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We like to think that every article on Freshome has a little “best of” integrated within. But we know how much you enjoy design lists, so we created a category especially for them. There is a little bit of each section on our site represented in the fascinating lists below. It is here that you will find a large dose of inspiration, condensed in the most popular posts on our website based on your Facebook shares (published on a monthly basis), or in the “30 ways-on-how-to” articles which we guarantee you will love.

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How Urbanization Is Affecting The Architecture Of Transit

  • transit station naples italy
  • rainbow art in transit station
  • india transit station
  • green roof tranist station

Living in a city can be an exciting experience. With an endless variety of restaurants, entertainment and business opportunities, it’s no wonder that people are drawn to these frenzied centers of civilization. Where big-city dreams await, people are always going to migrate in masses with the hope of being a part of something bigger. That […]

How To Choose Perfect Bed Linens

  • blue and white bedroom
  • white bedroom
  • all white bed
  • luxury bedroom

Did you know that we spend 26 years sleeping in our beds!? If we are going to spend that much of our lives in bed, then shouldn’t our beds be the ultimate sanctuary? Don’t we deserve beds that have the absolute best sheets and pillows —ones that are as soft as down and as fluffy as […]

How Millennials Can Get Ready For The Housing Market

  • Millenials have unique concerns when it comes to joining the housing market. Image Via: RW Anderson Homes
  • Hire qualified professionals who can explain the intricacies of the buying process. Image Via: TerraCotta Properties
  • But, with a little preparation, twenty-somethings can navigate real estate with ease. Image Via: Murray Franklyn
  • Take a hard look at your finances before looking at properties. Image Via: Orchid Newton ltd

 These days, your twenties are synonymous with uncertainty and change. With more opportunities available to young adults than ever before, it’s common to know someone whose moving to another coast for a job opportunity or spending a few years volunteering abroad. In the midst of all these adventures, millennials are slower to put down roots […]

The Psychology Behind Designing Corporate Spaces

  • Corporations are quickly discovering that design has an impact on employee performance. Image Via:
  • In open offices even enclosed rooms usually have high visibility. Image Via: Novo Construction
  • Quiet spaces like these can be used when needed for conference calls or meetings. Image Via: Optimizely
  • Bring personal items to the office to create a happier environment. Image Via: Nevo Construction

Let’s be honest, designing corporate spaces is all about the bottom line. Traditionally companies would save money by buying the cheapest furniture possible – in bulk – and arranging it in an assembly line fashion to accommodate the largest amount of workers in the tightest space. However, corporations are quickly discovering that this type of […]

How Interior Designers Can Increase Their Incomes

  • steel grey living room shelves windows
  • modern glass dining table wall mural windows
  • modern white living room ceiling light
  • bedroom purple walls curtains carpet

This is not some “How to Get Rich Quick” article, rather more of a scientific article that looks inside the creative mind of an interior designer, looking into the way they think and why those very thoughts are blocking them from maximizing their potential and their income. Nor is this talk of “The Secret” and […]

How To Balance Comfort and Style In Your Home

As regular readers of design sites like Freshome, it should come as no surprise that many of us consider pleasing aesthetics to a be an essential component of interior design. But, there should be no shortage of people who also agree that the rooms in our home should be comforting, an oasis of sorts from […]

How To Avoid Mistakes When Renovating

Renovating. The word alone conjures images of messy, dust-filled rooms. Think of kitchen renovations where the stove, fridge and dishwasher have been pulled out and placed in the middle of the TV room—optimal for entertaining guests, right?  Even worse, bathroom renovations where your entire family of five is forced to share ONE bathroom while the […]

Why a Class in Communications is a Must for Architects

Ever felt like nobody gets you? Are you the one with all the great ideas, if only you could get others to open their ears and listen?  What is it about that guy/gal at work? You know who we’re talking about—the one who makes a room fall silent, all ears on them, everyone listening, nodding, […]

10 Things Every Architecture Student Needs to Know Now

Do buildings speak to you?  Not literally, of course, but are you always admiring the curves, shape and body of architecture, imagining what the designer was trying to convey through its shape? If so, perhaps the study of architecture is something for you to pursue. But wait— there is a lot more to studying architecture […]

10 Things I Wish My Realtor Would Have Told Me

Ah, home ownership—the dream we all chase. Owning your own home is freeing, but it certainly catapults you quickly into the adult world of bills, brokers, and banking. There are so many things to know before buying a home, and even if you have owned and sold homes in the past, there may be things […]

10 Classic Misconceptions of Architects

When you think of an architect, what is the first thing that comes to mind? We bet it is one of these top ten classic misconceptions that we have compiled below. While every profession contains certain stereotypes (and some may be valid), architects tend to be right up there with engineers when it comes to […]

How Modern Transit and Highways Affect Property Values

BEEP! BEEP! Do you hear that everyday? Whether you are hurrying along your daily commute, or whether you live adjacent to a busy highway— the stress and noise of modern transit seem unavoidable. While new highways are great for commuters, they are not so great for those whose homes are impacted by traffic and noise […]

Why Mix And Matching Is Important In Your Interiors

All lot of the time, people are hesitant to mix and match, especially when they are new to the world of interior design. They worry that in doing so, they will take their meticulously planned space from a pulled-together, polished room to a sloppy mess. If that scenario sounds familiar, don’t worry. You are far […]

How to Decide Between Hiring an Architect or a Designer

The big question is: What’s the difference? You want a new home from top to bottom, so who do you hire— An architect? An interior designer? Or both? Few people realize that many designers have some knowledge and training in architecture, similarly, many architects have knowledge and training in design. While both these professions revolve […]

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