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M Series Chair Collection, Comfort and Nobility

  • Mseries-1
  • Mseries-2
  • Mseries-3
  • Mseries-4

M Series comes from Australian company Yellow Diva with a specific European armchair style. We noticed that comfort is looked upon with a great deal of respect which is why these original looking chairs and sofas feature an upholstered 100% organic combed wool. This turns  interacting with the designs into a pleasant user experience. The […]

“England’s Dreaming Chair”, Not Exactly Dreamy

We would be very interested to know what you guys think of this “England’s Dreaming” chair design. Recently exhibited at the Stroom Gallery in The Hague, this unusual seating item combines a regular armchair surface with that of an improvised and miniature English landscape. It is said to be a form of art dating back […]

8-Bit Pixelated Hanger Inspired by Mouse Pointer

The 8-Bit pixelated pointy finger coat hangers is a great solution if you want to have something different to hang your stuff. These cute little hooks are the perfect retro-styled hanger for pretty much any part of the house, from bags of onions in the kitchen to towels in the bathroom. The MDF and acrylic […]

Home in a Cave: Crazy or Genius?

  • cave home 1
  • cavehome-ed02
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  • cavehome-ed04

How many of you thought about living in a secluded area, with no annoying neighbors and neighborhoods, a refugee of tranquility and peace? In this post we would like to show you how this idea can be brought to life. This amazing cave home belongs to Curt and Deborah Sleeper and is located in Festus, St. […]

Wireless Phone Charging Furniture from Powerkiss

Powerkiss is a Finnish company whose slogan is “you are the future”. Fair enough, considering that they come up with designs which bring the future closer, at least in technology. Here is some information on the official website explaining what they do: “Powerkiss has developed an integrated wireless charging solution, which converts basic furniture into […]

V House, Geometry and Fabulous Architecture Near Bogota

From Plan B Arquitectos (Felipe Mesa) + Giancarlo Mazzanti, project V House is located in Sabana de Bogotá, Colombia and comes with a fantastic architecture. Its design was inspired by the molecular glass structure, which gave the building its specific geometry while its overall feel carries the owner’s lifestyle. We don’t know about you guys, […]

Sunbeam Poem Projector, a Cool Design Idea

Using an intricate system of perforations, Jiyeon Song came up with a very interesting design called Sunbeam Poem Projector. The unusual system allows sun rays to puncture the material in order to project lyrics on the area it is turned to. The patterns change as the sun moves its position on the sky, and with […]

This Might Just Be the Best Looking Villa in Thailand

We’ve seen a lot of home designs throughout the years and we can say there are few those that really have everything: a fantastic location, an incredible design and architecture, so on and so forth. This particular villa is located on the beach of Kamala in Phuket, Thailand and is currently up for sale, listed […]

Patio Furniture Shaped Like an Amphitheater

Remember Rome’s Colosseum? Well this arena patio furniture item may not exactly be a replica of the famous monument, but its shape definitely reminds one of the ancient amphitheaters. We find this to be an original approach, considering the general offer for patio furniture. This particular photo was taken outdoors, but the contemporary arena can […]

Amazing Home Breaking Architecture Rules in Tokyo’s Center

We do not know if you guys recall, but we had some information on this project in a previous Freshome post. Today we are back with more pictures on its unusual architecture and with something extra regarding its interior design. The project is called “Reflection of Mineral” and belongs to Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashi from […]

Cottesloe House by Paul Burnham : The Australian Way

Cottesloe House comes from by Paul Burnham Architect and is located in Perth, Western Australia, in the beach side suburb of Cottesloe. We appreciate the diversity of its exterior design, with the unusual architecture twists. Inside you will notice that most of the rooms are connected, while showing off  a contemporary feel. Here is a […]

Cool Ideas For a Kitchen Bar, A Fun Interior Makeover

How do you feel about a kitchen that has everything and a little extra? Even though the supply for kitchen bars is growing these days, there are not many those who think of having such an addition to their kitchen. Classic interiors, with kitchen elements gathered up on one wall and a table in the […]

Fun and Fantastic House Design From NeoStudio Architekci

Located in Garby, a place near Poznan, Poland, this original residential project belongs to NeoStudio Architekci, a company with a very inviting portfolio. We called the house “fun and fantastic” because we were fascinated by its design creativity. The architecture is simple and stylish, featuring elements that are not at all common and shaped around […]

Decorating Butterflies Made From Beer Cans

From artist Paul Villinski comes this mind blowing interior butterfly pattern that challenges the idea of conventional designs. Made from beer cans gathered off the streets of New York City, Paul patiently crafted these butterflies one by one and hand made stunning wall designs. We are not aware of how the process goes exactly, but […]

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