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Unusual Tubs and Inspiring Bathroom Interiors

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  • rdekko_bath
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  • rdekko_bathroom_spearmintdecor

Sometimes an unusual item placed intentionally in the spot light can set the whole mood and atmosphere of that room. When it comes to bathrooms, we got used to classic tubs, in a rectangular form, most of them in a white finish. We found a very creative collection of bathtubs here, that defy these strict […]

Indoor Fairy Tales: Beds Shaped Like Castles for Young Ladies

These beautiful play beds reminding of childhood fairy tales come from PoshTots and are meant to stir up the imagination of young ladies and cause them a delightful transition into dream land. With great designs, amazing graphics, the mini-castles  feature classic story elements but also practical parts, such as shelving systems and other types of […]

“Genius Lasts Longer than Beauty” Clothes Hanger

They say that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. But did you ever think there are times when it may be the other way around?- sometimes a great, memorable, focused and inclusive sentence can really be worth more than a thousand images. It is the case of great historic sayings, that crossed […]

Wooden Wall Ingenious Headboards Collection

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  • casa-angelina-bedroom-2
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We here at Freshome really love to show you homes  with a natural feel. For today we gathered up an impressive collection of bedrooms. But this time is not the overall interior we would like you to focus on, but the amazing wooden headboards. These elements can be of great aesthetic effect to a room, […]

Fancy Transparent Chairs from Aïtali

  • transparent chairs freshome
  • transparent chairs freshome1
  • transparent chairs freshome12
  • transparent chairs freshome1234

Aïtali is a design firm launched in 2003 in Bordeaux whose defining statement is : “Dream and reality of new manufacturing processes to give the appearance of new furniture … provocative new emotions.” These transparent furniture items seem to fit the profile, as their “airy” nature sometimes make one wonder if the chairs are really […]

Jennifer Aniston’s New Eco Abode in Beverly Hills

Costing over $15 million, this giant residence,Jennifer Aniston’s latest “friends” hang-out place, is located in Beverly Hills.The initial project (the house that the actress bought) was built in the 70’s, but recently, Jennifer had a do-over, by hiring a specialized team of architects and designers. The mansion is meant to set an example on the […]

“Wood Box With View” Residence from K_M_Architektur

Based in Germany, K_M_Architektur is a company with a interesting portfolio and an experience that allows them to conduct complex projects. Today’s choice- “Wood Box With View”, a residence located next to Lindau, in the village called village Hochbuch, Germany. The name was not given accidentally, as the house is mainly build with wood and […]

Extremely White House With a Rustic Feel

Even though at a first glance, this place seems sort of messy and not-so-modern, a closer look will reveal wonderful and original elements that transform this abode into a delightful one. White is the main color used to design this place and it combines great with the wooden furniture. The living-room is large and features […]

Unusual Windows and Original Shape: House Bierings in The Netherlands

From Rocha Tombal Architecten, this fantastic project is located in The Netherlands and showcases an unusual type of architecture. “Sculptural eyes” are at the basis of this design, great looking windows (quite numerous) which facilitate great and unobstructed views of the environment. The windows are placed unexpectedly, creating an interesting disharmony that is very pleasing […]

Dazzling Decorative Panels, A Great Wallpaper Option

From B&N Industries come these innovative  wallpaper ideas, a lovely alternative for plain paint. A large variety of patterns is available and if at one point you are not happy with what lies on your wall, you can make a personal adjustment: create new patterns starting from the original one. Still, you should know these […]

Transforming a Basement into a Family-friendly Colorful Entertainment Room

Debbie Wiener of Design Solutions – a Freshome reader that is also an accomplished designer with a successful book, another on the way, and a soon to premier furniture line wanted to share with us a makeover story of a traditional living room into something both beautiful and functional. Her focus isn’t on creating showroom […]

Could this be the Future of Interior Design ?

Designed by Amirko aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov this concept (if it becomes real) will give you the possibility to completely change the look of a room without having to reach for the paint buckets. Called simply “Change it!” this is basically a big wall of small triangle panels, which can be rotated to get the color […]

Ceramic Dog Shaped Speakers : Hi-Fido by Matteo Cibic

Designed by Matteo Cibic the Hi-Fido is an audio speaker that use the acoustic properties of ceramic to diffuse hi quality sound with a bass reflex system. Besides boasting of excellent sound quality, it’s definitely going to catch the attention of dog lovers. These speakers will be available this April in extremely limited quantities (50 […]

Megan Fox’s New Home in L.A. an Impressive $2,94 Million Mansion

Located in the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles, California, you are looking at Megan Fox’s latest real estate acquisition, this  impressive $2,94 million mansion. The place stretches 5,200 sq. ft. and houses 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a spa, a huge soaking tub and a giant outdoor pool. The furniture is a combination of old […]

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