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Why Green Design Companies are Overhauling the Home Industry

  • They innovate spaces that innovate the community as a whole. Image Via: Maienza-Wilson Interior Design + Architecture
  • See how these green designers have changed the industry. Image Via: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects
  • Let the pros share how to get the look in your home. Image Via: Intexure Architects
  • Sustainable designers know how to blend form and function. Image Via: Slifer Designs

For years, the idea of building and designing green spaces only held popularity within certain niche interest groups – agriculturalists, tourism-driven communities, etc. Outside of those areas, environmental impact wasn’t a huge concern. It wasn’t really a concern at all. After all, how much of an effect could something like a home’s interior design have […]

Unusual Zinc-Cladded Leaning House Disrupts Hillside Landscape 

  • Leaning House by PRAUD (1)
  • Leaning House by PRAUD (2)
  • Leaning House by PRAUD (3)
  • Leaning House by PRAUD (4)

An unusual house rises in South Korea, occupying 127 square meters in a rural landscape.  Architects Dongwoo Yim and Rafael Luna of PRAUD imagined this strikingly modern home overlooking the Chungpyong Lake as leaning to shape an open floor-plan and offer more room than traditional architecture. The slanted shape showcased by this Korean home known as the Leaning House was imagined […]

Modern Japanese Residence Pierced by a Tree: TY House by Yo Yamagata

  • design modern Hapanese home
  • exterior modern Hapanese home
  • modern Hapanese home (2)
  • modern Hapanese home (5)

TY House is a modern Japanese residence designed by Yo Yamagata Architects in collaboration with AND associates. The two-story dwelling located in Tokyo, Japan pays tribute to nature in an unconventional matter. A single tree preserved on the site pierces through the building and rises above the roof. The black and white exterior of the […]

Original Handcrafted Gentleman’s Accessory: The Ultimate Valet by Karv Luxury

  • interior modern valet
  • modern valet (4)
  • modern valet
  • KARV-Solid-Walnut-Valet-Full-Studio-Angle

According to the creative team at Karv Luxury, nothing says manliness like big and broad hand-sculpted Walnut shoulders. The designers of The Ultimate Valet wanted to bring some style and additional utility to the common valet, while simplifying its appearance. Another goal was to add an element of craftsmanship and sculpture that is absent in […]

High-Tech Desk With Built-In Technology Charges Your Phone

  • High-tech office desk Katedra by Desnahemisfera (1)
  • High-tech office desk Katedra by Desnahemisfera (2)
  • High-tech office desk Katedra by Desnahemisfera (3)
  • High-tech office desk Katedra by Desnahemisfera (4)

After charming our senses with the remarkable bathtub and washbasin fusion Symbiosis, Ljubljana-based design studio Desnahemisfera amazes us with a high-tech savvy office desk named Katedra designed for Donar d.o.o. This functional furniture item is a high-tech desk that also charges your phone and does it in an elegant manner. Just place the phone on its surface, […]

Why Minimalist Interiors Are Good For You

There’s no place like home. At least that’s what we all want to think, but is your home making you stressed out? Do you walk in the door after a long day of work only to be greeted by piles of laundry, dishes and dust bunnies?  Did you ever consider the idea that your home […]

Lavish Ornamentation Exhibited by Belle Epoque Residence in Kiev

Lavish ornamentation sets the rhythm for the dynamic Belle Epoque Residence imagined by Dream Design Studio in Kiev, Ukraine. The designers chose a luxurious decorating scheme, inspired by the Art Deco movement :”It was important to reproduce the spirit of the epoch using not only handmade techniques, but also new technologies and own understanding of […]

Family Estate in California Pushing Privacy to Its Limits

Nestled between oak trees, pine, cedar, birch and walnut trees, on a flag lot in Atherton, California, this contemporary residence offers privacy and an aesthetically pleasing environment for family life. The new family estate is protected by 20-foot-tall hedges that offer a private, relaxing outdoor habitat and the possibility of drawing sunshine deep inside the home. Known as the ARA […]

Incredibly Small Apartment in Paris Reduces Functions to Minimum

Can you imagine an 8 square meter apartment? You might think this compact space can probably fit your wardrobe. Yet this apartment design relies on functionality cleverly hidden behind simplicity. This small apartment in Paris was designed by Kitoko Studio for an au pair taking care of the kids. In the old Haussmann buildings, maid rooms […]

Why Form Should Follow Function In Interior Design

Everyone has, at one point or another, found himself or herself carrying something around the store that they love, but don’t necessarily need. It’s easy to pick up an item on impulse and be drawn to its visual appeal without really considering what you would ever need it for. So on you walk down the […]

Immaculate Multi-Family Home in Queens Breaks Neighborhood Monotony

On a charming street in Flushing, Queens, New York,  O’Neill Rose Architects erected a residence so beautifully simple that it immediately attracts attention. You can’t drive by without noticing its pure white minimalist architecture. A dream home for the architects’ client, his wife and their two small children, his younger brother and his wife, and their mother, the […]

Fresh and Colorful Apartment in the Heart of Warsaw by Pawel Nastanski

Freshome reader Pawel Nastanski sent us photos of a colorful apartment he designed in the heart of Warsaw, Poland. This vivid home on Chłodna street was adapted to the living needs of the designer (who also happens to be the owner of the apartment). Two of the major attributes of the crib are coziness and […]

Energy-Efficient Leeuw House In Belgium Adapted To Its Countryside Landscape

Leeuw House by NU architectuuratelier is an example of a modern building cleverly integrated in a countryside landscape. Located in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium, the 290 square-meter residence is built with the highest energy-efficiency standards in mind. The compact house acts as a catalyst of heat; “the exterior finish has a dark tint, and the metal structure […]

How World Population Affects the Architecture of Transit

Miles of traffic jams and car horns honking as frustrated drivers slowly creep along the highway to their hurried destination—this is what most city dwellers face on a daily basis.  These daily stresses of city living can actually lead to mental disorders such as depression and anxiety disorders. Studies have shown that city life can […]

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