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Playfulness Meets Rustic Elegance: The Nussberg Penthouse

We love creative interiors! Creativity is a matter of practice, like many other things in life. There’s no doubt that anyone can be creative, as long as he or she looks for less ordinary approaches. When we first saw the Nussberg Penthouse interior, in Vienna, we thought that the client really wanted “a house to […]

Curvy Eccentric White Residence With Square Perforations

Believe it or not, this is a family house in South Korea. With square perforations and an eccentric white facade, rich in curvy lines, somehow reminding us of the Dali’s “melting” masterpieces, the Pangyo House, a project designed by Office 53427 is definitely one of those impressive architectural examples worth sharing. So here we are: a […]

Waterfront Residence Envisioned As a Romantic and Relaxing Settlement

The McClellan Architects studio has envisioned the Lake House 2 as an uncluttered temple of relaxation and well-being. The construction was pretty challenging, due to the tricky landscape (very steep). The view is absolutely breathtaking – this actually made the architects realise the advantage of such an environment and as a consequence, they created a series of patios and […]

Minimalism And Playfulness Defining Residence Made of Shipping Containers

Recycling is one of the major issues nowadays. Especially when it comes to architecture and sustainable design. We’ve seen a lot of creative ways to build a home from stretch using eco-friendly materials or recycled ones, but we’ve never seen a house entirely build of…well, shipping containers. The WFH House in China, designed by Copenhagen-based studio, Arcgency  is made […]

Solid Concrete House With a Staggering Zen Lounge Area

Inspirational and recreational, Casa Cubo (the name sais it all) is an (almost) rectangular house, designed by Studio MK27, in the city of Sao Paolo. The uncluttered residence is entirely made of concrete, showcasing contemporary metallic finishings. The ground floor is structured as an open space but the interior can be “hidden” under sliding metallic panels […]

Dynamic And Eclectic Modern Barn in South Africa

Here’a a fine example of sustainable design! The Lotheringen House project illustrates how a barn can be reinterpreted in our contemporary times, keeping a simplistic, yet dynamic structure. Built on a farm estate, the house designed by Emilio Eftychis, reminds us of where the raw materials were kept once. Despite its barn-like shape, the house has […]

Modern And Warm Mansion Interior Inspiring Serenity in Australia

What a wonderful atmosphere managed to create Georgia Ezra, the head of G. A.B. B. E. studio! Take a look at the exquisite Brighton Escape house in Australia and let the positive energy flood your senses! We really like this stunning interior space because it is the result of a wonderful play of shapes (without being […]

Ingenious House Design With High Protection Against Flooding

The Flood-Proof House is by far one of the most effective and interesting projects I’ve seen. Designed by the American studio, Peek Ancona based in San Francisco, the Flood-Proof House is more than just a  fascinating project that also looks nice. It is a prototype that can serve people living in areas where floods are […]

Compact And Visually Uncluttered Home in Seattle

Wood meets metal. Industrial meets authentic elements. The result? The Greenwood House developed by Malboeuf Bowie Architecture. Quite compact and extremely modern, this residential project, inspired by minimalism, reflects the need of the owner to have a neat and easy to maintain house, with a visually uncluttered design. The house is located in a tranquil […]

Maximizing Sea Views in Valencia, Spain: The Imposing Monasterios House

Antonio Altarriba Comesdeveloped an imposing and seemingly rough modern home in Los Monasterios, Valencia, Spain. Completed in 2012, the residential project takes advantage of a privileged elevated site and maximizes the views towards the Calderona mountains and Valencia’s gulf to the south. The exterior can be characterized as “massive”, despite the open facade connected to the […]

Warm And Stylish Home in Johannesburg With Gorgeous Copper Accents

If you dream of a contemporary home, with an exquisite sense of style embedded, the Sedibe House designed by Nico van der Meulen Architects, located in Johannesburg, is something that might just catch your attention. The Sedibe House is very dynamic and rich in details, mixing materials, layers and textures. On top of that, the […]

Sleek and Elegant Suburb Home in Melbourne Surrounded by Lush Vegetation

Meet the contemporary style of some of Melbourne’s finest designers. The work of Robert Mills Architects impresses with the sleekness and the almost sober-contemporary elegance. The perfect blend of black and white creates a strong contrast, emphasising the architecture studio’s choice for luxury chic. It is said that black and white are infallible, therefore the […]

Modern Meets Breezy: The Immaculate Valna House, Mexico

For those who think that Mexico is that loud place, rich in contrasting colours and crowded narrow “barrio” houses, meet the Valna House, a gorgeous residential project, defined by JSa Arquitectura, in 2012. Neat and immaculate, this L-shaped house connects the interior to the exterior through large windows and smooth open areas, creating a cozy […]

Elegant Design and Personality Showcased by Modern House Near Moscow

Architect Olga Freiman completed the design for a modern house located near Moscow, Russia. The residence, depicted in the photos by Manolo Yllera showcases an eye-catching modern style, complete with original details throughout. Defined by steel, glass and wood, the project is both elegant and welcoming. Floor to ceiling windows open up the entire space […]

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