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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Reinventing the Light Switch: Futuristic Goldee Light Controller [Video]

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Goldee Light Controller is a reinvention of the light switch that redefines how people interact with light. The new system translates information from your surroundings into smart functions that respond to your lighting needs. Users will enjoy smart features such as the Sunrise Alarm, which simulates the morning sunrise to make your morning rise easier. […]

Your Space for Conversation and Meditation: Contemplatorium Love Tree

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Contemplatorium Love Tree is an arc-like space that favours conversation and meditation, just like a nook that offers you safety and protection from the outside environment. We’ve discovered the amazing work of the Dutch artist Rob Sweere on designboom and we wanted to share it with you too, dear readers!  Original and playful, this unique spot allows you see […]

12 Meter High Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Inside the Palace of Versailles [Video]

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Next time you visit the Palace of Versailles, be on the lookout for this impressive permanent contemporary Swarovski chandelier envisioned by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The Gabriel Chandelier measures 12 meters in hight and weighs half a tonne. Moreover, the installation is composed of 800 crystal modules, threaded around a stainless steel skeleton containing a led […]

Rough Ideas Registered Digitally: Pencil App for Designers by 53 [Video]

Here is a high-tech method for registering rough ideas in a digital form. The creative team behind 53, known for developing the Paper app (a tool allowing users to sketch, write, draw, outline and color) recently came up with Pencil, in order to further develop the freedom of expression. For someone who is passionate about […]

Unconventional Corset Tiles Adding Depth and Playfulness to Home Walls

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Fun and original, the Corset Wall Tiles envisioned  by Canadian design and fabrication studio Arbutus+Denman are interior elements which create shadows, textures and patterns. By being offset from the wall, the Corset Wall Tiles add a layer of depth to any surface. Each tile features hand laced cord, a playful and interesting looking features individualizing […]

Challenging Time Measurement: Inspiring Wall Clock Collection by arhiDOT

Dana and Vlad Bostina from Bucharest-based arhiDOT design studio sent us photos and information regarding their inspiring wall clock collection entitled no time. Each of the models below comes with its own story, meant to echo the personality of its future user. The creative items can complement an interior with a personality or become the key […]

A DIY Project That Makes You Smile: The Honeycomb Shelves

The honeycomb shelves, recently discovered on a beautiful mess, are  funny sympathetic shelving units for a DIY project which will add a sense of texture to any living room. To those of you who spend their time thinking how to innovate their interiors, this is actually a very nice idea that can be easily put […]

Feminine and Enveloping: Fashion Boutique in Singapore by KNQ Associates

Designer Stanley Tham of KNQ Associates completed the development of a fashion boutique in Singapore. The store’s realization follows the studio’s core principles of a harmonious interplay between materials and space in order to showcase the brand’s central concepts: Fashionable and Elegance. Brightness, transparency as well as simple materials are combined to create a space […]

Love for Nature: Open Space Showroom Integrates an Interior Garden

Yuko Nagayama & Associates in collaboration with landscape designer Toshiya Ogino envisioned this outstanding open space showroom in Kobe, Japan, for the leatherwear company Sisii. Its particularity consists in displaying the clothing items, “randomly” hanging from a metallic support placed strategically near the interior gardens. At Sisii’s one can admire jackets and handbags while walking through […]

Employing Crafted Wood to Replicate Nature: Bloom Light by Tom Raffield

Having grown up in the wilds of Exmoor and now living and working in rural Cornwall, it is no surprise that ward-winning lighting designer Tom Raffield draws inspiration from nature for his lighting and furniture designs – and the Bloom Light is no exception. The lovely lighting unit utilizes petals of bent wood arranged into […]

Pinterest’s New Creative Offices in San Francisco Boasting Over-Sized Volumes

Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social media companies, has recently opened its new creative offices headquarters, boasting over-sized white volumes in a 45, 000 square-foot warehouse in Palo Alto (San Francisco). The place (split in four houses) has been transformed and adapted to the needs of the employees. Spacious, creative and neat in its […]

Dreaming of Far Away Places: Fascinating Earth Globe Suspension Lamp

Unconventionally built, the Ululi Ulula suspension lamp by Matteo Ugolini, takes you back to nature and closer to humanity. This beautiful and inspiring lamp creates the effect of our floating planet in the universe due to its structure in white painted fiberglass with lace inserts. By simply looking at it, you are transported to another […]

The Creative Reading Net: It Can Be Fun and Entertaining by Playoffice

A traditional family library has been transformed into an appealing place for kids by the creative Madrid-based studio, Playoffice, designing exclusively kids spaces that encourage learning through playing with a creative reading net. We’ve discovered this project on Mymodernmet and decided to share it with you due to the creative approach to learning and reading. “Reading Net” […]

Contemporary Descendant of Retro Sphere Lighting: Atomic Suspension Lamp

Due to its polyvalence and sense of creativity allied to an expressive style, the Atomic suspension lamp by Delightfull is an instant eye-catcher. A contemporary descendant of retro sphere lighting, this project is a spot-on interpretation of the atomic age design. It consists of a set of glossy black and gold plated round shades, aligned […]

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