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Simple and Elegant White Apartment

  • clean-white-small-apartment-interior-design-1-554x368
  • clean-white-small-apartment-interior-design-2-554x368
  • clean-white-small-apartment-interior-design-4-554x380
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We know most of you out there don’t really enjoy crowded homes. which is why we decided to show you something special: a small, but extremely elegant apartment, with plenty of space and modern arrangements. How small exactly?- Take a guess. This great looking house only has a surface of 39 sq m, which, ironically, […]

Brooklyn Heights Apartment from Welly Lei

  • brooklin heights apartment
  • brooklin heights apartment1
  • brooklin heights apartment12
  • brooklin heights apartment123

Welly Lai is an interior designer with over ten years of experience. Her portfolio includes apartment makeovers, residential as well as commercial arrangements. The Brooklyn Heights apartment is actually a renovation of a three-bathroom place owned by a couple and their two young daughters. The challenge was that the interior designer had to make a […]

Prefabricated Panels from ModCell, an Alternative Building System

  • prefab homes 1
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  • prefab homes 1234

Combining the  straw bale construction method with prefabricated panels, this house was built using a new technology that is sustainable and also has a pleasing look. ModCell is the company in charge with this new technology and their portfolio is quite impressive. Here are some words from the people that came up with this innovative […]

Unusual Split-Level House in Philadelphia

  • qb_080110_03
  • qb_080110_04
  • qb_080110_05
  • qb_080110_07

I’m sure you’ve all seen at least one negative example of a modern construction built in a historic neighborhood. Not all really manage to fit in, do they? Today we would like to show you a different approach, a project which we consider to be perfectly integrated in its environment. Situated in Philadelphia, the Split-Level […]

Eye-Catching Rug and Matching Slippers

I think most of you out there are fascinating by unusual ideas when it comes to interior design. And when those ideas become practical, the interest grows. This is the case with Tapistongs, a very cool rug from Lise El Sayed. I particularly like the texture of the material and the color which make this […]

“Fake Hills”, an Imposing Residential Project by Mad Architects

More and more Eco projects are built lately, but we rarely see homes or giant structures that resemble elements of nature. Today we have a residential “delight” for you: a huge project that involves hundreds of apartments and that somehow imitates the shape of natural hills. “Fake Hills” comes from MAD architects and is located […]

How Do You Feel About Living in a Glass Home?

You have to admit that these pictures look great. A house in the middle of nowhere, with transparent walls for amazing views and late night fires… but let’s not get carried away. This glass home concept comes from Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio, or Santambrogiomilano and was designed along with a series of furniture sets, […]

Physalia, A Huge Amphibious Garden Cleaning Waters Across Europe

From Vincent Callebaut Architects, this impressive project is meant to navigate through the rivers in Europe in order to clean water and make it drinkable. Its name comes from “Physalia physalis”, meaning “water bubble”. It is a project whose idea came from a major global issue which is the fact that one billion people nowadays […]

iPod Touch Themed Bedding

If you are a true Apple fanboy/girl here is a piece of bedding design that should be ideal for you. These iPod Touch themed bedding come complete with duvet and pillow cases which have a really unique and cool design. The Ipod Touch themed bedding is perfect for those of you who want to sleep […]

Demolition Fail in Guangxi Province, China

Normally, when a building is blown up, we all expect it to turn into a huge mass of dust and small materials. This was not the case with this particular tower in Liuzhou, a city located in the Guangxi Province, China. Instead of being destroyed completely after the explosion, the construction was broken in half […]

Spanish Country Home: Simplicity and Style

This lovely home has a simple and yet cosy architecture plan. Located in a beautiful country area in Spain, it is a great place for a peaceful retreat.  Even though the exterior may be considered plain- we are dealing with a country house, don’t forget that- the inside elements make up for this fact. What […]

LED Sofas for Funky Interiors

The Asami Light Sofa comes from Colico, a company with an important design history, founded in 1920.  The first thing that comes to my mind when looking at these photos, is an unforgettable movie-marathon night with friends and a cool home theater system. A little problem might be handling the remote controls, because this item […]

Amazing Vertical Apartment from CSD Archtecten

CSD Archtecten brings together the  three  people that masterminded the project below: Britt Crepain, Stefan Spaens and Joep Debie. In this collaborative formula they managed to create this original four-levels house in the mittle of Antwerp, Belgium. The hardest part in implementing this idea was optimising the space in every room from every level. However, […]

Pillows With Unusual Printings for Chair Upgraders

Today we would like to present yet another unusual design idea. When in doubt, use cool printed pillows. In the images below you have a series of creative chair back patterns in order to complement your existing furniture. We like this idea simply because it does not comply to the idea of an ordinary pillow […]

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