Sculptured Art Furniture

David Deltony… is a furniture artist whose skill and expertise is in turning wood into sculptured art. Art you can sit or work on!  His organic art pieces are not only outstanding visually but they also are comfortable to sit on. People who enjoy the beauty of wood grain will also appreciate his Aprodite reclining rocker in black cherry, Clam,

Solar Decathlon Sustainable House in Ithaca, New York

The competition held by the Department of Energy at Cornell University makes sure architects come up energy efficient homes. That’s the case with the Solar Decathlon House in Ithaca, New York, where the guys from Zero Energy Design (ZED)… worked their butts to meet the criteria for a zero-energy residence. The one bedroom and one bathroom home uses photovoltaic and

Surfhouse in Hermosa Beach, California

California and surf go along really well. So does the Surfhouse you see above. Located in Hermosa Beach, it features a clean design and straight lines, it tries to maximize spaces, light, and to bring in those amazing views of the ocean. Though the whole site is incredible small, the guys from XTEN Architecture… managed to do a great job

Open Door House by Meneghetti Architects

Building your home from scratch must be really powerful, but if you’re an architect then it has to be the ultimate challenge. On a 2,600 m2 plot, the open door house was designed by the guys from Meneghetti Architects… as a weekend retreat. With a lavish interior that promotes large windows and breathing spaces, the house has elegant shapes, exquisite

Floating House in Ontario, Canada

If you ever thought that building a home on water is easy stuff, you got that wrong. There’s weather you should consider, water levels and so on. Located on an island on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada, this floating residence is work of MOS Architects…; and they did a great job with their steel platform structure with incorporated pontoons

Level 5 by Paula Scher

This dressing wall created by Paula Scher is something really creative. I have to admit that I love this idea and if I would live at the 5th floor I’ll definitely apply it. This idea is better, highly visible and more unique than the small sign on the wall. Some people might now see the number 5 from the first…

Hand & Foot Chair by Pedro Friedeberg

Sometimes when I’m looking around me I see a lot of crazy ideas, and peoples with strange tastes. Today I’m going to present a piece of furniture that is from this category …unusual and wired. The Hand & Foot Chair is a fabulous sculptural piece signed Pedro Friedeberg… chair dating to the 1960′s. From a sculptural point of view this

Easy unplugging : Universal Plug by Kim Seung Woo

Designed by Kim Seung Woo – Universal Plug… is a very simple idea that should be implemented on all electronics. Pulling out a plug is not a hard work, but it is not always an easy task. This plug comes with a circular cut-out which can help you pull it out easily and encourage users to save energy, because we

Contemporary Heater designed by Red Rabbits

Most heaters are just there to distribute heat around the room to keep those affected by winter nice and toasty without freezing to death, but how many of them can actually be detached to be hugged? Today you’re gonna see a contemporary heater that has a beautiful design, and something more than an usual heater. Designed by Red Rabbits…,

Apartment Decorating : Inspiration, Ideas and Pictures

When most of us think of an apartment we automatically think of a small space often occupied in a city. Apartments are not necessarily small but they do require some additional consideration when it comes to providing enough storage solutions and furnishing the space. Whether just starting out after college or as an adult looking to change your surroundings, there…

Amazing Beuth Residence on Blue Jay Way

There is a reason why the rich pay great deals of money for their properties. Take a look at the Beuth Residence on the famous Blue Jays Way street, where Zoltan E. Pali of SPF Architects… invested time and energy to come up with an amazing building built to thrill. With a light frame, large windows mixed with wood, offering

Private Residence in East Hampton by Murdock Young Architects

Can you imagine living in the woods in a highly modern home surrounded by green, with a nearby lake, clad in wood and glass? Unless there are bears or wolves, doesn’t it sound relaxing? That’s exactly the case with this private residence in East Hampton, New York, that Murdock Young Architects… got the job to redesign. Now everything looks perfect

Wired Tree Table by Sebastian Errazuriz

If you are searching for a table that is really unique and a little bit wired, then the Tree Table created by Sebastian Errazuriz and which have been seen Cristina Grajales Gallery, New-York is something you might want to take a look. This table is actually an entire tree, branches, roots, lying on the ground that has posed a long…

Sprout Coffee Table by Seth Rolland

The Sprout Coffee Table is a really unique piece of furniture created by a designer and producer of custom furniture located in Port Townsend, Washington called Seth Rolland…. Sprout Coffee Table is novel in its use of modular legs made from natural materials. Sprout is available with a glass top of any size or shape and extra legs can

Carrio Easy Chair by Arquimia Design

Ricardo Guillamondegui from Buenos Aires sent us an email with the Carrio Easy Chair by Arquimia Design…. Carrio is an idea of architecture for seating on, simple and clear, easy to deal and to explain as the designers said : “All our products are thought about architectural terms, Carrio does not escape from it. Conceptual it is a form,

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