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10 Classic Misconceptions of Architects

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  • exterior architecture

When you think of an architect, what is the first thing that comes to mind? We bet it is one of these top ten classic misconceptions that we have compiled below. While every profession contains certain stereotypes (and some may be valid), architects tend to be right up there with engineers when it comes to […]

Small Couple’s Apartment in Paris With an Inspiring Layout by Richard Guilbault

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This 30 square-meter flat transformed by architect Richard Guilbault was initially divided into four very dark rooms difficult to fit out. The ambition of this full update in Paris (occupied by a young couple) was to to create a dynamical and bright living room, to optimize the use of the private rooms and to maximize […]

Contemporary Residence In Switzerland Delivering Majestic Views: Villa Lugano

  • design modern residence
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Designed by Angelo Pozzoli, Villa Lugano in Switzerland is integrated in a hillside landscape, overlooking the lake and the magnificent landscape beyond. The three-level home in reinforced concrete features an array of open spaces, optimizing the connection with the outdoors. Terraces, balconies, and footbridges keep the interiors permanently connected to the magic of Lake Lugano. […]

Intriguing Pavilion House in Portland Inspired by a Dining Table

  • Pavilion House in Portland, Oregon by Ben Waechter (1)
  • Pavilion House in Portland, Oregon by Ben Waechter (2)
  • Pavilion House in Portland, Oregon by Ben Waechter (3)
  • Pavilion House in Portland, Oregon by Ben Waechter (4)

Portland-based architect Ben Waechter and his creative team imagined this modern “glass house” that aspires to offer inhabitants maximum privacy. You might remember the architect’s design of the Oakley House, also in Portland, a home that would re-frame the owner’s idea of “possible”. The architects have experience with modern home design before. This time, the Pavilion House […]

Elegant “Shift Table” Keeps Your Gadgets Charging in Their Own Hidden Place

  • interior modern table design
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  • modern table design (7)

The SHIFT Table by Spell merges everyday living and working for the entrepreneurial nomad. It addresses people that quickly and easily want to switch between work and personal life all the while staying conveniently ‘connected’. The design of the table oozes authentic modernism using subtle lines to create an array of hidden functions. Despite the […]

Striking Visual Perspectives Unveiled by The Edge House in Kraków, Poland

While building the contemporary Edge House in Kraków, Poland, the developing team at Mobius Architecture managed to cleverly reinterpret the local law requiring a traditional shape: “The house owes its narration to a local anomaly: a slope plot with a view on the mountains surrounding Krakow is knifed through by an 8 meter lime rock. […]

The Future of Interior Design, Insights from Jennifer Visosky

Perfectly imperfect— These two little words summarize the vast design philosophies of Interior Designer and Owner of Grace Home Design, Jennifer Visosky. Although, Visosky’s designs are anything but imperfect. She contains this cool, laid-back approach to design, creating rooms that are natural, stripped back and speak to who the owner is. In Visosky’s own words […]

Interactive Wall Design at Suppakids Sneaker Boutique in Stuttgart 

Kids shoes store design can be something quite inspiring. Including playfulness in its modern interiors, the Suppakids Sneaker Boutique in Stuttgart invite children to interact with the shoe display. Welcoming, bright and visually appealing, the store displays a combination of wood, light and geometry. Designed by Rippmann Oesterle Knauss (ROK), the modern sneaker store looks warm and inviting. All […]

Design Upgrade for Three-Level Waterfront Home Near Sydney Harbour

Close to the waterfront in Sydney, Australia, this three-level home is a contemporary remodel of an existing dwelling on the lot. When challenged to revive the decaying construction, Luigi Rosselli Architects opted for a daring project: “It is quite rare, in Woollahra Council’s municipality, to have a house waterfront residence so close to the water. […]

How Modern Transit and Highways Affect Property Values

BEEP! BEEP! Do you hear that everyday? Whether you are hurrying along your daily commute, or whether you live adjacent to a busy highway— the stress and noise of modern transit seem unavoidable. While new highways are great for commuters, they are not so great for those whose homes are impacted by traffic and noise […]

Modern Malibu Home Reinventing Home Transformations

Spreading over a total area of 2,200 square feet, this modern Malibu residence stands its ground on a severely sloped hillside thanks to an architecture that seems . This key element was both a curse and a blessing, pushing Patrick Tighe Architecture to design a home “re-envisioned for the 21st century” in Malibu, California. Known as the Montee Karp […]

Ceramic Wall Covering Inspired by Mathematics Patterns in Nature

You know how you sometimes stumble upon something you were looking for, but it’s far more amazing than you imagined if would be? What if you were wondering how to decorate with ceramic tile? Then this highly contemporary tile design will have you wondering about how the world of ceramic tiles will look in a year […]

Why Mix And Matching Is Important In Your Interiors

All lot of the time, people are hesitant to mix and match, especially when they are new to the world of interior design. They worry that in doing so, they will take their meticulously planned space from a pulled-together, polished room to a sloppy mess. If that scenario sounds familiar, don’t worry. You are far […]

Inviting Bakery Design in Warsaw Exhibiting an Eye-Catching Plywood Installation

Przystanek Piekarnia on Koszykowa Street is the fifth bakery design in this chain opened recently in Warsaw and developed by Maciej Kurkowski. It is located on the ground floor of 19th century tenement house designed by Józef Hintz, close to the Warsaw Technical University Architecture Faculty. The long, rectangular shape of the shop enabled the […]

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