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The “Mound” House Designed by Liebel Architekten BDA

Liebel Architekten BDA designed this wonderful serene house in Affalterwang, Aelen, Germany. The house spread over two levels, the garden ground floor level and the first floor, where all the compartmented rooms receive sun from the south.  A small courtyard surrounds the house and a small-sized mound covers the front of it. The mound is one […]

Wonderful Designer’s Home: Villa Piedad by Marta Badiola

 Villa Piedad is a wonderful living space decorated by the designer Marta Badiola, who had the courage to purchase a home in one of the most expensive cities of Spain, San Sebastián, and decorate it. The house was originally a two-family house from 1950. In time, the building suffered some transformations. Marta Badiola bought one half of […]

Curvaceous Mansion in Melbourne Reflecting a Relaxed Lifestyle by Rachcoff Vella Architecture

Reflecting a tranquil lifestyle, this curvaceous mansion in Melbourne, called The Hill House is the work of Rachcoff Velle Architecture. The architects envisioned a living space that perfectly reflects the salty and breezy seaside environment. The clients wanted something stylish and comfortable, a house with panoramic views, suggesting that the beach is only a few […]

Luxury Home in Beverly Hills Characterised By Warmth And Personality

Most of the times, sophistication is the result of good design combined with personality. A client’s personality must be reflected in every décor item that embellishes the home, creating a neat space, where dreams meet comfort. Every home is different and these differences make them unique and most of the times, wonderful. Wallace Ridge is one […]

Gorgeous Luminous Home Surrounded By The Lush Vegetation

On a fringe of land, close the the shoreline, there lies the Sunset Point Residence, an exquisite refined home with high ceilings and elegant decorations. More accurately, located in San Juan Island, Washington, the house opens up to a staggering view over the blue waters. “The home was designed with two mirroring curved glass walls that frame views, […]

When Modern Meets Old: Historic Wine Cellar With a Shade of Contemporary

In order to create a perfect new relaxing home by improving an old one, you need to know what to keep untainted and what are you willing to change. Mixing old and modern is never an easy job. When it comes to  building a new structure that perfectly complements the old one, you have to […]

House in Berlin Featuring a Fun And Untypical Facade

Here’s something you don’t see everyday! In the exquisite and contradictory city of Berlin, where contemporary, avant-garde and high tech blend wonderfully, Brandt + Simon Architekten studio has recently completed this eco-friendly single family house. The pixel-like facade is the result of using peculiar green tiles, giving you the feeling that you are admiring an 8-bit design, that […]

Daring Penthouse in The Exquisite City of Cologne Incorporating a Strong Personality

Located in Cologne, Germany, this modern penthouse designed by the Belgian interior designer Angelo de Bock is daring, provocative and incorporates a strong personality. The interior is sprinkled with warm tones of colour, creating that perfect ambience for a home located in a cosmopolite city such as Cologne. Let’s start with the terrace though, where […]

Impressive Eco-Friendly Home in Denver, Colorado Featuring Strong Architectural Shapes

Sustainability started to become a major issue these days. A home has to be energy efficient and made of eco-friendly materials in order to give you that “green state of mind”. In order to celebrate the awareness that a sustainable home means a planet less polluted, we are presenting you an interesting project, developed by […]

Beautiful Serene Living Space With Authentic Wooden Decorations in The Netherlands

 Zecc Architecten, the Utrecht-based design studio has recently completed the transformation of an 18th-century coach house in Breukelen, the Netherlands. The picturesque house, surrounded by trees, once with strong rustic accents became brighter and more spacious. Respecting the lines of simple and neat design, the new Breukelen house is simply stunning. Most of the rooms are […]

Awarded Contemporary Home With Beautiful Garden in Toronto, Canada

The Toronto Residence designed by Belzberg Architecture received the 2013 Ontario Association of Architects Design Excellence award. Very modern, and breezy, the stratified home showcases different types of materials for each of its layer, creating a very interesting contrast (plasters blends with zinc cladding, wood and stones). The house takes advantage of the natural rich surroundings. […]

Enchanting Eco-Friendly Home With Gorgeous View Over the Pacific Ocean

The sunny California weather, the beaches, the fun and all the “glory” make people think that if there’s a paradise, this how it’s supposed to look like! With such a lovely view comes a lovely house. And if you manage to have a lovely house nearby the Pacific Ocean, with the breeze knocking on your […]

Original Playful Layout Showcased by Omnibus House in Chile

Balanced atop of a stone wall, Omnibus House by Gubbins Arquitectos is an original long and narrow residence, creatively developed as a family rural retreat. The residence is located in in Cachagua, Chile and is chromatically adapted to its neighboring forest: “The use of concrete as the main material, gives a sense of mass that […]

Luxury Apartment in California Incorporating Panoramic Windows

Horst Architects , the Californian architectural studio renewed this neat interior of a two-storey apartment located in Corona del Mar (translated as “Crown of the Sea”), Newport Beach, California. The major problem was the lack of space, so the architects had to find a good design idea in order to implement it and deliver a home […]

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