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10 Things Nobody Tells You About Decorating A Tiny Apartment

  • Image Via:  Allen+Killcoyne Architects
  • Image Via: Centerpiece Home Staging
  • Image Via:  Bevan Associates
  • Image Via: Organized Living

Small apartments have their upsides – lower rent, often a closer proximity to bustling downtown areas, and a certain irreplaceable cozy charm. That is, if you know how decorate. One misconception that people often fall prey to when  decorating tiny apartments is that all the focus should be on functionality rather than design. That sentiment could […]

Stunning Estate Design Customized to Perfection by Mary Anne Smiley

  • Strait lane Estates by Marry Anne Smiley Interiors (1)
  • Strait lane Estates by Marry Anne Smiley Interiors (2)
  • Strait lane Estates by Marry Anne Smiley Interiors (3)
  • Strait lane Estates by Marry Anne Smiley Interiors (4)

A stunning estate design was exceptionally put into play by one of the top designers in Dallas, Mary Anne Smiley, and caught our attention with a collection of striking details. Colorful and expansive, the Strait Lane Estates was re-designed to suit a modern lifestyle where entertaining and relaxing go hand in hand. All spaces were imagined as if part […]

Energizing and Feminine: Small Studio Apartment in Manhattan

  • apartment interior
  • apartment the kitchen
  • bedroom (1)
  • bedroom (2)

Tucked away in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, this small studio apartment is just as relaxing as it is energizing. Designers Lindsay Boswell and Ali Levin of LABLstudio mixed unexpected pops of color with earthly tones, resulting in a lovely home that meets the owner’s living standards: “In studio apartments, it’s really important to […]

Delightful Scandinavian Apartment Quenching a Thirst for Neatness

  • ideas Scandinavian crib
  • interior Scandinavian crib
  • Scandinavian crib (4)
  • Scandinavian crib (5)

Welcome to a delightful Scandinavian apartment where elegance harmoniously blends with a contemporary lifestyle. Ground-floor apartments are not commonly very popular, especially if they are located at street level, but this home in the photos below is an interesting exception. Notice how the designers improvised a relaxation spot with just a wooden table set and […]

Fashionable San Francisco Office Design with Rich Feminine Influences

  • Fashionable office design for Grow Marketing by designer Josef Medellin (1)
  • Fashionable office design for Grow Marketing by designer Josef Medellin (2)
  • Fashionable office design for Grow Marketing by designer Josef Medellin (3)
  • Fashionable office design for Grow Marketing by designer Josef Medellin (4)

Creativity and work go hand in hand and this fashionable office design for Grow Marketing tells the story of creative people working together. On one side, there is this ambitious marketing firm in San Francisco – Grow Marketing – that needed an inspiring collection of office spaces. On the other side, the talented designer Josef Medellin of Josef M Design was open to […]

Classy Loft Design with Modern Appeal Inspired by the Owner’s Acting Career 

Carefully choosing materials, colors and textures that surround you in your home can change your life choices, your day-to-day lifestyle and your mood. Brazilian architect and interior designer Diego Revollo turned a 70 square meter apartment into a fascinatingly modern place to live by imposing a classy loft design in all spaces. Vila Leopoldina Loft – as the apartment is known […]

Employing Striking Details to Shape A Creative Office Space Design

Once a candle factory, this 20th century building on Erne Street in Dublin was chosen by Irish live communication agency VERVE as their new office space. And what an office space it is! Adorned with a vintage 1973 Citroen DS that acts as a compact meeting room for four, this office space cannot pass unobserved, cannot […]

Modern Fusion of Lighting Design and Architecture: Villa Noord-Brabant

DPL Europe sent us photos and information regarding Villa Noord-Brabant, a modern residential project representing the ultimate fusion of lighting design and architecture, two disciplines which when in perfect harmony, complement and strengthen each other. Every aspect of the lighting design is carefully planned to emphasize the unique architectural style of this building. The deliberate […]

Ravishing Collection of Living Spaces Exemplifying An Eclectic Residence Design

Custom home building and remodeling company Refined imagined a home where natural light meets modern design lines in a successful effort to offer its inhabitants the best customized design. Seen as an elegant background for daily life, the collection of carefully designed spaces feature furniture items you might recognize and lines that accentuate the welcoming nature of […]

Modern Private Residence Defined by Light, Tranquility and Reflection

A modern private residence stands out among neighbors with enticing design lines that hint towards an upgraded comfort and relaxation level. Occupying an urban plot in Winchester, England, this new family home showcases its part dark grey brick, part cedar-cladded skin with refreshing nonchalance, hiding an inspiring inner world behind its carefully manicured facade. Topped off with […]

Raw and Sophisticated Design for Tough Mudder’s Brooklyn Headquarters

Working in a modern office should induce an understanding of the brand through the surrounding design. Clients who step inside the offices should be able to describe what you do and how you do it just by absorbing the colors, shapes and work atmosphere. Tough Mudder’s Headquarters design is an exemplary piece of work by M Moser […]

Why Interior Design Is Essential When Listing Your Home

The decision to list your home for resale is a big one. No doubt it came about after much thought, weighing pros and cons, and series of long discussions. However, once you decide to put your home on the market, get ready for the next big discussion: interior design. Many times sellers assume that interior […]

Delightful Modern Cottage Inducing a Warm Family Atmosphere in California

This charming modern cottage in Healdsburg, California, shelters an inspiring collection of open spaces perfectly suited for urban living. Known as Alley One Residence, the modern home was imagined by architect Amy Alper. The architect describes this delightful project, explaining how an old cottage was turned into modern spaces for family living: ” A dilapidated cottage located on a […]

Provocative Modern Architecture Approach for Bathroom Showroom in India

Mumbai-based architecture practice NU.DE came up with a provocative modern concept for bathroom showroom ABC Emporio in Kannur, India. Playing with perceptions, the team envisioned a sculptural geometric addition, partially wrapping the front and side facades of the building. This white tessellated shape powerfully stands out and gives the building its dynamic appearance. The material […]

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