Modern Blend of Yellow Cubic Volumes: House A&J in Eindhoven

Displaying an intriguing yellow exterior, House A&J is a compact modern residence envisioned by CKX architecten… in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. The house belongs to a young family with two children and a special interest in modern Dutch architecture. Showcasing a rectangular shape, a flat roof and plenty of glass openings, the villa was visually integrated in its neighborhood, yet its

Intriguing Design Project Emphasizing on The Complexity of Lighting by Pavel Yanev

The “Atmosphere” project by ALL in | Studio… – a small and flexible studio for architecture, interior and product design in Bulgaria- revolves around the concept of LIGHT. According to the project developer, “light influences our well-being, the aesthetic effect and the mood of a room or area. Light can alter the appearance of a room or area without physically

Philipp von Hase’s Latest Handcrafted Work: the Spire Table and the Trialog Chair

Presented at London Design Festival, this year, the Spire Table and the Trialog Chair are two new pieces designed by the very talented Philipp Von Hase. We’ve spotted these two projects on design-milk… and we decided to share them with you, for they really managed to attract our attention and conquer us with their expressive simplicity. His work

Intriguing Contemporary Residence Elegantly Maximizing Space in Fukuoka, Japan

Architect Show Co.… completed the design and development of House of Corridor, a contemporary residence located in Fukuoka, Japan. Playing with geometric shapes, the architects created a visually intriguing street facade. A wooden entrance was integrated in the overall design of the building, adding an interesting aesthetic effect, as well as a functional feature: the first level of the house

The House With a Japanese Maple Tree in Melbourne by Andrew Maynard

One of the Australia’s brightest architects, Andrew Maynardan…, designed this elegant and compact single-family residence located on the Moor Street, in Fitzroy (one of Melbourne’s suburbs). The new house, kept some of its old characteristics, such as the street façade, the original brick terrace and an old Japanese maple tree (located in the courtyard). Andrew’s projects are unique inhabitable

Symbiosis Between Old and New: Beautifully Converted Farmhouse in Belgium

Have a look at this lovely farmhouse recently transformed by the architects at Studio Farris… into a contemporary family crib! Inside and out, the dwelling (located in an agricultural area close to Brussels, Belgium) has a friendly, welcoming feel. Its picturesque brick walls were renovated by the project developers, which largely contributed to its charming, authentic appearance. The property also

Real Regal Living: 12 Palace Inspired Home Inspirations

Let’s be real; when regal isn’t done right, it looks tacky.  How many times have we seen regal looking designs which give the impression that the owner is trying too hard.  Regal can’t be pulled off easily, but regal can be done right, so let’s have a look at some examples of where regal has been done right in our…

Elegant All-White Home Surrounded by Green Space in Parede, Portugal

Humberto Conde… has recently completed the Parede 11 project, a modern residence located in the countryside, in Portugal. The exquisite home, which seems a little bit “cramped” by other traditional dwellings surrounding it, was smartly built to enhance the feeling of space. Before building it, there were the following notes, worth paying attention to: “The new building should promote a

Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez Moix

Located on a plot of land in Molina, one of the upscale districts that comprise the city of Lima (Peru), Casa Cachalotes is an interesting residential project characterised by openness, transparency and joyfulness. The two-storey house, completed by Oscar Gonzalez Moix… in 2010, is surrounded by an area studded with lush vegetation. A maze of greenery surrounds the house and

Unusual Layout Defining a 58 Sqm Open Studio Apartment in Ukraine

Dan Vakhramieiev, creative director at FILD…, designed and developed an inviting studio apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The project is a conversion of a two-room loft from a pre-revolutionary building erected in 191, with original old moldings in the entryway. Having a total surface of 58,5 square meters, the crib features an open plan kitchen and bedroom, a separated dressing

Keeping Your Feline Happy: Krabhuis : A House for Cats to Scratch

Spotted on design-milk…, this cute, small cardboard house is the perfect “tool” for cats to scratch, replacing successfully the ugly massive scratching posts (or your furniture). It’s subtle and suitable for any feline, being made from 90% recycled material (48 layers of duofold cardboard). Cats are fond of scratching, we all know that. The best thing to do to

Modern and Bright House with Amazing View Over the Columbia River, Washington

This exquisite dwelling, located  on the Columbia River in Washington, is the home of a young family that has an appreciation for modern architecture. The River House, for this is the name of the project, was designed by McClellan Architects… as a weekend retreat, a place where the family gathers and spends quality time together, away from the city. With

Lavish Home Design With a Little Extra: 604 Acacia House in California

Inside and out, the 604 Acacia House designed by Brandon Architects… in Corona Dl Mar, California, USA, inspires a lavish way of living. The street facade is surprisingly open, with plenty of windows and just a picturesque wooden fence marking the property border. The two-level building displays a variety of eye-catching symmetries, in both architectural elements and materials employed. Its

Playful Swing Bar Turns Social Venues Into Memorable Recreation Grounds

In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing”. The Swing Bar envisioned by Duffy London, is an “upgrade” of one of their former projects, which we presented on Freshome a while back. While the Swing table… can brighten up small gathering spaces, the Swing Bar

Small, Yet Extremely Creative Home Extension in France by Loïc Picquet Architecte

French architectural firm Loïc Picquet Architecte… completed work on the restoration and decoration of an old house in the city of St. Louis, in the Alsace region of eastern France. In the back of the house the architects envisioned a small outbuilding, called Extension C. This unusual “protuberance” became a continuation of the kitchen; it is here that the dining

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