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Living Room

Probably the most spectacular interior of the house, the living room is particularly highlighted on Freshome. From open plan-ostentatious to small&practical, the variety in this category can be overwhelming for those trying to decide on a single living room design. Each interior in this section is guaranteed to make an impression and help with your decorating plans. We take pride in our selections of the best living rooms out there, characterized by a high level of originality, elegance and function.

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Mangas Rugs & Pouffs Designed by Patricia Urquiola for GAN Rugs

  • Mangas pasillera by GAN Rugs
  • Managas natural pouffs by GAN Rugs
  • imagen_Mangas_1
  • Mangas largas by GAN Rugs

Designed by Spanish architect and product designer Patricia Urquiola for Gan Rugs, the Mangas Collection features rugs, runners and pouffs made from 100% wool and hand made in India. The products are made from a patchwork of different design wool knits which create unique textured designs in different complementary colour ways and sizes. We recently […]

Bringing Nature Indoors with Ege Carpets

  • Bergen-Rainfall carpet by Ege
  • Bornholm-Autumn carpet by Ege (2)
  • Espoo-Summer carpet by Ege
  • Gotland-Midday carpet by Ege

Nature and the environment have proven to be a big source of inspiration in interior design and architecture over the past few years, particularly where material choice is concerned. We have seen a rise in popularity of natural materials such as wood, stone and slate as people are seeking to reduce their impact on the […]

33 Christmas Decorations Ideas Bringing The Christmas Spirit into Your Living Room

  • Christmas Living Room (1)
  • Christmas Living Room (2)
  • Christmas Living Room (3)
  • Christmas Living Room (4)

Christmas decorations should all be about “magic”. And what better way to welcome Christmas spirit, than forgetting all the bad, focusing on what truly matters and turning your home into a miniature festival of joy? For today we decided to  gather a collection of beautiful living rooms, all of them featuring charming holiday decorations. We […]

Living Room of an Art Collector by Gisele Taranto

  • Casa-Cor-Rio-Living-01-750x1024
  • Casa-Cor-Rio-Living-02-750x922
  • Casa-Cor-Rio-Living-03-754x1100
  • Casa-Cor-Rio-Living-05-713x1024

Brazilian architect Gisele Taranto in collaboration with art curator Mara Fainziliber and lighting designer Maneco Quinderé created an interior called Living Room of an Art Collector, as part of Casa Cor, an important event of national architecture and decoration held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The brief of the project was to create a place […]

Best IKEA Living Room Designs for 2012

  • ikea-living-room-design-ideas-2012-2-554x377
  • ikea-living-room-design-ideas-2012-3-554x380
  • ikea-living-room-design-ideas-2012-4-554x377
  • ikea-living-room-design-ideas-2012-5-554x377

The time has come for IKEA to present their new living room designs gathered up in the IKEA Catalog 2012 (you probably noticed our preview of the 2012 IKEA Catalog not too long ago). In case you are too lazy to check it out page by page, we decided to make a selection. In this […]

How to Outfit your Couch with Pillows that Match your Design Style

Have you ever noticed that pillows on a couch are like the icing on a cake, and if they aren’t perfect the couch looks odd? While many people don’t think much about throw or decorative pillows, they accessorize your couch and make it look complete.  Depending on your individual design style, or style of couch, […]

30 Scandinavian Living Room Designs With a Mesmerizing Effect

We can’t get enough of seeing just how functional and refined Swedish apartments are. And we know you share this feeling with us, which is why today we would like to concentrate on the most spectacular room these cribs have to offer. We gathered a little over 30 photos showcasing amazing scandinavian living room interior […]

30 Open Floor Plan Living Rooms Inspiring a Sophisticated Lifestyle

Designing an open floor plan can be a great way to make your living areas seem more spacious. What is the first aspect that comes to mind when thinking about modern living rooms? For us it’s openness. And since we already featured a post on Freshome showcasing 26 wonderful living room ideas, we decided to […]

How to Accomodate More Guests in your Dining Room

Your dining room may be the perfect size for your immediate family, but what happens at the holidays when you need to accommodate larger groups of people? Depending on your family size you can figure out temporary and permanent solutions. If you are small family then renting chairs and tables may be an option. While […]

How to Decorate around your Flat Screen Television

You and your living room are happier because you have just acquired a flat screen television.  Although, you seem to be having a small problem, everything around the television seems not to work. The furniture no longer faces the right direction, the wall art is being blocked, and the armoire you’ve placed the television in […]

Fresh Home Full of Color and Inspiring Details

Designed by Jordi Vayreda, this welcoming home in shades of gray, green and pink used to be a two level industrial building. Luckily, it recently went to a complete make-over and now it looks like a vivid and playful crib. It is amazing how adding a little color can completely turn around the way a […]

26 Wonderful Living Room Design Ideas

The living room is the most popular place in a house for the entertainment of guests, and where families come together to end their day, relax after a long workweek or to enjoy a television program together. In most cases this room is on the main level of a home and sees a lot of […]

Cool iPhone Dock in the Shape of a Shelf

I have more than a week since I have an Iphone 3GS and I have to say that I love this phone. Now since I’ve bought this phone I’m more aware of all the things that are related to iphones. One of those things that got my attention is Finite Elemente’s new Hohrizontal 51 is […]

Petit Beurre Coushion

Cushions can find a use in almost any room, from the dining room to the living room to the bedroom. They are the perfect accessory when you need a splash of color in an otherwise dull room. There are lots and lots of cool cushions on the market, but here on Freshome we like to […]

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