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Probably the most spectacular interior of the house, the living room is particularly highlighted on Freshome. From open plan-ostentatious to small&practical, the variety in this category can be overwhelming for those trying to decide on a single living room design. Each interior in this section is guaranteed to make an impression and help with your decorating plans. We take pride in our selections of the best living rooms out there, characterized by a high level of originality, elegance and function.

10 Contemporary Living Room Ideas From Alf Da Fre

If you happen to be a fan of modern Italian interior design, then you certainly heard of Alf Da Fre…, an important brand in the field. Today we decided to show some of their ideas on minimalist and contemporary home arrangements. These particular pictures are of 10 different living-rooms, all having a well determined personality. We enjoy the use

Ideas For a Moden Living Room

These “color-mad” interiors come from Circulo Muebles… and were designed by Paco Alcalde and Kiko Moreno. A mixture of diverse furniture items, bold, otherwise classic colors, wooden finishes but also lacquered one, these arrangements seem to have nothing in common except for a modern touch and a high amount of style. The shelving systems are particularly interesting, especially the ones

Cute Tiny Living Room Inside a PC

This post is not something that I usually post on Freshome, but I tought that is cute. Here you can see all kind of interior design ideas, but today I’ve found via Russian casemod site Modding.Ru… this cute tiny PC living room that is furnished tiny little dollhouse furniture, including a sofa, a comfy chair, and even a little lamp

Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas from Tumidei

This is not the first post about modern living room furniture ideas. If you look at the end of this post you can see more living room ideas that we posted in the past. Today I wanted to add a new article with some new inspiration for the living room from the Italian furniture Design Company, Tumidei…, that offers

Expanding TV Screen

We all dream about that huge TV screen that would take over our room and give us the perfect cinema-like experience. But too bad that  idea usually conflicts with the lack of space. Here’s an ingenious solution for this problem: the TV wall unit from Acerbis…. Make your living room a home cinema by simply adding this flexible unit

Abstract Tiles from Fogazza- Color and Fun

With these new tile patterns from Fogazza you can really turn a regular walk to the kitchen into a fun experience. Various, fresh and exciting, these modern tiles spice up any dull room and turn in to a cheerful interior.

Pavimenti Fogazza… is an Italian company, founded in 1905. With more than a hounded years of experience, it almost seems

Textile Tile Art you Can Create : Kvadrat

We have featured Danish Kvadrat textiles before but their Clouds innovation is something else! This innovative tile concept called Kvadrat Clouds… lets out the artist in you. The individual tiles can be assembled together using special rubber bands. Each element also comes with crease lines which allow you to manipulate the tile reminiscent of origami, the Japanese art of paper

Moorhead & Moorhead’s Modular Screen

New York architects and industrial designer brothers Granger & Robert Moorehead have developed a particularly amazing screen system for their interiors made of CNC milled panels.  Fully modular in conception, this bubbly screen design is an inventive way to divide up space in large spaces without sacrificing design or originality with something as brutish as a flat rolling partition.  Further,…

Shige Hasegawa’s “Hana” Set

The designers at Shige Hasegawa Design in Tokyo have developed this interesting, nature-inspired table and lamp set which is designed to focus in on a sense of tranquility and inspiration through simplicity.  ‘Hana’ actually means flower in Japanese, which is pretty clearly the inspiration for these products:  first, the Hana table, inspired by origami, is constructed from five flower pedal-shaped…

Andrei’s “LIE” can also Sit and Stand.

With this multifunctional furniture concept by designer Pop Vlad Andrei, your need determines your use.  Do you need an elegant coffee table for a wine party?  Or maybe a square table for a light fixture?  Or even a ramp to launch your remote control car?  The design is a combination of distinguishable geometric shapes and smooth, flat surfaces that can…

Modern Fireplaces from MetalFire: Sizzling fashion with scorching hot design

Most modern minimalist homes do away with fireplaces or believe that they are a tradition of the past that do not fir into the sleek, slender and futuristic design of today. One look at the collection of contemporary fireplaces dished out by the Belgian designers from MetalFire… and it will set your pulse racing and you adrenaline pumping with delight.

Ultra-modern Living Rooms by Presotto Italia

Contemporary furniture makers have been taking a new approach when it comes to decorations. Most of them embraced the minimalist style with elegantly shaped objects and clear spaces. Such an example is a collection from the creative folks from Presotto Italia. Their ultra-modern furniture looks outside the traditional box bringing functionality and beauty all together. Treat for the eye, their

Living Room Spaces : Pictures and Ideas for Your Home

These days when we spend most of our time at work within desks, phone, fax machines and computers, coming home to a warm place it’s great. Even greater is when your living space is exactly what you expected then the feeling is much better. Therefore, if these days you need to look at some living room spaces to get your

Dazzling Living Room Layouts from Hülsta

German Furniture maker Hülsta… has unveiled some really stunning living room ideas that can be adopted by the style-conscious people who want to give their home an ergonomic and futuristic look. The seamless blend of the slim design with bold black and bright red colors gives the entire set up a very refreshing, yet a space-age look. Leather has been

Infinity Steel Furniture and Lamp

The Tibetan knot is an endless one, without beginning or end. It is an ancient motif found not only in Tibet but Mongolia and China. It symbolises the eternal interweaving of the Spiritual Path. Designer Richard X Zawitz… based his stunning new collection on the Tibetan knot. His three pieces  (two chairs and a light) entitled Art, Sky and Sun

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