […]

Modern Decorative Metal Tiles by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is a name that appears everywhere, in fashion, interior design, furniture …and to prove that he is everywhere he designed these modern decorative metal tiles made in collaboration with Australian company Alloy Design. The cool collection comes in eight decorative designs, each a variation of recurring cells. In repetition, these cell tiles merge […]

Beautiful 5 Meter Wide Townhouse in Sweeden

Intimate and cosy, this beautiful white house only measures an area of 75 square meters and is just 5 meters wide. A project by architects Elding Oscarson, the small townhouse is located in in Landskrona, Sweden, on a very narrow space between two buildings with a very different architecture. Even though its design definitely stands […]

Stunning House For Four by A.F. Abeijón-Fernandez Arquitectos

Sometimes private homes have such an impressive exterior design and such dimensions that you might as well mistake them for company headquarters or important institutions. We think this is the case with the House in “A Zapateira”, from A.F. Abeijón-Fernandez Arquitectos. Located in A Coruña, Spain, what is truly striking about this residence is its […]

Beautiful Residence in Cyprus from Armon Choros Architektonikis

“Armon Choros Architektonikis” is an architecture firm founded in Larnaca, Cyprus in 1995.  Today we would like to present an interesting residence from their portfolio. The project is called Chalkidos Street Residence and is also winner of some important awards in the field. The main thing that the developers had to respect was the owner’s […]

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