Unusual Layout Defining a 58 Sqm Open Studio Apartment in Ukraine

Dan Vakhramieiev, creative director at FILD…, designed and developed an inviting studio apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The project is a conversion of a two-room loft from a pre-revolutionary building erected in 191, with original old moldings in the entryway. Having a total surface of 58,5 square meters, the crib features an open plan kitchen and bedroom, a separated dressing

Keeping Your Feline Happy: Krabhuis : A House for Cats to Scratch

Spotted on design-milk…, this cute, small cardboard house is the perfect “tool” for cats to scratch, replacing successfully the ugly massive scratching posts (or your furniture). It’s subtle and suitable for any feline, being made from 90% recycled material (48 layers of duofold cardboard). Cats are fond of scratching, we all know that. The best thing to do to

Modern and Bright House with Amazing View Over the Columbia River, Washington

This exquisite dwelling, located  on the Columbia River in Washington, is the home of a young family that has an appreciation for modern architecture. The River House, for this is the name of the project, was designed by McClellan Architects… as a weekend retreat, a place where the family gathers and spends quality time together, away from the city. With

Lavish Home Design With a Little Extra: 604 Acacia House in California

Inside and out, the 604 Acacia House designed by Brandon Architects… in Corona Dl Mar, California, USA, inspires a lavish way of living. The street facade is surprisingly open, with plenty of windows and just a picturesque wooden fence marking the property border. The two-level building displays a variety of eye-catching symmetries, in both architectural elements and materials employed. Its

Playful Swing Bar Turns Social Venues Into Memorable Recreation Grounds

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”. The Swing Bar envisioned by Duffy London, is an “upgrade” of one of their former projects, which we presented on Freshome a while back. While the Swing table… can brighten up small gathering spaces, the Swing Bar

Small, Yet Extremely Creative Home Extension in France by Loïc Picquet Architecte

French architectural firm Loïc Picquet Architecte… completed work on the restoration and decoration of an old house in the city of St. Louis, in the Alsace region of eastern France. In the back of the house the architects envisioned a small outbuilding, called Extension C. This unusual “protuberance” became a continuation of the kitchen; it is here that the dining

10 Colorful Ways to Use Pastels in your Modern Interiors

There is something oh so comforting in colors that make you feel at home and welcomed into a friend’s home, isn’t there? Throughout the years of interior design trends colors in retro and vintage era in the 50’s and 60’s to bold and bright in the 70’s and 80’s – we’ve always loved how color creates an ambiance that we…

Modern Inspiring House Integrating Colourful Lights in Timisoara, Romania

We received this wonderful set of photos from Andreescu & Gaivoronschi…, an architecture studio based in Timisoara, Romania. One of the prestigious referent points in the Romanian contemporary architectural landscape, the studio completed a series of significant projects in the last decade and has been nominated for several prizes. The studio’s latest (residential) project, known as “The House with

Paying Tribute to a Famous Religious Symbol: LOAVES&FISHES Mosaic Chair

A miracle has a logic of its own. Elusive and mysterious, it is hard to pin down in words, let alone to capture in one or more images. But to express it as an object, in the physicality of daily life is, perhaps, a near-impossibility. That is what Alessandro Zambelli… attempts. He focuses on one of the best-known miracles of

Ultimate Modern Relaxation Getaway: Plage Bleue Resort, Mauritius

Located at the entrance to the village of Trou aux Biches, on the island of Mauritius, Plage Bleue… is a modern refuge for those looking for an exotic escape. Accommodating three bedrooms, each of the 12 apartments in the complex is perfect for hosting a large family or a group of friends. Neighbored by palm trees, perfectly manicured green leisure

Irregularly-Shaped Tower Marking the Georgia-Turkey Border: Sarpi Checkpoint

In your next Georgia trip, pay attention to the curving lines of this unconventional checkpoint marking the border with Turkey, on the shores of the Black Sea! The Ministry of Finance of Georgia commissioned J. Mayer H. Architects… to create the Sarpi Border Checkpoint, a modern tower used as a viewing platform. The amoeba-shaped structure provides a series

Elegant Living Environment Blending Two Different Styles by Sergey Makhno

The talented architect and designer, Sergey Makhno…, completed the interior of this sumptuous Podil Loft Apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. Welcome to the place where harmony reigns! By blending two different styles, modern and old, he obtained an interesting effect, creating a very stylish living environment, tastefully decorated. The brick walls, the old wooden framed chairs and the modern sliding

Filter Between Busy Street and Quiet Garden: Ecole Normale House in Bordeaux

Modern architecture has adapted to crowded cityscapes in a variety of manners. On Freshome, we see more and more private homes that act like filters or “buffer zones” between the street and commonly surprising courtyards. This is also the case with Ecole Normale House, a contemporary residence envisioned by FABRE/deMARIEN Architects… in Bordeaux, France. The 210 square feet home is

Respect for Traditional Architecture: Inspiring House Rehabilitation in Spain

Barcelona-based Dom Arquitectura recently completed a stunning renovation project in Noutigos, A Coruña, Spain. According to the development team, the aim was to act respecting the current volumes of the old house, located close to the river. Maintaining the stone facade and replacing the original windows, the architects… envisioned two new small and strategic openings in the south wall for

Inspired by “Little Red Riding Hood”: Woodsman Axe Coffee Table

At a first glance, one may not perceive that this unconventional table sits on four (rather scary) axe-legs. However, according to the designers at Duffy London…, you won’t need to be afraid of the Big Bad Wolf with the Woodsman Axe Coffee Table. Created for an exhibition, this table is based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tale ‘Little Red

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