Drip Hooks: Make your walls bleed with style

Hollywood has inspired many creations in the world of art and design, but when it comes to a visual impact, none are gorier than the famous ‘bleeding tiles’ in here. Even though Halloween is now long gone, you can leave a mark of the frightening and the scary by adding a set of these Drip Hooks to your walls. Easy

Round Modern Kitchen Countetops from Pedini

Pedini… round kitchen countetops could become a new trend in kitchens design, because of super ergonomic technologies, a gorgeous minimal look and the round countertop that gives an impressive amount of possibilities. Isn’t that cool when you can reach your stove, shelves, fridge, cutting board and other stuff needed to cook without making a step? Finally I can say that

What are the Benefits of a Green Roof for Your Home

The green movement is in full swing and it has become very popular in home decor. Many home owners find that they can enjoy the luxury of functional fashion while still remaining eco-friendly in their furniture, flooring and everything in between. Among the many items that are going green, roofs have become a great place to start your eco-friendly renovations…

Beautiful Wall Decal Inspiration : Dandelion seeds being blown

The dandelion is one of the most common weeds in gardens and countryside, and today here on Freshome we wanted to present you an interesting and creative example of wall decal inspired by dandelion seeds being blown. Just take a look at how this beautiful wall decal  can change the whole look of a room. These pictures were found on…

Designs for Rent : 5 Tips for Decorating your Rental

There are dozens of home design shows on television and one thing that I have always noticed is that they are always geared towards people who own their own homes. While I understand the logic behind this, there are a large number of people who rent their own apartment or home, while the number of shows geared towards that is…

Inspirational Interior Design of the Day : Amazing Sofa

Making your wood look good: How to take care of your wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is the most commonly found accessory around your home and whether it is the antique furniture in your living room or that gorgeous dining table that you feast on, all of them require care.
While most people believe that dusting them once in a while helps keep them in shape that could not be more far off from…

Calla Chairm the Chair that can be Transformed in a Chaise Lounge

The Calla chair is a very interesting chair designed by Italian furniture maker Domodinamica…. The Calla chair features polyurethane wrapped around a durable iron frame, and comes clad in your choice of stylish leather or fabric. The interesting part of this chair are the arms that can be manipulated to fit your size, style and comfort. Calla measures 104.5

Villa UH1 in Sweden

On a soft natural slope in a residential area of Stockholm in Sweden, the folks from RB Arkitektur… came out with this impressive design. Dubbed Villa UH1, the building is an eco-friendly example of how to go beyond the boundaries. It has a roof covered in green moss and uses geothermal energy – harnessed by a heat pump, to supply

Rigidified table cloth (resin), with no feet

I’m not sure how someone got the idea of creating a table made of rigidified cloth (resin), but they’re certainly not lacking creativity. It’s a table that doesn’t have any classic legs – actually it has no legs, something new that we haven’t got a chance to see by now. Though it’s a pretty amazing concept, we are not sure

Quality Quest: How to pick out quality furniture

Picking out what you need to decorate your home can often be a decision that looks far tougher than it seems on the surface. It is all too good to think about the shades you like, the patterns you wish to have and the budget that you have set for yourself. But both buying furniture because you happen to ‘fall…

Simple artistry: Minimalist modern home in the heart of Copenhagen

Simple and elegant designs are often far more attractive and alluring than the most complicated and overworked pieces of art. This beautiful abode in Copenhagen is all about creating a tranquil ambiance using simple shades, light tones and plenty of wood and glass to enhances the beauty of the interiors. The home is decorated with sober textures in most of

How to pick the perfect kitchen furniture

Kitchen is the heart of your home and if the heart is not in great shape, then obviously the remaining of the body is no real good. That is exactly why your own personal food center needs to be top notch and good enough to serve you efficiently and easily.
Picking out kitchen furniture is something in which women invest…

Ridgewood Residence: Expansive wooden home that blends in with surroundings

Designed and crafted by the folks from Assembledge…, this imposing home is all about mixing the solid basics of old school architecture with the unabated use of glass and class that comes with modern designs. The Ridgewood Residence – which is located in the Larchmont area of Los Angeles, seems to transcend decades with its timeless charm and its

White Magic: Exquisite modern penthouse in the heart of Lorensberg

Modern architecture offers us its pristine best in the form of this appealing and gorgeous home in Junction Tegnérgatan of Lorensberg. The contemporary and stylish penthouse oozes class with its perfect blend of the light tones on the walls and furnishings along with the dark floor and attractive carpets.

The apartment is located on the fifth floor with a spacious

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