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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

Manage Your Pet’s Nutritional Needs Via Smartphone: Pintofeed [Video]

Admit it: the idea of feeding your pet through a wireless device didn’t really cross your mind. Lending a helping hand to those caught up in their busy modern lives, the creative team behind Pintofeed… envisioned a contemporary pet feeder which can provide food for your dog or cat automatically. The gizmo works by connecting it to a smartphone and

10 Ways to Organize your Back to School Home

Now that the summer is almost over it is time for families to start thinking about back to school ideas for their fall home. While many parents think back to school organization only involves the kids’ rooms and play areas, the reality is “back to school” time affects your entire home. From the moment you wake up in the morning…

DuPont Corian Countertops: An Ingenious Way to Charge Your Gadget Wirelessly

We bump into all sorts of wireless charging solutions these days and we test all sorts of methods, in order to improve the life battery of our smartphones and tablets. We’ve seen it all, from green technologies to fashionable gadgets that cost a fortune, that remarkably boost the life of our precious tech companion, yet we haven’t seen something functional

Stylish Origami Lightning Collection: “Folded” by Ariel Zuckerman

Israeli product designer Ariel Zuckerman… recently shared an interesting lighting collection with us, inspired by the Japanese art of Origami. According to the project developer, the “Folded” series deals with the physical tension applied on a two dimensional sheet. Using techniques such as folding, stretching and twisting, borrowed from the discipline of paper, and applying them to wooden sheets, led

Visually Striking 3D Perforated Copper Staircase by Arup

Pushing the limitation of geometry and materials in home design, Arup (in close collaboration with Design Architect STUDIO MISHIN  Architectural Bureau’s Sergey Mishin and Katya Larina and Technical Architects Daniel Llofriu Pou, Alberto Arguimbau) has created a three dimensional and perforated copper staircase, especially designed as a focal point for the Villa Mallorca… project. Illumination accentuates the geometry of the

10 Essential Lawn Care Tips for Your Late Summer Home

Now that the summer is getting away from us, your lawn is under attack from the hot summer sun, insects, and of course foot traffic from entertaining guests and kids playing. While the summer may be ending in a few months, your lawn still has many more months of looking beautiful. Whether you have a sprawling estate with extensive landscaping…

Celebrating Dining Without Mobile Phone Distractions: Zip It Tablecloth

Technology can dominate dining in a negative way. When groups of people eat together, mobile phones can often become unwelcome guests. Checking for updates, sending messages and answering calls can be an annoying distraction during a meal. Zip It Tablecloth is part of a collection which highlights and addresses this issue, while celebrating the ritual of dining with others.

Interview : Exciting Eco-Friendly Contemporary Garden Rooms By The English Designer Ben Lord

One of the strongest trends nowadays, in the world of design, focuses on sustainability. I find it very curious and exciting to see the world more engaged towards  environmentally-friendly approaches. The designers’ attempt to establish a proper dialogue between man and the environment is also gratifying. We had a few talks with the British designer, Ben Lord from Pod Space…

What’s Fashionable in Today’s Luxe Design

Luxe design focuses the art of living well offering affluent, sophisticated homeowners quality design and high end products. Most luxury products are out of the financial realm of possibility for the majority of the population, but there are ways to create the look of Luxe for less. The truth of the matter is that we all want to and strive

New IKEA LED Lamp For Illuminating Storage Drawers

The new DIODER LED battery-operated lamp… from IKEA answers a basic need when it comes to modern living: illuminating storage spaces, particularly drawers and cabinets. Unobtrusive and elegantly designed, the strip of light comes on automatically when you open the drawer and goes off when you close it. Moreover, the LED light source is said to consume up to 85%

What You Can Learn By Adding Home Interior Summer Colors

It’s summer time and the best part of the season is bringing in the colors that make us reminisce over all of the wonderful elements that summer reminds us of. Whether you love the ripe fruits and vegetables that light up your meals, or you remember a great beach vacation years ago – these colors can be brought into your…

What You Can Do to Help Drive the Sale of Your Home

There is much that is dependent on the sale of a home. The economy and the time of year are important factors. Luck can often have a major role when you ask yourself why your neighbor’s home, almost identical to your own, sold in just a few days while your’s has been sitting idle for a matter of months. There

Sculptural Lamp Designs of Great Aesthetic Value by John Procario

Designer John Procario… creates striking lighting objects by bending strips of ash or white oak to the point of breaking. This results into creative irregular shapes that seem to pay more tribute to art than practicability: “The idea for the lamps began by thinking of wood as a metaphor for the body. Wood will bend comfortably to a point, then

Seeking Balance and Tranquility: Modern Zen Design House in Tokyo

Exuding tranquility, this private Modern Zen Design House in Tokyo is envisioned as the perfect place to find inner peace. Balance is one of the hardest things to reach and since, our struggle and efforts are steady and focused in that direction, a perfectly balanced home helps us to achieve happiness. The place we spend most of our free time

10 Creative and Unexpected Ways to add Color to your Home

We all need a little bit of color in our lives. Color sets the mood and the tone of the home – some colors are vivacious and energetic while others are much more calming and relaxing by nature. Whether you want a pop or burst here and there, or you want to pack a colorful punch, below you’ll find some

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