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Small Bathroom Solution : Walk-in BathTub by MAXX Professional

This walk-in bathtub by MAXX Professional is a really interesting idea especially if you have a small bathroom. It features a safety grab rails, slip resistant floor, and chrome waste with chrome overflow. A contoured seat with an elevated back rest could make your bathing very comfortable and relaxing even in such small bathtub. Besides, […]

14 Indoor Pools for a Delightful Swimming Experience

  • Flexo salotto angolare tondo 2-big
  • Flexo-angolae-penisola-bicolore-big
  • Flexo-salotto-angolare-tondo-aperto-big
  • Flexo-salotto-design-angolare-generale-big

Not too long ago, we had a post on Freshome entitled “21 Amazing Pool Ideas For Contemporary Houses”. It was a very enchanting collection of swimming pools, with an exquisite design and an original approach. Today’s set is a complementary treat, featuring fabulous looking pools, only this time they are located within the perimeter of […]

Extreme Designing: Blackbox Gaming Club in Timisoara, Romania

  • bar timisoara2
  • bar timisoara23
  • bar timisoara27
  • bar timisoara213

Freshome is proud to present an unusual project design meant to cheer up our readers and perhaps bring the spirit of the weekend closer. Blackbox is a gaming club located in Timisoara, Romania, in one of the city’s major commercial centers, and the city from where people behind Freshome are located . Its original design […]

14 Cute and Inspiring Nursery Arrangements

  • nursery-swee12t
  • nursery-swee111112t
  • nursery
  • nursery73

We try to gather up a lot of information on Freshome that will help our readers with the beautiful but challenging “art” of being a parent. Here is something we hope will inspire you. Today’s post features 14 sweet nurseries , each with its own special baby feel. The colors are mostly pale and juvenile, […]

Fashionable Chair and Table Collection from Casprini

  • casual-table-chairs-set-modern-casprini-2
  • casual-table-chairs-set-modern-casprini-3
  • casual-table-chairs-set-modern-casprini-5
  • casual-table-chairs-set-modern-casprini-6

Designed by Marcello Ziliani for Casprini, an Italian company, this chair and table collection is fashionable and modern. With an elegant shape and a classy black and white color palette, the set can be easily integrated in various arrangements. The chairs (named “Azhar”) have a flashy, but tasteful lacquer finish. The table (“Atatlas”) has a […]

Ultra Slim Radiators, Style and Functionality

We ran across another design lately that we happened to see exhibited at Milan. So far, it was not clear to us exactly what this item was or who designed it, but we recently found the information we needed. In the first picture you have the “Jungle” radiator, a slim and interesting looking product which […]

Beautiful and Spacious Rustic Home in Chile

Integrated in a breathtaking natural landscape in Ocoa, Chile, “Casa La Campana” comes from architects Alejandro Dumay Claro and Francisco Vergara Arthur. The challenge of the project was to emphasize on the indoor-outdoor connection and basically take advantage of the surrounding views. In the same time, the house had to be an energy efficient building. […]

Elegant Canopy Bed with Ventilation System

Evening Breeze is a company from The Netherlands whose slogan is ‘creating a reality in which comfort, wealth and sustainability go hand in hand’. This chic canopy bed uses a cool(ing) technology which caught our interest. With the help of a remote, the user can adjust the temperature of the air surrounding the bed and […]

Butterfly Coffee Table by Svilen Gamolov

Butterflies are so delightful outside in the garden–why not incorporate their images indoors as well? From women young to old, the butterfly is a universal symbol of beauty, freedom, and rebirth. While color schemes and intensity levels vary from one person to another, modern decoration frequently incorporates these fragile creatures into decor for the entire […]

Interview: Business and Lighting Design with James Henderson

Because most of you out there requested that Freshome had some articles on lighting design, here’s something that we hope will exceed your expectations. We decided to contact James Henderson, the president of Shine Labs, a company some of you are already familiar with. Jim accepted the challenge to answer our questions so we proudly […]

Adorable and Famous Chair Designs for Children

Prepare for a series of really cute photos. Little Nest is an Australian company which creates fun furniture for children, also taking into consideration aspects like aesthetics and functionality. In case you have already checked out the pictures, you probably noticed a lot of familiar designs. This is because the company’s collection features replicas of […]

Timber Table, Easy Assembling with No Extra Tools

Assembling a furniture item usually takes so much time and energy that few people actually have the nerve of even trying. The main thing that scares users is having to do with a lot of extra tools, such as screws, wires and so on. Timber was designed by Julian Kyhl and it has everything it […]

Tea Cup Stools, Original and Playful

We found this creative stool idea by Holly Palmer, a contemporary furniture designer who has a crush on vivid colors. Since this blog is about fresh approaches, her works didn’t go unnoticed. For today we chose to share with you this playful set of tea cup stools, which ranks high in chromatic but also originality. […]

Liberty Sideboard, a Mix of Art and Functionality

They say a classy home is where you will find art. But what you don’t hear every day is that art can be found in a variety of forms and in the end, it is only a matter of subjective perception.. In this particular case we are dealing with a sophisticated sideboard that in our […]

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