Small Home Office Idea : K Workstation

For those of you who need an original idea for a home office here is an interesting idea called K Workstation that is designed by a New York design company, MisoSoup Design…. This idea is just like a compact office that will save you a lot of space. As you can see, the iMac is totally in his element

How to pick out the most appropriate bathroom vanity

So is it really important to sit, think and worry about decorating your bathroom? And is spending all that time and cash on bathroom vanities really a necessity? Well, just think about how much time your girlfriend is spending in there when you two go out, and you will automatically understand its importance.
Even for those with a settled family,…

Flex 1 a Minimalist Style Kitchen from Strato

Designed by Marco Gorini and architect Simone Micheli – Flex 1 is a modern italian kitchen design from Strato… was built in response to the changing needs of the modern food fanatic. The Flex 1 kitchen has a minimalist style, with a sleek stainless steel frame made from a single piece and boasting a satin finish, complemented by cabinets, doors

How to Take Care of Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is among the most stylish, cool and elegant of all furnishing that you can pit up in your interiors and the best part is that it goes well with both the modern look and even the laid back retro style.
Leather furniture is sought after both for the class it exudes, for the simplicity of its look and…

35H Lounger by Frédéric Sofia

If you spend long hours reading a book or at the computer like me then this piece of furniture ( 35H Lounger designed by Frédéric Sofia… ) is a must.  Featuring smooth leather cushion, a cast aluminum frame and modern technology, the relaxation armchair offers ergonomic comfort, as it automatically adjusts the angle and the body-weight of the user through

5 Tips to Keep Your Home Fashionable and Trendy

Have you ever tried to keep up with fashion trends? It can be a little daunting and to do it accurately, you practically have to shop about once or twice a week,  probably even more. The same can be said about home trends. There is always the latest and greatest piece, color or style that just screams at you to…

Liquid Lamp : Appears to have no stand

If you are a loyal reader of this website then you might remember our collection with the 40 of The Most Creative Lamp Designs Ever…, that we posted a few months ago. Today here is an unique yet bizarre home accessory that might also fit pretty well in that collection. This artistic looking lamp appears to resemble an overturned

Hot Interior Design Colors for 2009

January has arrived and with it the new year. To many, the New Year is about resolutions, looking towards the upcoming year and reviewing the last year. At Freshome, January is about looking at the hottest colors for the upcoming year. For that reason, we have listed a few colors that are sure to make a great impact on your…

Modern Master Bedroom Ideas with Pictures

Often defined as the largest bedroom in the home, the master bedroom is normally occupied by owners of the space regardless of whether it is the largest bedroom in the home or not. . The  size of the master bedroom will vary from one home to another.  Now for those of you who are here in search of inspiration for…

How to Decorate with Photographs

A picture speaks a thousand words and when it comes to your walls, it can convey a million emotions, shades and moods all in one simple frame of art. The photo frame that adorns your walls could be a simple family photograph, a work of art or even a painting of your 5 year old that has been framed. What…

How to Look For the Right Home Accessories

If you have just moved out to get a place of your own for the very first time or are decorating your home for the umpteenth time, one obvious difficulty that almost everyone faces is how to look for the right home accessories. We all are pretty aware of what exactly are the basic needs of a home, like the…

Sculptured Art Furniture

David Deltony… is a furniture artist whose skill and expertise is in turning wood into sculptured art. Art you can sit or work on!  His organic art pieces are not only outstanding visually but they also are comfortable to sit on. People who enjoy the beauty of wood grain will also appreciate his Aprodite reclining rocker in black cherry, Clam,

Solar Decathlon Sustainable House in Ithaca, New York

The competition held by the Department of Energy at Cornell University makes sure architects come up energy efficient homes. That’s the case with the Solar Decathlon House in Ithaca, New York, where the guys from Zero Energy Design (ZED)… worked their butts to meet the criteria for a zero-energy residence. The one bedroom and one bathroom home uses photovoltaic and

Surfhouse in Hermosa Beach, California

California and surf go along really well. So does the Surfhouse you see above. Located in Hermosa Beach, it features a clean design and straight lines, it tries to maximize spaces, light, and to bring in those amazing views of the ocean. Though the whole site is incredible small, the guys from XTEN Architecture… managed to do a great job

Open Door House by Meneghetti Architects

Building your home from scratch must be really powerful, but if you’re an architect then it has to be the ultimate challenge. On a 2,600 m2 plot, the open door house was designed by the guys from Meneghetti Architects… as a weekend retreat. With a lavish interior that promotes large windows and breathing spaces, the house has elegant shapes, exquisite

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