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At Freshome, we believe strongly in encouraging creativity. Each project we post in our furniture section is meant to trigger your surprise and help you envision a home with a high level of dynamics and originality. Multi-purpose tables that can be packed up and stored in small drawers, shelves delivering inspirational messages, futuristic desks, industrial elements converted into practical household objects, chairs inspired by famous classic designs and items you did not even imagine existed- all awaiting for your honest and constructive critique.

Cube Chair by Svilen Gamalov

Although still at the concept stage the “Cube Chair” by Svilen Gamalov… provides an interesting example of modern design. The chair, which combines futurist design elements of the 1950’s with modern sensibility, is designed to envelope the user, creating a comfortable and stylized space. I hope to see more creative pieces of modern furniture like these, and I can’t wait

Fjaril Drawer System by Jakob Jørgensen

From time to time as you might have noticed we like to post some things that are a little bit unusual. For example today I would like to present  Fjaril, a drawer system designed by Danish designer Jakob Jørgensen…. Fjaril is one of his many projects which distinguishes itself with its beautiful sculptural nature and fine craftsmanship. As Jakob

Green Collection by Margaret Elman

Imagery is showing up quite a bit in home decor these days, often with designs inspired by nature. Fantastic colors combined with nicely shaped furniture are absolutely present a pleasant view for eyes. Margaret Elman, owner of Chair Couture… has created a beautifully refined interpretation of this phenomenon with her new seating/bedding collection. Known for her creative pairing of vintage

Boomerang Desk : An Office Made of Plastic

In 1969, the renowned French sculptor Maurice Calka issued something different: the Boomerang desk. A sexy molded fiberglass and plastic desk. The original moulded fiberglass desk has been produced in a limited edition of 35 pieces, initially manufactured by Leleu-Deshays. french president georges pompidou (1911-1974) was the owner of a white version in the elysée palace. In respect of his…

Iron Frame Furniture – Rigid Or Stylish?

When you hear of iron being used as a decorative indoor element, the last thing that comes to mind is comfort. After all, iron is the type of material that is quite the opposite: cold and rigid. But take a look at these interesting designs below. From Murillo…, these examples of iron frame furniture stand out due to their

“Tout Va Bien Cabinet” from Antoine+Manuel

We here on Freshome love to show you furniture items that break the patterns and bring a plus of originality to an interior. Recently we ran into this interesting cabinet. It is called “Tout Va Bien Cabinet” -in translation “everything will be alright”- and belongs to Antoine+Manue…l, a team of graphic designers from France. We liked its shape and

New Shelf System : Konnex by Florian Gross

Konnex… is a new shelf system by German designer Florian Gross. It is super versatile and can be put together in several ways. It has a contemporary appearance and would fit in most places. The shelf system is a basic cube set, which can be assembled according to the need of the house. It can also be moved into a

Folding Dining Table Folds into a Mirror

The Folding Dining Table from Italian company Porada… is a really interesting piece of furniture. This piece of furniture can be used as a mirror and ganged on the wall when folded, and it can also be used as a neat folding table especially when your dining space is limited. Don’t know how many of you would have the time

Cardboard Furniture Can Look Good, Here is the Proof

The Internationally acclaimed award-winning furniture designer Reinhard Dienes, is debuting an exclusive line of cardboard furniture with Fashion4Home…. The furniture pieces are lightweight, sturdy and 100% recyclable as well as playful. The extraordinary design completes the overall picture and makes it an optical highlight to every room. Whether the Bookshelf and the sideboard is available in various colors to

Inspired by the Fine Lightness of Textile : Wave Coffee Table

Last month we presented the SWING CHAIR by Angelo Tomaiuolo…, and today here is the Wave Coffee Table ..the perfect piece of furniture to match that chair, a cool and delicate small table thought for modern house living areas. Designed by the same designer Wave is a sensorial coffee table, inspired by the fine lightness of textile works and

Flexible Storage System From WilliamsSorel

Sometimes the most insignificant disruption in matters of furniture can change a room for the better. In this post we would like to showcase this flexible storage system from WilliamSorel…, an alternative for the classical shelving solutions. This item not only brings a plus of originality to the overall design of an interior, but it is also very practical.

Glass Coffee Tables Collection From Tunelli

Tunelli… is an Italian company founded in the mid 1980s who designs and produces furniture items in glass. We really enjoyed looking through their portfolio and our choice for you guys is this amazing contemporary collection of coffee tables. With a high regard to aesthetic effect, the company created these items in order to bring a plus of refinement and

Kube, A Practical Seating System from EOOS

We found these interesting looking chairs and we though something like this would be nice to have around in a large room for a home theater system. Elegant and functional, it could go well in a private home as well as in an office. We did some research and discovered that Kube comes from EOOS… and was created mainly for

Functionally Designed Piano Table by Georg Bohle

If you want a piano in your home, but until now space was a problem the piano table by Georg Bohle… solves all these problems. Created from oak wood, it is functionally designed to serve both as dining table and as an electric piano. The piano table is a dining table or work space with a built-in electric keyboard made

Top 20 Unique Contemporary Coffee Tables

Tables have been used since ancient times. Various shapes and sizes of table were made and used by the early Egyptians and Chinese. The history of coffee tables dates back to the late 19th century, during the Victorian era in Britian. Before this period, coffee tables didn’t exist. Rather, tall, round tables called tea tables were used. As their name…

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