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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Christopher Dezille’s Honky, Builds Great Furniture

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For a guy looking to buy furniture for his renovated apartment, seeing what Honky comes up with is really helpful, but the fact that they’re from London is not. The guy behind the funny name interior design company is Christopher Dezille. His work tries to please everyone, hence the stylish, modern, contemporary or mid-century furniture. […]

Superior Athos Flueless Gas Fire : Elegant Solution for a Fireplace

For those of you who always wanted a fireplace in their home here is how you can make your dream come true. Firesgalore launched the Superior Athos Flueless Gas Fire, a solution that can be easily placed in any home and offers sleek, clean styling that will bring drama and ambience to both modern and […]

Inspirational Design of the Day : Little Library

From time to time when I’m searching for fresh & new content for this blog I stumble upon some really cool interior designs, and today I’ve decided to start a series of posts entitled “Inspirational Design of the Day”. In these posts I’ll post an image that I think is really inspiring. So today I’ve […]

Sound Wave Inspired Chair

Matthew Plummer Fernandez’s unusually textured chair was inspired by sound waves. Those contours were taken from an actual frequency plot (see below) or 3D graph of volume (height), frequency (depth), and time (width) of a particular sound he chose. He tried more than 700 sounds before he found the one he liked for his chair. The precision […]

334 Bench an Eco Friendly Project to Make People more Eco-concious

“334” is an innovative idea that aims to make people more eco-concious. “334” is a bench that’s been designed by designer Oscar Lhermitte as part of the “X days project.” This series aims to create products that involve considerable recycling, yet avoid processes like gluing, screwing, soldering etc. 334 bench consists of three parallel bars […]

Light Switch Extension Plates – WallPlates

The WallPlates are no ordinary light switch plates for they have been modified to hold items we commonly misplace like keys, umbrellas and mail especially when we enter and leave our homes. Installation requires no new screw holes, just the existing ones. The idea is simple and neat. Not just cool neat but neat, tidy for it really helps to reduce clutter. Justin […]

Coin Lamp : subtly heightens awareness of consumption through design

Designed by Jethro Macey the Coin Lamp requires you to insert a coin before it lights up. It will only light up whenever you insert coins inside, and the lamp itself has been specially set to a pre-determined time by an internal mechanism. Coin Lamp is the first product in a range based on the […]

Modern Penthouse in New York Gets Green Treatment

I’m a green fan, and when I say that it means that I care about the environment and I try to do as little harm as I can. Seeing this new penthouse in Lower Manhattan, downtown New York, I realized that I can do more. I can have my own green spot right in my […]

Customizable Wedge Furniture : Creative Wedge

Creative Wedge is a concept design that deserves to make it in to showrooms and into our homes. The fully customizable collection of foam wedges, rectangles and squares allows users to put together whole sections of furniture in all sorts of configurations. These will suit every conceivable position from sitting to prone for maximum comfort. Bright Side Design […]

Cube Lamp for Geometric Lighting

Drama, lights, action!! Ricardo Garza Marco’s Cube Lamp or Lámpara Cubo sets the stage for dramatic lighting. Imagine your next party with these lamps aligned on the walls of your living space. The lamps themselves are starkly simple but they let out light from slits on all the sides. When arranged as a set, the emitted […]

SG Blocks Container House – Made of Shipping Containers

The largest conference and expo on green innovation, West Coast Green, just started off yesterday and we already have the scoop with a great house dedicated to those who really care about the envinronment (I’m one of them, you?). It’s the SG Blocks Container House designed by the Lawrence Group that was built up usng […]

Duvet Covers Inspired by a Homeless Cardboard Box

Ever slept under a cardboard box? Probably not. There is a unique project launched in the form of duvet covers by Le Clochard. When I first saw these pictures I wasn’t sure whether the bedding was made out or real carton or cotton, but after I’ve read a little about this project I’ve found that […]

Fully Transparent Glass Bathtub from Novellini

The new Cristalli glass tub from Novellini is something really modern, with a clean and minimalistic look. From the Elysium collection, the tub is European design for chic, city-living types with an eye for the newest trends. Some people might say that this bathtub is not something for their bathroom, because it’s fully transparent and […]

Log Bowls by Loyal Loot Collective

Remember the Nature v2.01 Chair by Draw me a sheep posted recently? Well, here are Log Bowls to match! The rustic exterior of real bark is sharply contrasted by the sleek, modern and glossy interiors.  The bowls come in several vibrant colors and look really cool when several are grouped together. The real log cut-offs were […]

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