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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Versatile and Playful Seating Unit: CUBE by Melted Architecture [Video]

  • the CUBE (1)
  • the CUBE (2)
  • the CUBE (3)
  • the CUBE (4)

Melted CUBE is an original seating unit designed by Björn Verch of Melted Architecture. According to the press release we were sent, organic shapes and trend-setting curves characterize this design, making it flexible, convertible and yet complex. The CUBE can be upholstered with various clothes and materials and was especially developed to offer visitors and […]

Moses Bridge Cutting Through Fort de Roovere’s Moat [Video]

  • Moses Bridge (2)
  • Moses Bridge (3)
  • Moses Bridge (4)
  • Moses Bridge (5)

This modern pedestrian bridge has the capacity of turning miracles into technological possibilities – the Moses Bridge (or Loopgraafbrug in the native language). This bridge looks more like a trench than the usual conception of a bridge, but it gets you across no matter how you call it. Located in the Netherlands, the fascinating bridge […]

Depicting the Future: World Map Made of Recycled Computer Components

  • SusanStockwell3
  • SusanStockwell4
  • SusanStockwell5
  • SusanStockwell6

Can you think of a more creative way of emphasizing on the idea of a future digitalized world? We ran across this impressive installation belonging to Susan Stockwell, an artist usually taking on projects consisting in large scale installations, sculptures, drawings and collages. Her art emphasizes on issues of ecology, geo-politics, mapping, trade and global […]

10 Thanksgiving Prep Tips to Help you Enjoy your Guests this Holiday

  • tk_guests1
  • tk_guests2
  • tk_guests3
  • tk_guests4

Each year you vow to make this Thanksgiving easier than the last, and every year you end up spending more time running around the house than enjoying your guests. This year, let’s change that idea, and help you prepare in advance to help you de-stress when you’re guests arrive!  Whether you are entertaining multiple families […]

Award-Winning Ceramic Tiles from Kütahya Seramik

  • Versatile collection Axis tile by Yiğit Özer for Kutahya Seramík
  • Versatile-Axis-Ceramic-Wall-Tile-by-Yigit-Ozer
  • Versatile collection Arc tile by Kutahya Seramík
  • Arc tile from the Versatile collection by Kutahya Seramík

Traditionally, when you think of ceramic tiles, the first things that spring to mind are those small, flat, square tiles that people so often use to decorate their homes. However, Turkish designer Yiğit Özer has come up with a new collection that completely turns the idea of ceramic tiles on its head. The Versatile collection […]

Freshome Saturday Design Spotter 5

Hello everyone and hope you guys are having a sunny Saturday, with plenty of week-end cheerfulness to look forward to! Over here it’s been one cold autumn day after another, but not something that a little cozy crib couldn’t handle. For today’s Freshome Design Spotter we’ve decided to fight bad weather and start off with […]

Freshome Giveaway: Win a Camera Lens Mug from Photojojo!

This giveaway is officially closed. Please visit HERE, to see winners. Freshome readers in the past we have featured Photojojo’s cool camera lens mugs that look like the real thing! From their camera lens mugs, to sets of shot glass lens cups, there isn’t a product that you don’t love. We thought a great giveaway […]

How to Set a Personalized Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Thanksgiving has always been a holiday that we associate with bringing out the “good china” or the heirloom decorative seating card holders to convey tradition and personalization. While family traditions can be handed down from generation to generation, there is also the need to start your family’s new traditions. Personalizing your Thanksgiving table can be […]

Cats With Pom-Poms And Dachshund Dogs Pillow Collection

The Naked Decor 2012 Collection from Thailand-born designer Supon Phornirunlit caught my eye with a beautiful set of two matching and continuing pillows depicting cats and dogs. Inspired by the designer’s own lovely pets, this collection features several variations on the same theme. Cats with pom-poms and dachshund dogs were portrayed in colorful silhouettes, creating […]

Discreet Shape and Sophisticated Pattern: Can Can Pendant Light

Uniquely displaying a bold and sophisticated pattern and an elegant, clean shell, the Can Can Pendant Light was designed by Netherlands-based designer Marcel Wanders and is exclusively available online in the U.S. for the first time on YLighting. We recently featured his fabulous Crochet Furniture Collection and today, the fascinating Can Can Pendant Light was brought […]

Hypnotic Light Show Turns Polygonal Shape Into Moving Sculpture [Video]

“Parmenides I” is a contemporary art installation by artist Dev Harlan, consisting of an interesting mix of foam, wood, plaster, and video projections. An eight foot diameter sculpture was used as a main element in a light show that can be described as original and captivating. According to Laughing Squid, the white polygonal shape is […]

Dream Big Rubik’s Cubes Portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.

Designer Pete Fecteau constructed a huge Martin Luther King Jr. portrait called “Dream Big“using 4,242 officially licensed Rubik’s Cubes. Measuring 5.8m x 2.6m x 5.7cm and weighing 454kg, this artistic endeavor was possible due to, where the artist raised the necessary money for this project. A series of fortunate events led to the creation of […]

Freshome Is Now on Google+

Google has finally unveiled brand pages for Google+, allowing businesses and brands to join Google’s social network. Google+ now allows Brand Pages- and so here we are! If you are on G+ please take a minute to +1 us —-> Freshome on Google+

Dependable Manipulation of a Well-Known Design: Flat Bulb

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for an object to transform from a well-known design into a thing that make you go “wow”? In this case, I’m talking about the Flat Bulb we found on Wired by Korean designer Joonhuyn Kim. Displaying 1/3 volume of a normal light bulb, this pretty thing has […]

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