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The Power Outlet of Tomorrow : Node Power Outlet

To be honest I think that I’m not the only one who noticed the increasing number of electronic devices intruding our apartments as well as offices, and all these gadgets require lots of sockets. An elegant solution to this problem is the Node Power Outlet, that makes the power strips almost useless.  “Node” is an […]

North Bay Road Residence by Touzet Studio

  • North Bay Road Residence by Touzet Studio 9
  • North Bay Road Residence by Touzet Studio 8
  • North Bay Road Residence by Touzet Studio 7
  • North Bay Road Residence by Touzet Studio 6

When a clean state of mind is stroked with a touch of modern in purity, there is no other color that could represent the situation except white. Touzet Studio understood this perfectly and blended their imagination into a 12,000 sq. ft “white house” with seven bedrooms. The North Bay Road Residence  is located on 100 […]

Sleek and Sizzling Interiors from West Chin Team

  • West Chin Team Interiors 9
  • West Chin Team Interiors 7
  • West Chin Team Interiors 8
  • West Chin Team Interiors 6

West Chin, his wife Roseann Repetti and his team of designers like to give the rooms and homes that they conjure up and create a sensuous and sexy look that is in line with the modern minimalist trends. Opting for the sweeping and untainted white interiors, sleek furniture and a sophisticated space-age look, the interiors […]

La Belle Vie Estate – Lavish living at it’s best

  • La Belle Vie Estate – Lavish living 11
  • La Belle Vie Estate – Lavish living 10
  • La Belle Vie Estate – Lavish living 9
  • La Belle Vie Estate – Lavish living 8

Want to live like a king, then what about the La Belle Vie residence on St. Cloud Road in Los Angeles. Majestic in every sense of the word, the house is luxuriously spread over 35000 sq feet, has 9 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms (great ratio, eh?). Elegant is an understatement when you describe the interiors […]

GR House: Stunning personal sanctuary in the heart of Sao Paulo

  • GR House 6
  • GR House 7
  • GR House 4
  • GR House 5

Nestled in the bustling frenzy of Sao Paulo, Brazil, the GR House looks like anything but a congested living space located in a populous urban setting. This luxury home designed and built by Bernardes Jacobsen Architecture is engulfed in a lush green private park that soothes your senses and transports you into an atmosphere that […]

A world of luxury and scenic beauty: Hot home in the heart of Brisbane!

When it comes to great ocean views, spectacular interiors and a prime property that connects you to the heart of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan hangouts, there are probably few homes on the planet that will rival this stunning and simply vivacious luxury home on the coast of Brisbane, Australia. Currently for sale via […]

Stepping up to a wealth of knowledge: Shelving your prized possessions in style

If you are a bookworm or someone who loves to collect books, magazines and other wisdom-offering treats, then this simple, yet ergonomic home must please you to no end! The owner of this space obviously could not dedicate a whole room to create a personal library, so instead they went the smart way and turned […]

Edge House: Mobius Architects Creates an Oddity With Its Creativity

When it comes to design, working within the conventions of law in certain situations can throw up some pretty unconventional design and the Edge House falls right into that genre. The challenge that Poland-based Mobius Architects faced was to build a modern home on an excavated limestone hillside in Krakow and they came up with […]

B-99 House: A fusion between the ancient and the modern!

It is not very often that modern minimalist homes from India steal the show on a global stage, but the B-99 house looks so gorgeous that it could very well be a structure standing in the heart of Hollywood. The contemporary edifice designed by DADA Partners in Gurgaon, India welcomes you with its very unique […]

Crescent Road House: Downtown Toronto sports a modern delight!

While most of the contemporary structures look simply stunning, the real challenge lies in turning them into cozy and comfortable homes that are a lot more than eye candy. The Crescent Road House in Rosedale, Toronto manages to achieve this with its pristine white interiors, inviting wooden exteriors and ambient lighting solutions. The designers used […]

Modern Cottage on West Lake Okoboji Shoreline

Set in the densely populated backdrop of Rural Iowa, this contemporary cottage by San Francisco-based MinDay Architects tries to merge modern interiors, comfort and luxury with the charm, beauty and the nostalgia of traditional cottage living. Nestled in the calm of giant Oak trees and adjacent to the beautiful lake, the structure is clad in […]

Living on the wheels in Japanese style

How about carrying your home wherever you go and living a life that is constantly on the move? It might not sound appealing to many, but a few enthusiastic Japanese dudes have turned their normal camping vehicle into a two-story mobile home that sports a kitchen, dining space, hall and a bedroom. While the first […]

The Urban Lounge – An ergonomically pleasing seat

Crafted by renowned Chicago based designer Scott Collins, this comfortable chair is part of the new Urban Lounge collection which focuses on outdoor modern furniture with simple and minimal curves. Made up of a single piece of bent plywood, the super relaxing lounge chair goes with your natural surroundings and fits nicely with any modern […]

Revamping God’s home into your own: Holy home in the UK

The idea of living in a church is both beautiful and disconcerting at the same time, but that has in no way stopped these fabulous folk in UK to turn God’s adobe into a cozy little place that is their home. The owners bought the church for £92,000 and then went on to spend a […]

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