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Loaded with witty design ideas for your home and for…yourself, this particular category is our most diverse. From inspirational art installations and eye-catching urban furniture to generally unthinkable decorating elements,unusually-shaped furniture objects, revolutionary building materials, green indoor walls,  multi-functional appliances, elegant lighting systems and the latest technology gadgets, a simple stroll through the ideas below is likely to expand your array of design-related interests.

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Hypnotizing Cage Chair Flaunting Dutch Design: Cageling

  • Cageling by Ontwerpduo  (2)
  • Cageling by Ontwerpduo  (3)
  • Cageling by Ontwerpduo  (4)
  • Cageling by Ontwerpduo  (5)

Dutch design studio Ontwerpduo caught our attention with a wonderful display of creativity concentrated in a versatile cage chair. Their Cageling hanging chair provokes your perspective on bird cages while offering a comfy place to rest. “A birdcage large as life in which you can swing freely: dreaming away in your own space, without being […]

Portable Book-Shaped Lamp Brightening Your Favourite Moments: Lumio

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When it comes to lighting as a reading companion, the expectations can often go sky-high. This charming book-shaped lamp meets most readers’ demands and does so with elegance. Lumio Lamp is more than a high-performance LED lamp with an ingenious shape; it is a versatile decorating item which we are certain most of you will […]

Ombre Wallpaper Inspired by Swedish Landscapes at Dusk and Dawn

  • Hallway.
  • Skymning and Gryning Wallpapers by Sandberg (3)
  • White elegant vintage chic interior with old console table
  • Skymning and Gryning Wallpapers by Sandberg (5)

Four walls could be easily beautified with wallpaper. But then again, maybe the perfect wallpaper is even harder to choose than paint. Are you adventurous enough to give the concrete wallpaper a try or do you prefer a softer look, like the fascinating ombre wallpaper part of Swedish brand Sandberg‘s latest Carl Collection? These two […]

Villeroy & Boch Augmented Reality App: A New Way to Experience Products

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Finally, an app that allows you to experience virtually, in 3D, how products will look in your home! Villeroy & Boch Augmented Reality App brings a large range of high quality products from some of the finest V& B collections, Joyce, Subway 2.0 and Legato, directly in your bathroom. It’s a fast, simple and fun […]

Interweaving the Threads of Technology and Tradition: LACESCAPE TABLE

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The project LACESCAPE TABLE by Miro Roman & Luka Vlahović interweaves the threads of technology and tradition. It was devised by Croatian women lace-makers, and completely digitally designed and fabricated. LACESCAPE TABLE is an idea and a concept which incorporates an entire population of tables.  It is exactly due of the abundance of multiple expressions of […]

Suspended Steel Powder-Coated Staircase Floating Above the Ground

Haptic, a London-based architectural studio envisioned a great interior filled with minimalistic design features. Youthful and tastefully decorated, the Idunsgate apartment (Oslo, Norway) just got cooler and believe it or not… larger! How could this be possible? Well, to enhance the idea of space, the team responsible with the project came up with a clever idea: a […]

Revolutionary Mattress That Fits Inside the Trunk of a Cab: Casper

“Just the right sink, just the right bounce“, this revolutionary mattress design envisioned by sleep startup Casper promises quality delivered at an affordable price. Manufacture in the US, the mattress comes folded up in a box that fits inside the trunk of a small-sized vehicle, or even on a motorbike.The fabrication process blends together two […]

Beams Flourishing Into Branches: Henrique Oliveira ‘s Baitogogo

Surprised by the unusual entanglement of life-like branches and custom-made structural beams? We were too, then took a closer look at Henrique Oliveira‘s alluring installation only to find that the vegetal world was craftfully merged with its organic counterpart. Photographed by André Morin, this surprising installation shows how the Brazilian artist interlinks existing elements, materializing […]

Eccentric Architecture: Space Shuttle Replica Built on Top of Chinese Roof

This space shuttle replica added on top of a roof in Guangdong province, China is taking off in the news worldwide. According to, the unconventional “extension” belongs to Huang Yuzhan, a 60 year-old farmer who decided his house should have some bursting personality. While the idea of a private nonfunctional spaceship may appeal to an […]

Break-Out and Dining Space in Manchester With Industrial Influences

The Hub is a break-out and dining space developed by Opus 4 (a design and build interior fit-out company in Manchester, England) for NSG Environmental. NSG- a nuclear waste management specialist – wanted a social ‘Hub,’ an engaging, inspiring space where employees could dine, relax, socialize and hold informal inter-department meetings. The original area was […]

Carrara Marble and Tuscan Craftsmanship: Original Design Collection by ZPSTUDIO

ZPSTUDIO sent us photos of their latest work, a series of objects evolved from a research on traditional and avant-garde techniques and manufactured in collaboration with Tuscan craftsmen. Clochette table lamp is a copper lampshade that clings on a white Carrara Marble pedestal, with a pink marble sphere as a handle to direct the beam […]

Sturdy Coat Hook With a Distinctive Industrial Look: Battleship

Battleship is a sturdy coat hook with a distinctive industrial appearance. Developed by English designer David Cathro of aCathroDESIGN, this modern and sleek functional piece is made from laser cut steel with a high quality semi-gloss powder coated finish. According to the designer, the aim of the project is to impart a modern industrial feel […]

Art Installations in Rome Based on 3D Illusions: Vantage by Aakash Nihalani [Video]

By using mixed media on canvas, corrugated plastic and wood, artist Aakash Nihalani created Vantage, an intriguing array of artworks. The “series” consists of site-specific installations within a display gallery, and various permanent and temporary urban installations around Rome, Italy. The 3D illusions are said to evoke the constant crash-encounters between the physical and cerebral […]

Looking for the Summer: Scented Sofa by Valerio Berruti

We’ve presented plenty of peculiar design ideas on Freshome but this one is absolutely mind-blowing! You all love the summer, right? The park alleys, the fresh smell of morning dew, the flowers. For those of you who can’t get enough of it and keep looking for the summer all year long, we have excellent news: you […]

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