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A 1920′s Duplex in Montréal Completely Renewed: The Cambord Residence

After the clients decided that they wanted to transform their 1920’s duplex into a comfortable and bright living space, they contacted nature humaine to deal with this project. The owners requested three bedrooms and an office space at the second storey. The house looked quite dull and there were plenty of things that needed an upgrade. […]

Contemporary House Displaying a Neat Interior: The Summit House

Rectangular volumes, a simple design line and a glossy interior. A one-of-a-kind home. This is how would I describe The Summit House, a residential project designed by Habitat Studio & Workshop in Edmonton, Canada. The house accommodates fine pieces of artwork, a wide relaxing terrace and a “recharge-your-batteries” type of back courtyard. The best thing about this […]

Elegant Approach to 300Sqm Home in Poland by Roland Stanczyk

This 300 square meter house envisioned by Roland Stanczyk is located in a gated community 20 kilometers away from the center of Warsaw, Poland. Interior space division was rearranged in cooperation with design studio APA Kuryłowicz before the house was built. Ground floor creates one open space. Entrance hall is separated from the living room by […]

Imposing Trapezoidal Residence Exhibiting an Original Layout in Israel

Casa Wo is a 250 square meter residence recently completed by SO Architecture in Kiryat Tivon, Israel. Built on a hard trapezoidal ground, the architecture of the house follows the contours of the terrain and its original crisscrossed layout provides a good inner communication between spaces. Concrete and stone were chosen for the exterior finishing […]

House With a Modern Design Line Located in a Historic Victorian Neighbourhood

It’s not an easy job to complement a historic setting. In order to make something blend with the décor, one needs to observe the dynamics of the place. When  a family from Fitzroy North, Victoria, Australia contacted Nic Owen Architects, the studio immediately responded positively. Such a project was definitely thrilling. Now, let me tell you why. […]

Bursting With Personality: Charming St. Pancras Penthouse in London

Occupying the top three floors of the west tower of a famous London landmark, St Pancras Penthouse Apartment by TG Studio is a charming eclectic home. Initially discovered by Freshome on Interiorzine, the project consisted of a massive redesign and as expected, the creative team faced quite a few challenges: “As the property is of […]

Enchanting Water Mill in Corwen, North Wales Adorned With Rustic Elements

Surrounded by cascading waterfalls, the Berwyn Mill, located in Corwen, North Wales is one of those stunning and breathtaking idyllic homes that make you wish you lived in different times, when the world was way simpler and the people understood more despite knowing less. We’ve spotted the restored 19th Century water mill, that made us imagine a “healthier” and less […]

A Sense of Volume And Love For Wood: Modern House in Portland

Wood is one of the fine materials that never go out of trend. It’s an inspiration for all architecture enthusiasts out there because it’s both modern and classy. It’s like the little black dress from a woman’s wardrobe. It’s bold and influential and it establishes a connection between man and the environment. It is warm […]

Playful And Quirky Details Influencing Lighting: Casa Natalia by Agraz Arquitectos

“Play with the light” – this could be a wonderful slogan for Casa Natalia, the residential project developed by Agraz Arquitectos in Guadalajara, Mexico.  Imagine how the world of design would look like if each house had a slogan, in the first place. By exploring (just) a little bit the field of branding, we see how slogans (and […]

Reshaping Design Through Lighting: Cozy Luxury Home by Cornerstone Architects

Beautiful and with an imposing façade, the Cat Mountain Residence, designed by Cornerstone Architects in Austin, Texas, is quite unique, thanks to the special blend of neat contemporary notes in dialogue with the charming antique decorations. Modern and rustic have never worked so well together!  A perfect match, indeed! The house’s beauty is influenced by […]

The Interaction Between Spaces: Contemporary House in Lima by Seinfeld Arquitectos

Each contemporary house has its own particularities. By respecting a simple design line, that makes it look spacious and breezy you can obtain a private piece of tranquil paradise. Most of the times, a contemporary house is ‘seasoned’ with a gorgeous and relaxing courtyard. For those moments of relaxation, mellow and unforgettable. There’s no better […]

Delightful Traditional House With Modern Glass Extension by AR Design Studio

The project entitled ‘The Glass House” consists of a traditional-like home adorned with modern extensions of glass. As a result, the house adopts a very contemporary look, inviting you into a bright and luminous interior. This project was completed in 2012, July, by the award-winning AR Design Studio, in Winchester, England. The clients (a couple) wanted to keep […]

Lovely Thatched Roof Seaside Residence in The Netherlands: House N

House N by Rotterdam-based architectural firm Maxwan is a reinterpretation of a residence initially built eight decades ago in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. By preserving the character of the original building affected by weather condition over time, the architects developed a welcoming family home subtly blending rustic features with the comfort of modern living. The thatched […]

Sustainable Building in Italy Housing Two Separate Apartments: M2 House

The first striking feature of M2 House in Bozen, Italy is that it accommodates two apartments on separate floors. Envisioned by monovolume architecture + design, the residence has an imposing exterior look, with one facade hiding it away from the access road, while the other opening each of its rooms to the swimming pool and […]

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