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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Magical Garden Swings

Nothing can beat a garden swing for total relaxation on a hot summer’s day.  Even better if the garden swing was one of the fabulously magical swings from Fletcher & Myburgh of Hampshire, England. Their sculptured swings are the ultimate hang-outs both indoors and outdoors. Their pod loungers really evoke fairy tales with designs like […]

Recycled Garden Hose Furniture

What do you do when your garden hose leaks?  Throw it away?  Well, one designer who didn’t was Chase DeForest. The designer has created a collection called Hosewares where garden hose has been re-purposed into furniture. She uses the hose in place of wicker in a most novel way. Her pieces are quirky, fun and definitely environmentally […]

White Lacquered Coffee Table by Ronald Knol

Designed by Ronald Knol, for Odesi, the Salontafel RKNL20 Table consists of 2 white lacquered discs of various thicknesses, the one from the top giving the impression of floating over the lower support. The gap between the two plates can be used for books, remote control or other things that we usually range in a […]

Stairs Made From Skateboard Decks

Skateboarding, the act of both riding on and performing tricks using a skateboard, is more and more popular these days. Here on Freshome we presented a few pieces of furniture inspired by the skateboard culture, the skateboard shelf, and a few other pieces of skateboard inspired furniture. Today again inspired by the skateboard culture here […]

Kaleidoscope Lamp by Dodo Arslan

Remember those kaleidoscopes you had as a child? The lovely patterns formed in sections when you turned the end cap. Mirrors just multiply the coloured pieces. So it is with the Kaleidoscope Lamp by Italian based designer, Dodo Arslan. This table lamp only needs three light bulbs and the clever pyramidal shape makes it seem […]

Online Tool that Determines the Solar Potential of Your Roof

Ever wonder what potential your roof has for solar power generation ? To answer this question now there is a website ( Roofray ) that is looking to help answer all of those queries using satellite data and a hands-on web site. Basically it’s a solar clearinghouse that uses Google satellite data and info from […]

LightBench : Illuminated Bench Seating

Lightbenches or bench seating that lights up are sure to the great conversational pieces for your home or garden. The bench is illuminated with RGB LED technology which means you get to choose what color you like or even a changing spectrum of different hues and shades – all at your fingertips with the programmable […]

Felt Wool Stone Cushions

Bring the outdoors inside with these “stone” cushions. They are not really boulders but soft felt wool cushions. The textile hue and embellishments cleverly mimic the natural color and marbling pattern often seen on real stones and pebbles. Place two of them to form the back rest and seat of your very own zen chair […]

Low Lounger by Low Lin Kiat

Designer Low Lin Kiat created this low lounger as a new approach to home decorating. Shaped like single flower petals the lounger can be arranged singularly or if space permits, you can have and entire set of them placed around a center table. Shaped like a saucer, the lounger allows you easy space but is […]

Furniture that Doubles as Comfy Hideaways for your Pets

For those of you who really love your pet, but you don’t want an ugly metal cage in your living room or bedroom to keep your pet inside here is a very good solution. DenHaus designs little homes for pets, and not any homes, they design a smart collection of furniture that doubles as comfy […]

Hanged Floor Light

The “Always Wanted to be a Chandelier” is what you might called a “failed” lighting design. An inanimate object so dejected and depressed with its lot in life that it has become suicidal! Perhaps we should be more thoughtful and considerate to our furniture for who knew they had feelings? This quirky design is the […]

Sperm Wallpaper by Nina Levett

See Nina Levett’s dress? It is printed with the same design as the wallpaper behind her. If they vaguely look biological to you, then you are right! These are her sperm wallpaper designs. Nina Levett is an Austrian based designer whose creative approach is both original and humorous. Her series of sperm wallpaper began because […]

The Cabbage Chair

Personally I don’t consider this a design, for me this is just something considered a design and made by someone who was very bored. The cabbage chair is created by peeling away the layers of a roll of pleated paper one layer at a time. The designer Nendo made this chair for the XXIst Century […]

Giant Hand-Knitted Carpet by Sebastian Schoenheit

Have you ever had to gently refuse your mother’s or grandmother’s old-fashioned hand knitted work? However much you appreciated their skill, knitted accessories just won’t do for the trendy, modern look you’re trying to achieve for your home? Perhaps you might change your mind after seeing the “300 Knitted Carpet” created by German designer, Sebastian […]

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