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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Angled Walnut-Veneered “Pixels” Shaping A Light-Defined Installation

  • Giles-Miller-Studio--(2)
  • Giles-Miller-Studio--(3)
  • Giles-Miller-Studio--(4)
  • Giles-Miller-Studio--(5)

Playing with light is not only fun, but also helps develop creativity. Choosing an innovative way of expressing this playfulness can be quite challenging, but the results are worth it, especially in the case of Giles Miller Studio. The London-based design practice composed for Clerkenwell Design Week an interesting installation made out of identical laser-cut […]

Innovative Delftware In A Long Plate Collection by Maxime Ansiau

  • Plates by Maxime Ansiau (2)
  • Plates by Maxime Ansiau (3)
  • Plates by Maxime Ansiau (4)
  • Plates by Maxime Ansiau (5)

Dutch artist Maxime Ansiau imagined a set of plates that combine well-known Netherlands porcelain and a unique view of how several plates can be combined into a long one. By conjoining several plates together, the artist created interesting long plates, on which skyscraper images throne among clouds. The Amsterdam-based designer created this collection of blue […]

Crystal-Inspired Street Art Project In Los Angeles

  • Geode-Street-Art-Project-(2)
  • Geode-Street-Art-Project-(3)
  • Geode-Street-Art-Project-(4)
  • Geode-Street-Art-Project-(5)

Los Angeles has never been so shiny! Street art takes its place among building’s cracks and missing bricks, or in telephone booths. The Geode Street Art Project completes the cityscape with a shiny collection of crystalline-shaped geodes made out of paper. “Forming” in places where bricks used to be or in cracks showing the passage […]

Sydney Opera House Sails Become Canvases for Vivid Festival 2012 [Video]

  • sydneyoperahouse02
  • sydneyoperahouse03
  • sydneyoperahouse04
  • sydneyoperahouse05

Vivid Sydney Festival is described by the organizers as a “the largest celebration of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere“. This year’s edition (taking place during 25 May and 11 June 2012) begun with no less than 60 light installations, including the “lighting” of the iconic sails defining Sydney Opera House. According to […]

Scraplights: Responsibly Reimagining Cardboard Boxes

  • cutout_SHIP6
  • Scraplights by Graypants
  • Drum Scraplight by Graypants
  • Scraplights by Graypants in interior

Scraplights by Graypants is a collection of environmentally and socially responsible lighting. Made from salvaged cardboard and non-toxic adhesive, Scraplights are precision cut with a laser, then assembled by hand. Each light is truly unique as the handmade process causes slight variations in colour and corrugation pattern. In creating these lights, Seth and Jon, the masterminds behind […]

Amazing Rooftop Garden Nestled Between Skyscrapers

After presenting 38 Garden Design Ideas post last week, today we ran across this high altitude garden hidden between the skyscrapers in Sydney, Australia. Found on Design Rulz, this spectacular rooftop haven was designed by Secret Gardens and provides an unusual place of relaxation, far above the racket of the city. The landscaping process was […]

Mohammed Kanoo’s Portraits Of Celebrities Wearing Arab Clothing

Bahraini artist Mohammed Kanoo is presenting his most recent work in an exhibition at Dubai’s Meem Gallery. Between 15th of May and 5th of July 2012, photos of politicians and Hollywood celebrities like Will Smith, Angela Jolie, John Travolta, Barack Obama and Clint Eastwood will be presented to the public. The artist’s second solo exhibition […]

Alluring Les Paul Guitar-Inspired Swimming Pool

This amazing swimming pool shaped like a guitar proved to be a challenge for its designers and builders – Canadian Aqua-Tech Company. Their client, a passionate guitar collector who walked in their office looking for a hot tub, had a sudden change of heart and approached them with an odd, yet interesting idea. Wanting a […]

Practical Corner Ladder Easy to Compress Into a Wooden Pole [Video]

Ladders are practical instruments for handy work around the house. But what do you do when you have to store them out of sight and the space they take up is a bit too much? Studio Company & Company came up with a practical solution: the corner ladder, easy to compress in a wooden pole: […]

Levitating Elephant Installation Balancing On Its Trunk

Fiberglass and polymer meet in a unique sculpture depicting a life-size elephant balancing on its trunk. Interestingly floating above the ground, this creatively charged exhibit piece was imagined by contemporary French artist Daniel Firman. Part of the exhibition entitled “The Circus as a Parallel Universe” that can be seen between 4 May and 2 September […]

Wooden Textiles : Beautiful Innovation by Designer Elisa Strozyk

Initially when you look at these pictures you might think that it could be paper, but in fact it’s actually wood. How cool is that ? These amazing pieces were created by Elisa Strozyk, a young designer from Germany, that is able to turn blocks of wood into delicate paper-like material. So far she has […]

Photovoltaic Parasols Charging Devices of Resting Visitors at Milan Design Week

Solar energy is gaining some well-earned attention lately, especially in the world of design. These sun parasols seen at Milan Design Week 2012 were randomly placed in the city, in order to provide shade and recharge the devices of resting visitors. Entitled Eclipse and Kosmos, the two parasols designs presented by Ombrellone Solare and developed […]

Virgin Atlantic’s New Upper Class Bar And Cabin Virtual Design Tour

Virgin Atlantic teamed up with VW + BS studio to shape a new experience for passengers riding the airline 30 000 feet in the air. The first time the new upper class bar and cabin enchanted its guests was this spring, on a route from London to New York. This new aircraft hospitality space concept […]

Introducing Yourself Originally: Concrete Business Cards by Murmure

These unusual looking concrete business cards were designed by the people of Murmure, as a way to introduce themselves and the creative agency they work for. The idea is controversial- after all, business cards today are meant to stand out, but in the same time, fit in any wallet. In this case, we are dealing […]

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