Working from home has become more than a trend. Hard-working people the world over try to find the best way to accommodate a creative and inspiring working environment in their homes and we’ve gathered 30 splendid home offices that vibrate on a feminine level to get you started with that inspiration board.

Let stylish details steal the show

Home offices with a feminine and elegant atmosphere are a sum of all their functional and decorative elements. Stylish solutions for a productive home working environment can be found in creative details like custom-built shelves, a comfortable chair for those extra working hours or green plants to filter your air and thoughts when you need some inspiration.

Whether you will be working from a spacious home office or a desk nook, the essence of your work remains the same. So why not indulge in a sleek, sculptural home office design that will not only tell your personal story, but help you add more to it?

When you live in a small apartment and need to use all the space you can, a niche can become the place that showcases both a mezzanine bed and a compact office space underneath. Even when the room lacks storage space, a vintage wooden box or two can be used to store your magazines and paperwork.

Even without a large niche to fit all your home office stuff in, a few shelves and drawers could help you organize your paperwork. In a small niche office like the one shown above, organization is key to maintaining a good working environment.

A small home office does not require much space, but it does require a large amount of creativity. Showcasing books on a vertical shelf next to an elegant desk while magazines decoratively hang on a wooden ladder seems like a fantastic solution for your home desk, doesn’t it?

A corner of the living room can become the place you use to get some work done. Carefully chosen decorations matching the surrounding decor helps this space become part of the overall design. Using a comfortable office chair is of utmost importance for those spending a lot of time in front of a desk, so make sure you choose a chair that is both supporting and aesthetically pleasing.

Transforming a nook in your home into a home office is both challenging and rewarding. Custom-built furniture helps define a space where everything is in its place and you will find comfort and peace rushing over you.

A feminine home office can showcase not only necessary things like the computer, good lighting and an outlet to plug in your gadgets, but also colors that keep you balanced, textures that make you comfortable and furniture items that support your workload and decorate the overused space. Found on Glitter Guide and photographed by Grace Combs, the office in Liz Bachman’s home (of Grey & Scout) is exemplary in its attractive simplicity.

When space is not the issue and your home office occupies an entire room, the possibilities create a fascinating realm in which your needs meet your wishes in an inspiring setting. Flooded by natural light bouncing off creamy-colored furniture, the home office above was decorated with gray walls balancing the overflowing lightness, resulting in a calming environment.

Choosing a lighter gray tone and adding feminine elements like the sparkling pillow on the chair or the cream-colored decorative crowns hints towards the attention to details that create a cozy working environment. A touch of glamor was thrown in this mix with the help of a faceted mirror side table while the orchid flower and a leaf-patterned rug grounds the design.

Another way to add a feminine touch to your working space is to combine soothing nuances with natural light. This long and narrow office accommodating two working spaces was large enough for two more armchairs – that’s a nice way to add comfort and style to a space you use so often.

Corner home offices display customized ways to organize and store your office brick-a-bracks. Good lighting keeps everything in sight while maintaining a cheery atmosphere even in the darkest corners. Can you imagine a space like this in your home?

Casual elegance is what makes a home office cozy. It’s not about pretending you’re in an office, but rather creating a pleasant and inspiring working environment where your dreams turn into reality. So personalize your home office space to your liking but don’t forget to keep a laid back atmosphere.

Since the home office is the place you spend a large portion of your time, physical and mental comfort must be placed on the same level. Organization is key to starting every work day fresh and also helps you manage the time. So choosing baskets, boxes and colorful organizers for files and documents could not only save you valuable time, but create an order you will be tempted to maintain.

Bold colors within a simple space add character and define a playful atmosphere. Creative people work well in spaces that are not overcrowded with unnecessary details. The example above shows just how pretty an office can be if color replaces clutter.

Books, family photos and storage space can be combined to shape a home office that creates a balance between the homey feeling and the proffesional vibe you need to work. Inspired by ideas and stories found in books and having a special place to work from home sounds like the beginning of an awfully beautiful professional journey.

Spaces filled with light provoke us to be open and stress-free by reminding us of the world outside. An office flooded by natural light and constructed from carefully chosen details and natural colors vibrates with life and resets our minds every time we look up from the computer screen.

Pristine spaces decorated with bright colors make for intriguing home work spaces. Seen above, the white desk sitting next to a window seat must be a perfect place for creative writers and thinkers, for those who find inspiration in books and nature. And it also looks inviting for hand-writing a letter, something we have come to see as part of our past, but is actually part of our ability to connect with someone on a different level than we’re used to in a fast-paced society.

When simplicity and productivity collide in interior design, inspiring home offices are born. In a modern residence, the office space has become more and more important as technology and our understanding of the world have evolved. Working from home no longer feels wrong or unprofessional and we learn to see our homes as living and working spaces. In our mind is where we have the delimitation between the two worlds.

Art is a major influence in our daily lives whether you acknowledge it or not. Showcasing a colorful painting in a rather dull home working environment can completely change the aesthetic appeal. Caught in between a bookshelf and a window, this home office space guides your concentration towards work and leaves room for inspiration. This is what an uncluttered work space can look like.

Moving on to a more robust home office design, the space pictured above has the power of transposing us into a world of details. Bold feminine colors were matched with a brick wall and soothing wooden floors. Natural light bounces off the metal desk, adding an extra dimension to this eclectic work space.

When your home office is large enough to make you and guest feel comfortable, decorating it with personal items, cheery colors and flowers brings a feeling of comfort that you can hardly feel outside the home. Bright natural light bouncing off white walls was softened with color. Multiple storage spaces create a healthy organization that every office needs.

Maybe the space in your home is not enough to accommodate a home office room, but what you can do is to find a space you don’t use and create a working environment. Take as example the photo above – a simple desk was matched with a chest of drawers, becoming the place the owner uses to get some work done. And to think this occupies only a part of the mezzanine – now that’s creative home office design within a given space!

A room completely dedicated to a home office can easily become a polished, sophisticated space for work and work-related meetings. One of the walls in this office space was imagined storing books, decorations and personal items, leaving the modern glass-topped desk clutter-free.  A colorful geometric rug breaks the monotony of white and gray, adding an extra dimension to this inspiring working space.

To transform the attic into a working and reading space is a great idea from many vantage points: naturally lit attics usually offer the best views, privacy is rarely an issue since your family is less likely to bother you while working and there is usually enough space for storage. This attic home office design idea easily sparks up your imagination. Scandinavian simplicity was combined with carefully chosen furniture items that convey modernity and functionality.

Home offices that boast access to outdoors are dreamy because they tend to break the monotony by offering you an easily accessible moment of pause during your busy working schedule. And since color and bright light go successfully hand in hand, an office space that exudes femininity and elegance through a playful color palette holds the key to an inspiring home office design.

Bright and tall, the home office seen above was designed to be used by two people working side by side. The rest of this home office imagined by Kelly Deck Design offers plenty of storage and working space customized to the exact needs of its owners.

Inspiration comes in all shapes, sizes and colors, like this pristine working space where white thrones all over, accentuating colorful prints lieying around as if someone just got up to get a glass of water and will soon be back to work. Inspired by Scandinavian freshness, this long desk flaunting a Jacobsen chair dressed in a fluffy cover is complete with plenty of storage spaces – a dream, right?

Check out this pristine space showcasing decorative greenery – it exudes a sense of pure joy, surrounding you with a stylish and practical environment in which work seems easier. It’s so liberating to know that you make your own working schedule from the comfort of your own home!

Feminine and playful, the home office pictured above showcases a small office desk matched with an Eames molded plastic armchair and decorated with a Juju Hat (an African symbol of prosperity displaying the elegance, beauty and fragility of birds). Simple, small and inspiring, this beautifully decorated working space is feminine to the core through the use of joyful colors alongside floral and geometric patterns.

And who doesn’t love a bit of exoticism in their lives? Combining an elegant white desk with a flower-patterned wallpaper supporting transparent shelves and adding exotic details could be your answer for the ideal home office space.

And when bright, soothing natural light flows over to your desk, you know working on your projects will seem like a breeze. The office seen above was designed by creative director and graphic designer Julia Kostreva for herself – an intimate working space where she can work on her creative designs from the comfort of her home in San Francisco.

What’s your style?

Whatever type of work you do that requires an office space, be sure professionalism and stylish details adhere to your inspiring home office design. It’s your home, your working environment, your home office. All you need is a little inspiration to get you going!