The Uncanny Honeycomb Inspired Estar Móveis Store in Brazil

Estar Móveis, a furniture design company from Brazil opened a new store in São Paolo and we have to say…it’s bold and crazy! SuperLimão Studio…, the company responsible with the makeover, did an exceptional job! Estar Móveis, a firm with more than 60 years of experience, has recently started to change its direction, adapting a more contemporary approach towards

Versatile and Alluring: Odu Rocker and Daybed by Confused Direction

A functional mix between a bed and a rocking chair, the Odu Rocker envisioned by Flo Florian and Sascha Akkermann from Confused-Direction is eye-catching and original. Initially spotted by Freshome on Trendir…, the swaying daybed features a a curvacious shell like base, complete with a comfy-textured finishing material, that makes the overall design quite inviting. An interesting feature is

Colossal 3D Printer Designed to Build a Home in 24 Hours

Do you remember our post on the world’s first 3D printed Canal House… in Amsterdam? Well, if that project was estimated to be completed in a matter of months- an impressive achievement- a new colossal 3D printer is being planned as we speak, with the purpose of building a house in less than 24 hours. The master mind behind this

Interconnected Spaces: Contemporary Renovation of Residence 1414 in Austin, Texas

A house originally built in 1940′s, in a historical neighbourhood in Austin, Texas, a contemporary renovation by Miró Rivera Architects…, to meet the current expectations of the owners. During the 1980′s, the venue did suffer some less inspired transformations, which were not reflecting exactly the true nature of it. What the clients wanted was to “get back to the

Welcoming Modern Crib Displaying an Intriguing Architecture: Oakley House

An original modern architecture approach defines Oakley House, a project developed by Benjamin Waechter Architect… on an existing foundation measuring only 28’ x 28’, according to the local building constraints in Portland, Oregon, USA. Cleverly designed on top of this foundation, the welcoming modern crib is officially described as follows: “The ground level living space is envisioned as a wooden

Ingeniously Designed Small House on Wheels by Alek Lisefski

Web designer Alek Lisefski recently completed The Tiny Project…, an ingeniously-designed small house on wheels, measuring 8 feet by 20 feet. The unconventional project is currently inhabited by the designer, his girlfriend and their dog. Its features are truly impressive: a passive solar system, 10 windows and a full-glass door for tons of light; high-end stainless appliances including a

The World’s Most Luxurious Coffee Cup: DEVIEHL

Tired of drinking their favorite beverage from bland cups that not only look awful but also detract from the taste of the coffee, Andreas Bös and Jonathan Strauss have just launched DEVIEHL…. Eighteen months of engineering have gone into creating the perfect and most luxurious coffee cup. Each piece is a technical masterpiece composed of 25 separate components. Incorporating

Defined by a Perfect Indoor Outdoor Experience: Burkehill Residence [Video]

The design collaboration between Vancouver-based studio Craig Chevalier and Raven Inside Interior Design… led to the development of a luxurious contemporary home located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The 7,000 square foot mansion boasts four bedrooms and five bathrooms, plus an impressive array of features, such as infinity pool, outdoor jacuzzi, game room and many more. Its privileged location

A Sequence of Straight Lines Defining a Dream Mexican Home

A true dream Mexican home, is set in Pachuca, México, Navona House falls into the category of luxury residences designed by JI Studio…. A sequence of straight lines defines the structure, adding a sense of geometrical coherence. Massive yet unitary, the house is composed of several interconnected volumes. The social area, with the kitchen, living and dinning room are

Clever Family Home Makeover in London by Neil Dusheiko Architects

Neil Dusheiko Architects completed the design and development of Islington House, a contemporary family home makeover project in London, UK. According to the official description of the project, the existing house was in a run down state and required considerable repair work. The remodeled home accommodates a family of five. The ground floor has been completely opened up into a

Geometric Minimalism: The Fascinating 3P Clock by Robocut Studio

Here at Freshome we like discovering new ways to innovate the home you live in, such is also the case of geometric minimalism. From elegant elements of décor to fun or unusual items, we bring the best home accessories and break you in on them. 3P Clock, for instance, caught our attention with its clever twist on time-telling. We’ve discovered

Retractable Roof House Kinetically Adapted to the Climate of Melbourne

The Convertible Courtyards Residence by Christopher Megowan Design… is a retractable roof house kinetically adapted to the notoriously variable climate found in Melbourne, Australia. This project added a kitchen, living area, dining area, bathroom, master bedroom, ensuite and two decks to a previously overlooked yet charming weatherboard cottage in the inner urban suburb of Prahran. Nestled on an intimate street,

How to Achieve the Look of Timeless Design

What makes timeless home design? Have you ever picked up a magazine from another era and thought  to yourself that you could be looking at something from today? Why do some homes look dated and tired while others always look fresh and current? Most importantly, how can you create your home so that it doesn’t appear to be passe in

The Perfect Setting to Enjoy Italian Wine: The Siliqvini Winery

The Siliqvini Winery, if you’re looking for that perfect setting to enjoy a good Italian wine in the company of your friends, is not to be missed (Castel di Lama, Italy). Recently renovated by Studio Scaramucci…, the winery owned by the respectable Siliquini family has suffered some transformations, becoming a processing center for the promotion and sale of products.

Spectacular Geometry Displayed by Andrew Road House in Singapore

A D Lab… have completed Andrew Road House, a modern residence located in the Caldecott region of central Singapore. The uneven terrain as well as its proximity to a busy highway presented quite a few challenges: “The undulating terrain of the neighborhood is quite unusual in Singapore, and creates a street-scape whereby the plots of land are about a story

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