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Residence in South Dublin: “Matilde” from Ailtireacht

  • Ailtireacht_Matilde_01
  • Ailtireacht_Matilde_02
  • Ailtireacht_Matilde_03
  • Ailtireacht_Matilde_04

What you can observe in the pictures below is a makeover of a  Victorian house located in the South of Dublin. The team behind this plan is Ailtireacht, whose headquarters is also in Dublin. The owners of the house wanted some more living space so the brief consisted in adding such a construction, in order […]

Australians Have the World’s Largest Homes, According to a Recent Reuters Study

You were probably thinking about USA as “the place to be” in matters of big and luxurious homes. However, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia recently revealed some interesting information regarding the country with the world’s largest homes. Apparently Australia took the lead, with an average home size of 214.6 square meters (2,310 sq ft). The […]

Yard That Features An Optical Illusion in San Francisco

  • deformscape
  • deformscape_03
  • deformscape_041
  • lrg_1_deformscape

“Deformscape” is a recent project from Thom Faulders, founder of  Faulders Studio, an architecture company from the US. The project is in fact an interesting outdoor pattern that was created in order to bring something fresh to a house in San Francisco. We quote from the designer’s website: “This limited space outdoor sculpture garden inherits […]

Nature And Architecture Combined: The Stone House in Portugal

If you are one to go for residences that are constructed with sustainable materials, what better way to do that than actually use nature in your architecture plans? This is the case with this interesting looking house in the images below. Located in Nas montanhas de Fafe, Portugal, its resistance is mainly ensured by two […]

River House by MCK Architects- Stunning Architecture and Beautiful Views

  • mck-architects-residence
  • mck-architects-residence122111233
  • mck-architects-residence112511233
  • mck-architects-residence1

This dream home comes from MCK Architects, a team from Sydney, Australia. From their rich portfolio, we can say that many projects caught our eyes, due to their original approach. However, today we would like to present  the River House, mainly because it has the ability to impress one down to its smallest details. With […]

Istanbul’s New Airport is Also The World’s Largest Earthquake-Proof Building

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport has recently been open and in short time became a modern symbol of Istanbul and Turkey. This is probably due to the fact that the building is not only a terminal, but currently the world’s largest earthquake-proof building as well. The structure has a stunning 2 million square feet surface and […]

Quick Home Makeovers: Wallpaper Ideas

Sometimes the best way to freshen up your interior is  also the easiest way. Wallpapers can completely change the way a room looks and can even place it in a different environment. We made a selection of photos in which you will see a large variety of wallpapers, for almost every room in the house, […]

Connected Rooms : A Few Helpful Interior Design Ideas

When it comes to making a plan for a house, most of the people would rather have each room separated from the other rooms and the hallway. But sometimes connecting two rooms may be a “must”, when there is a lack of space involved. This doesn’t necessarily have to be looked upon as a bad […]

Dentist’s Office in Japan, A Good Reason for Your Routine Check-Ups

Probably one of the last things that comes to mind when looking at this building is the fact that it is actually a modern dentist office.  We decided to show it to you today due to its unusual architecture and style. Located in Nagano, the construction belongs to  Hiroki Tanabe, a talented architect from Japan. […]

The Largest LED Architecture Project in The World: Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi

You probably got used to articles on Freshome that feature things like ‘amazing architecture ideas” , “world’s largest…” and so on. We know you like seeing brilliant and unusual constructions here and we will try to keep offering them to you. Designed by Asymptote Architecture and with a lighting arrangement done by Arup Lighting, today’s […]

Can You Build A Residence from Geometric Boxes?

Apparently the answer to the question in the title is “yes”.  The name of the project below is “Fairhaven Residence” and belongs to DeForest Architects. The house has no less than 3800 square feet and is made out of geometrical boxes. The interior looks as if somehow unfinished, with hanging wooden structures on the ceiling […]

Incredible Underground Residence in Switzerland

Have you ever thought how it would be like to live in a bunker or an underground tunnel? Well, today we bring you the upgraded version of that, which is an all-equipped underground home. Situated in the Swiss village of Vals, deep in the mountains, the house is very hard to spot, which makes for […]

Vodafone Headquarters in Porto

We are used to important mobile phone operators to come up with fantastic commercials and build their brand on impressive advertising efforts. However, it’s been a while since we’ve seen such a great office building. The architects from Barbosa & Guimaraes respected the Vodafone slogan ““Vodafone Life, Life in Motion” in creating this dynamic building. […]

Aqua Tower, a 250 Meters Wavering Building in Chicago

Aqua Tower is yet another recent  eye-catching building on the skylines of Chicago. The amazing project comes form Studio Gang Architects in collaboration with Magellan Development. It is really nice to come across buildings that had a simple idea behind them and that have a design that can easily be drawn or reproduced and be easily […]

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