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Modern SKS Residence in Israel Showcasing the Owner’s Passion for Diverse Textures

We received photos and information about SKS Residence, a project developed in Tel Aviv, Israel, by arstudio – Arnon Nir architecture. The client, an artist, had  a great interest in textiles and textures. Thus, the design scheme was kept simple – the house is largest possible cube to fit into confines of the irregular trapezoid […]

Compact Wooden Home With Japanese Details For Young Couples

Yashihiro Yahomoto Architect Atelier has defined in the contrasting city of Nara, Japan, a modern residential project for a young couple. Niu House breaks the boundaries of traditional design and becomes a point of attraction for the passers-by. Between loads of prefabricated homes and sharp Japanese houses, the house’s volumetric division is a visual bless. In fact, […]

Clever Layout Showcased by Original Family Home in Spain

Duch-Pizá Architects completed House for Kika and Xisco, an intriguing looking modern residence in Palma, Spain. especially developed for a family with five children. An optimum indoor-outdoor connection was one of the main objectives when planning, the residence featuring plenty of windows and opening up towards a small courtyard garden and a larger green space […]

Vertical Loft Taking Advantage of the Industrial Frame, Rotterdam

The busy city of Rotterdam is filled with small living spaces, smartly designed. Due to the municipality’s idea of revitalizing the pre-war buildings, many small apartments have suffered “overnight makeovers”, borrowing glimpses of the urban core. The industrial landscape served as an inspiration for the urban homes. The Vertical Loft is one of the most […]

Concrete Based Stylish Residence in Seattle, Washington

Surrounded by lakes and mountains, the Capitol Hill is a beautiful residential project completed by the American firm Balance Associates Architects, near Seattle. The house has been presented as a sustainable project, therefore solar panels, innovative rain water catchment systems and other eco-friendly ideas have been implemented, in order to create a perfectly environmentally healthy spot. When […]

Industrial Inspired Luxury House Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

The shores of the Pacific Ocean inspired the Mexican architect, Alberto Kalach to create an exceptional luxurious mansion with a stunning view, catching every sunrise and sunset, nearby the waters. The Atalaya project lies on a 1,100 square foot of ground, mixing in an impeccable way, basic materials used in the industrial design, such as […]

Triangular Brick House in the North of Holland by Baksvan Wengerden

Slightly unusual, this triangular brick house, located in a villa park village in North Holland, has been completed a couple of months ago, by the Dutch architectural firm, Baksvan Wengerden. Their “mission” was to restore the SH House, a 1932 building, by enlarging the living space and making it more comfortable. Due to the houses’s authentic […]

Stylish Two Bedroom Duplex Spreading on Two Levels

The inspiring vibrant city of New York hides plenty of residential treasures. According to many, Tribeca is one of the top choices when it comes to choosing an apartment in the fashionable city that never sleeps. Amazing lofts, ingenious interior design ideas “trapped” in small apartments, original furnishing and all the luxury you can imagine, sheltered […]

Quinta Patino Rectangular House Welcoming the Nature Inside

The FVArquitectos firm has done a marvelous job with this exquisite modern house located in Quinta Patino, Portugal, managing to integrate “chunks” of the outdoor into the house’s internal configuration. They have imagined several openings and they extended the rooms to the outside zones, creating the effect of a breezy, extensive habitable space. On one hand, the […]

Intriguing Lively House Embracing the Benefits of Sustainable Materials

Ryntovt Design unveils its latest residential project, an awkwardly beautiful house, that welcomes the nature inside. Moreover, the entire palette of materials are super eco-friendly. Due to the “natural home look” even the furnishing has been visualised as natural. Basically, the chairs are replaced with chunks of wood, giving a very…forest-like atmosphere. The private house, spreading […]

Enchanting Feng Shui Notes: Remarkable JKC 1 House in Singapore

A trip to Singapore and here we are, in one of its most exclusive districts, Bukit Timah, admiring the JKC 1 House, designed by a very interesting firm of architecture, ONG&ONG. A high class residence, adorned with natural elements, that compose a balanced Feng Shui environment, ideal for those who want to feel reconciled with their […]

Site-Specific Residential Architecture Capturing Amazing Beach Views

Dream homes have three things in common – a design molded after the owner’s personality, comfort and site-specific architecture. The Balcony Over Bronte exemplifies this trio, opening its interiors towards the Bronte beach nearby via a carefully constructed balcony that inspired its name. Designed by Luigi Rosselli Architects, this family home in Sydney, Australia, was […]

10 Of The Top Holiday Spa&Wellness Retreats In The World

Sophisticated getaways call for sophisticated services, which is why this post is dedicated to some of the best wellness&spa retreats out there. Exotic landscapes, nature-inspired architecture, exquisite spas and body-trembling massages- these are all elements that contribute to a memorable holiday experience. The post features wellness retreats from various parts of the world (from Indonesia […]

Stunning Background for a Modern Family Lifestyle: Quinta Villa

With an undeniably beautiful architecture, this family home on Portugal’s sunshine coast displays an intriguing combination of building materials shaping an elegant, almost unreal design. Created out of a collection of bold touches, Quinta Villa expresses a deep sculptural identity both inside and outside. Imagined by the acclaimed design group Staffan Tollgard, this fascinating home […]

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