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We like to think that every article on Freshome has a little “best of” integrated within. But we know how much you enjoy design lists, so we created a category especially for them. There is a little bit of each section on our site represented in the fascinating lists below. It is here that you will find a large dose of inspiration, condensed in the most popular posts on our website based on your Facebook shares (published on a monthly basis), or in the “30 ways-on-how-to” articles which we guarantee you will love.

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10 Hidden Dangers Lurking in your Home and How to Fix Them

  • fh hidden dangers carbon monoxide
  • fh hidden dangers carpeting
  • fh hidden dangers fridge
  • fh hidden dangers furniture

We’d never think that our homes could potentially be hazardous – We do the best to ensure that our family and loved ones are safe and sound at all times,  but often the dangers are not visible and lurk where we cannot see them. Some of what you are about to read may be of […]

How to Get Rid of Unpleasant Odors in your Home

  • clean home
  • clean home basement
  • contemporary house design
  • clean home kitchen

There’s nothing less inviting than walking into a home with a bad smell. There are many things that can contribute to a home’s less than rosy scent. Pets, smoke, mold and mildew, and cooking can create odors that permeate the air and linger around. These odors will eventually penetrate into the walls, carpeting and furniture. […]

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home

  • design home hvac
  • design home mudroom area storage
  • Home Library Design Ideas
  • design home - laundry room

You’re going to build your dream home and you’ve thought it all through – or so you’ve thought. You know exactly what you need and want to have in your home, but have you thought about what you don’t want and what you don’t need? Have you really thought the whole thing through? You have […]

How to Make Your Home Feel More Relaxing

  • freshome relaxing bedroom1
  • freshome relaxing bathroom
  • freshome relaxing kitchen
  • freshome relaxing living room

Our lives these days are busier than ever. We spend more time in our offices or on the road than we do in our own homes. Our lives have become so fast paced and frenzied that we really need to make a concerted effort to slow down. For many of us this no longer comes […]

10 Things you Must Fix in Your Home Today!

  • updates - bathroom
  • updates - kitchens
  • updates - remove panneling
  • updates - remove faux finishes

We update our wardrobes to reflect the changing and emerging styles, so naturally we should update our homes. In the long-run, a well maintained and updated home is necessary if you plan on putting your house on the market. Whether this is your first or second home, you are likely to, at some point, move […]

20 Smart City Technologies for 2013 and Beyond

Santiago Chile announced they’re going to become a “smart city” in 2013. Santiago is just one example of a growing number of areas around the globe preparing and modernizing for the future, in fact demographers have long predicted the mass urbanization of metropolitan areas across the world. According to the United Nations, by the year […]

How Does The Economy Affect the Furniture Industry?

Does the economy affect the furniture industry? “The economy absolutely affects the industry, as furniture is a discretionary item” says Leslie Carothers of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, a social media and marketing company focusing on the furniture industry. “When the economy is good people are definitely more willing to invest in furniture as well as better […]

Decorating Tricks to Make Your New House Welcoming and Cozy

Moving into a new house usually takes some time to adjust. But with a minimum amount of effort, the transition from one comfort zone to the next can be smooth and pleasant. Today’s post will present some decorating tips and tricks that should convert your new home into an oasis of relaxation for both you […]

How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

We’d all love to live in multi-million dollar homes with high ceilings, wide, elaborate mouldings and architectural fixtures and oversized windows with expansive views of majestic mountains, glittery city skylines or the ocean’s waves as they crash ashore.  I can’t offer any advice about your views but I can help offer you some suggestions as to how […]

Interior Design Benefits of Moving Into a Newly Built Modern Home

Buying a new house implies a fresh beginning, marked by excitement and freedom of choice. This is especially true when it comes to decorating; your home will be a white artist’s canvas, which you will have to imprint. In today’s post we will focus on a variety of features that should enhance your enthusiasm when […]

10 Must-See Global Architecture Symbols When Traveling to Rome

Carrying remains of a distant past, the streets of Rome are not as ostentatious as the ones in Vienna , nor as modern-chic as the ones in Paris. In a world where modern architecture is slowly taking over the perfect proportions, intricate and well defined personalities of former building styles, what you will find in […]

How to Keep Your Home and Valuables Safe When You Are Away

Whether you are away for a few hours, days or weeks, there are some basic steps you can take to safeguard your home. Burglars often watch homes to see when people are or aren’t there and plan to make their moves accordingly. It doesn’t take much, or long, for someone to enter your home and […]

Safeguarding your Valuables: What you Need to Know About Home Safes

Do your research before you buy your safe. Despite the fact that home burglary rates have been on the decline here in the US, many Americans – and many people world-wide – are buying home safes in increasing numbers. The main reason seems to be that people are losing faith in the banking system and […]

How to Decorate Interiors With High Ceilings

Decorating interiors with high ceilings implies a high dose of creativity. Building personality for a room with tall walls is neither difficult, nor more challenging than dealing with common-sized rooms. After all, home space is a gift no matter how you look at it and you should not be reluctant to use it. In this […]

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