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Two Furniture Ideas that Literally Stand Out, Milan 2010

  • irregular locker234
  • irregular locker
  • irregular locker
  • irregular locker2

As you probably noticed, we (the people behind Freshome) are the ultimate fans of unusual yet practical furniture. We took these pictures during the Milan Furniture Fair because we think this sort of cupboard designs are fantastic and deserve to be shared in a community of passionate people. The first set would go great in […]

Please Comment :What do You Think About the New Design ?

If you are following Freshome on Facebook or Twitter you already know that we were planning a new design, and today we just launched the new and improved ( I hope so ) website. Since I’ve launched the new design a few people told me what they like and what they don’t like at the […]

Inspiring Wooden Bathroom Collection, Milan 2010

  • wooden bathtub milan3
  • wooden bathtub milan34
  • wooden bathtub milan
  • wooden sink milam

To be honest, we were not expecting many wooden designs when we first visited the bathroom section in Milan. From our previous niche studies it seemed that design is taking a turn towards modern, unusual and futuristic products and wood is not exactly the material to inspire futuristic. Still, we were very pleased to see […]

Looking for Fun Wall Dividers? Fringe Curtains, Milan 2010

  • fringe 1
  • fringe 12
  • fringe 123
  • fringe 1234

As we already stated in a previous Freshome post, being at the Furniture Fair in Milan also meant seeing some really cool showroom designs. We took a few pictures of the arrangements and we thought they could be a good inspiration for interior home design as well. Take this really cool fringe ideas for example. […]

Beautiful New Series of Wooden Furniture from Valentin Löllmann

Created by german designer valentin löllmann these beautiful new series of wooden furniture look really unique. This piece of furniture might not be to practical but of the contrast between the warm wood colors and the stark white finish around them is just amazing. – Via – Designsponge

Stunning Boat Kitchen, Milan 2010

This was one of the most spectacular kitchen ideas at the Salone del Milano. We were used to seeing interiors with a theme, but that meant either a similar imprinted model or the same color palette for all products. This however surpassed all our expectations. We know the pictures are not all that clear, but […]

Painting Home Walls, What a Way to Go!

This truly inspiring interior was achieved by hand painting. At a first glance, we thought this was a wallpaper, but we were really impressed when to find out that it wasn’t. This home arrangement belongs to an advertising creative from Manila and it was achieved by her father who is a painter.Pretty amazing, don’t you […]

Elegant Wooden Towel Hanger, Milan 2010

Wood elements in the bathroom have recently become very popular. We saw this idea being reflected in the designs exhibited at Salone del Mobile in Milan. Sure, if used properly, wood can contribute to some original interiors. After all, this material is more alive than any others and it offers a particular warmth to a […]

A Bath Tub, A Chair or Both- Milan, 2010

We saw this really cool idea while checking out the showrooms of individual designers at the Fair. Initially we kept looking at the unusual chair and wondering how it feels to sit on it. Then we accidentally saw the  drawings on the walls. There is more to this chair than meets the eye, we thought. […]

Interesting Colorful Locker, Milan 2010

We saw this locker at Milan Design Week as we were checking out the ideas of individual designers. It caught our attention due to its colorful design, but as we got close we realized there is more to it than the color diversity. The doors are particularly interesting, as they feature an eye-catching sculpted pattern. […]

Bookcase with a Story, Milan 2010

Here is an unusual bookcase we happened to come across at Milan. Imitating the color of wood, but with a completely different finish, this cardboard shelving system could make for a really original furniture element. It acts like a common bookcase and it is able to store books, Cd’s and other small decorative items. We […]

Crazy Reptile Couch at Salone del Mobile, Milan 2010

This weird couch was the first design we saw at the Milan Furniture Fair. It was situated near the entrance, in a neutral place and we think it didn’t just come with the fair, but this is its permanent location. If there is anyone of you out there from Milan participating in other events at […]

Two Intriguing Kitchen Shelving Ideas, Milan 2010

We’ve shown you a variety of kitchen designs we saw being exhibited at the Salone del Mobile. Well, as we were searching through or picture database today we realized we missed these two. The first design comes with a  big sliding door which looks like giant chess board. This is pretty original and can also […]

Unlimited Designs in One Chair: ‘Stand Up’ Collection from Phillip Don

You’ve seen a lot of furniture designs here on Freshome which can suffer major transformation and become other useful home products. Here’s another idea that fits this description. The “Stand Up” collection from Philip Don comes with a catch. The chairs in this set can easily be re-shaped, twisted and moved around. This way they […]

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