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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Urban Inspiration: NYC Sewer Cover Pillow For Casual Spaces

  • NYC Sewer canvas printed pillow (2)
  • NYC Sewer canvas printed pillow (3)
  • NYC Sewer canvas printed pillow (4)
  • NYC Sewer canvas printed pillow (5)

How would you like to have an original photograph of a NYC sewer canal printed on a comfy cushion? It would definitely change the atmosphere in the room, creating a design wormhole into the streets of Big Apple. The NYC Sewer canvas printed pillow from Brooklyn-based In the seam will have your sofa looking urban […]

Beautifully Intricate Lighting by Zenza

  • Zenza Lighting
  • Zenza Lighting
  • Zenza Lighting
  • Zenza Lighting

For over 18 years, Zenza has been creating beautifully designed and hand-crafted products for the home, using artisanal techniques from all corners of the world. Taking inspiration from oriental designs, the products in the Zenza portfolio aim to keep tradition alive whilst at the same time portraying a more modern, more contemporary and sleeker interpretation […]

Action Figures Reborn In Evil Robot Designs Lamps

  • Alien-Nation---Cut-Out
  • Babes-In-Toyland
  • Babes-In-Toyland---Cut-Out
  • Forbidden-Planet

This amazing collection of lamps was created by UK-based artists duo EViL ED and Dan Robotic of Evil Robot Designs, who you might remember from a previous post. Stacey shared with us a collection of their work before – the stunningly sculpted bespoke lamps made of toys we grow out of. These lamps are wither […]

Odd, yet Practical: Recycled PET Bottles Stuffed with Human Hair

  • colorful carpet (1)
  • colorful carpet (2)
  • colorful carpet (3)
  • map carpet (1)

We recently received photos and information about The Bare Hair Project, a design that managed to capture our undivided attention. Sure, it was weird reading about it at first, but it definitely managed to intrigue us and we are curious about your reactions. Designed by Ola Giertz, these two unusual poufs in the photos below […]

Constructed Around The Importance Of The Clothes : Piccino Kids Store

  • Piccino kids store  (2)
  • Piccino kids store  (3)
  • Piccino kids store  (4)
  • Piccino kids store  (5)

If you live in the city of Valencia and have kids, this project will probably become one of your favorites. The Piccino kids store displays an inspiring and refreshing design that challenges browsing for cute little clothes and gives shopping another meaning in the mind of your young ones. Inspired by the owners children, this […]

100,000 Swarming Solar-Powered LED Spheres Mimicking Nature

Solar-Powered LED Spheres floating down the Sumida River composed a splendid light spectacle in Japan’s capital city. The Tokyo Hotaru Festival held in May this year gathered 100,000 of these blue glowing spheres in an effort of bringing the city closer to nature. Floating down the river and lighting it as they passed, this collection […]

Manipulating Natural Materials Into Suspended Stone Installations

A wide arrangement of suspended stones make the subject of a surprising installation. Korean artist Jaehyo Lee used natural stones found in nature to construct a different arrangement than we’re used to – three dimensional constructions of manipulated nature that surprise the extensive work load leading to a nature-based, man-manipulated reality. Working with different materials […]

Freshome Facebook Page Reached 300,000+ Likes!

Two days ago ( 07 June 2012 ) Freshome passed 300,000+ likes on Facebook. With this occasion we want to thank all of you for your continued support (likes, shares, comments). Reaching this incredible milestone of 300,000+ fans on Facebook is a big achievement, and we could not have done it without your help. If […]

Angled Walnut-Veneered “Pixels” Shaping A Light-Defined Installation

Playing with light is not only fun, but also helps develop creativity. Choosing an innovative way of expressing this playfulness can be quite challenging, but the results are worth it, especially in the case of Giles Miller Studio. The London-based design practice composed for Clerkenwell Design Week an interesting installation made out of identical laser-cut […]

Innovative Delftware In A Long Plate Collection by Maxime Ansiau

Dutch artist Maxime Ansiau imagined a set of plates that combine well-known Netherlands porcelain and a unique view of how several plates can be combined into a long one. By conjoining several plates together, the artist created interesting long plates, on which skyscraper images throne among clouds. The Amsterdam-based designer created this collection of blue […]

Crystal-Inspired Street Art Project In Los Angeles

Los Angeles has never been so shiny! Street art takes its place among building’s cracks and missing bricks, or in telephone booths. The Geode Street Art Project completes the cityscape with a shiny collection of crystalline-shaped geodes made out of paper. “Forming” in places where bricks used to be or in cracks showing the passage […]

Sydney Opera House Sails Become Canvases for Vivid Festival 2012 [Video]

Vivid Sydney Festival is described by the organizers as a “the largest celebration of light, music and ideas in the Southern Hemisphere“. This year’s edition (taking place during 25 May and 11 June 2012) begun with no less than 60 light installations, including the “lighting” of the iconic sails defining Sydney Opera House. According to […]

Scraplights: Responsibly Reimagining Cardboard Boxes

Scraplights by Graypants is a collection of environmentally and socially responsible lighting. Made from salvaged cardboard and non-toxic adhesive, Scraplights are precision cut with a laser, then assembled by hand. Each light is truly unique as the handmade process causes slight variations in colour and corrugation pattern. In creating these lights, Seth and Jon, the masterminds behind […]

Amazing Rooftop Garden Nestled Between Skyscrapers

After presenting 38 Garden Design Ideas post last week, today we ran across this high altitude garden hidden between the skyscrapers in Sydney, Australia. Found on Design Rulz, this spectacular rooftop haven was designed by Secret Gardens and provides an unusual place of relaxation, far above the racket of the city. The landscaping process was […]

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