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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Dependable Manipulation of a Well-Known Design: Flat Bulb

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for an object to transform from a well-known design into a thing that make you go “wow”? In this case, I’m talking about the Flat Bulb we found on Wired by Korean designer Joonhuyn Kim. Displaying 1/3 volume of a normal light bulb, this pretty thing has […]

Warming your Outdoors with ‘Floating Windows’ Designer Claudia Schmutzler

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  • CS_landscape
  • CSwindows greenery
  • CS_umbrella

In our busy days and hurried lifestyle, it is always nice to come home to design qualities that make you enjoy life. The emphasis on our outdoor home has become a place for relaxation,  rejuvenation and inspired thought, and designer, Claudia Schmutzler has accomplished just that with her ‘Floating Windows’ creations. Today, I sit down […]

Freshome Saturday Design Spotter 4

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Hello, everyone! For this week’s Freshome Design Spotter, we would like to present some special photos that got plenty of attention on our Facebook page. In fact, they were so appreciated, that we just had to feature them on the site too, for everyone to see and comment. We will begin with a visually stunning […]

Bespoke Decorative Leather for Interiors by Genevieve Bennett

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  • Genevieve Bennett's luxury leather wall panels
  • Inlaid leather panelling by Genevieve Bennett
  • Debossed leather panelling by Genevieve Bennett

Designed for the high-end luxury interiors market, Genevieve Bennett’s bespoke sculpted leather is created using cutting edge techniques, innovative pattern making, beautiful materials and excellent craftsmanship. Top quality leather is embossed, engraved, inlaid, printed and sculpted and can be used to make decorative wall panels, flooring, upholstery or furniture. Each piece by the London-based designer […]

Evil Robot Designs Transforms Childhood Toys into Stylish Lamps

  • White Witch lamp by Evil Robot Designs
  • Beast + Witch_(600x900)
  • Close-up of Matrix Black lamp by Evil Robot Designs
  • Matrix Black lamp by Evil Robot Designs

As children we all have a few toys that mean a lot to us, that we take everywhere with us and that we can’t bear to be without. Many little kids form very strong attachments with their toys and even hang on to them through to adulthood. But there comes a point in all our […]

Follow Freshome On Pinterest

For all of you who are on Pinterest we would like to announce that Freshome is on Pinterest. We hope you check us out and maybe even follow us for all your Pinteresting finds. For those of you who don’t know what is Pinterest here is a quick explanation : “Pinterest is virtual bulletin board […]

Modern and Organic Sponge Outdoor Lamp

Looking for a fascinating outdoor lighting system to adorn your patio, perfect lawn or any other part of your landscaped garden? Well, today’s inspiration is an outdoor lamp named Sponge and designed by Miguel Angel García Belmonte. Here are a few words from the designer that will explain the inspiration and concept that led to […]

Sleek Reshaped Ledge Hanging Lamp Made of Scrap Materials

This versatile lighting system can become your favorite if you give it a chance. The Ledge Hanging Lamp comes from designer Tim Wigmore, who has created the sleek lamp as a means to remind us how modern society can reuse and reshape scrap materials into fantastic new objects. A recycled aluminum frame hold the contemporary […]

Chesterfield-Style Padded Wall Panels from Dreamwall

I don’t know about you, but when we first saw these wall panels we were totally fooled by them. They look so soft and comfortable, like they are made from padded fabric, but they are in fact composed of a polyurathane back with a front face made of resin mixed with a natural stone and […]

Metropolis Architectural Lighting & Accessories by Lladró

Imagine being able to create a futuristic porcelain cityscape in your own home. With the new collection from Lladró Atelier you can do just that. Metropolis is a collection of lamps, mirrors, vases and a storage box that has been created under the artistic guidance of Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. Pure design has been combined […]

Freshome Saturday Design Spotter 3

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Saturday Design Spotter, our way of bringing you even closer to the home of your dreams. We will begin with this lovely and sophisticated bathroom decor, meant to tickle your senses. So what if this photo was actually taken in a villa resort? The important thing is that […]

Design Gone Digital: Microsoft’s View on The Future [Video]

We ran across an interesting video on The Next Web, visually describing the future, as seen by Microsoft. If you are expecting a movie where everything is done digitally, you will not be disappointed. Kurt DelBene, President of the Microsoft Office Division stated:  “People often ask me what Microsoft’s view is on the future of […]

How to Choose a Complementing Color Palette for your Home

The colors in your home that bring you joy, evokes drama, or plays with the emotions of guests who visit your home, are largely due to the color palette you choose. Color palettes help you choose colors based on how you’d like to feel in your space, and what ambiance you want to create for […]

Inspired By A Century-Old Game: Sand Vase

Decorative items should match the interiors and with this simple idea in mind, Japanese designer Yukihiro Kaneuchi created an inspiring set of decorative items for modern homes. These words from the designer can best describe the collection: “Taking inspiration from the game ‘Bou-Taoshi’, I’ve created a series of vases made of sand and resin. The […]

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