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Combining coziness with visual appeal, the bedrooms presented on Freshome abound in creativity and personality. It is here that you will also find inspiration for bachelors and bachelorettes, generous family bedrooms, as well as cool bunk beds and playful rooms for children. Intricate, yet aesthetic storing systems, fluffy carpets and creative wallpapers, alluring king-size beds and generous windows with exquisite views, fascinating reading nooks- all add up in this category, making your decorating task a breeze.

Bedroom Inspiration #3

After you’ve saw Bedroom Inspiration #1, and #2 …today here I come with the 3rd part of this series, that will continue over time .Enjoy these pictures, and I hope you’ll leave from here a little more inspired. Don’t forget to come back because Bedroom Design Inspiration series is just at episode #3, and there are more to come.

The Illuminating Door Handle

Today I’ve discovered this interesting door handle. As you can see from this pictures the handle indicates the room is occupied with a red light on the outside of the door when the thumb turn is activated. When the room is vacant there is a continuous green light on the outside. This door handle can be very useful for toilets,

Things You Should Know before Buying a New Bed

Did you know that most of us spend one-third of our lives in bed, everyday we go for sleep for 8 hours. We do spend a lot of time in bed and the bed we spend it in as a lot to do with how comfortable we are during the night and day. You should also care about your bed

Salmon Shaped Pillow

When I saw this pictures I’ve said “What ? Is this really a pillow ?” – I was a little intrigued, and maybe this is the marketing strategy for this pillow, to make you speak about her, resulting in a word of mouth marketing, and who knows …more sales.For those who still look strange at this pillow I can confirm

Affrodable Flyer Platform Bed

If you look at this bed you might think that a modern simple bed like this has a huge price, but if you’ll continue to read you can find that this bed is something really affrodable, and is just $499.Simple and sleek, with a modern design they are stylish alternatives to the common box spring and are affordable too.You can…

Bedroom Inspiration #2

New Bedroom Inspiration want to give you fresh ideas about how to decorate your bedroom. This blog main purpose is to give you inspiration when you need to decorate your home. Ten days ago I’ve started a topic entitled “Bedroom Inspiration #1…“ where I’ve posted 6 pictures with beautiful 6 bedrooms. Today here it comes the second post

The RUF-Cinema Bed

As I’ve said many times in this blog and I’ll continue to repeat this :”To be competitive in a market you always have to innovate.” – Starting from this quote and looking at the pictures we can see that this principle is also valid in beds industry.I’ve found this beautiful modern bed at furniture section on….As you can

Missy’s Dreamer – Pet Bed

If you love you dog or cat, and you want a modern bed for him “Missy’s Dreamer” is a good choice and will keep your cat or dog sleeping soundly in its curvaceous acrylic form with color coordinated mattress.The price for this luxurious bed for animals is a little bit high ( from $485 to $650 ), but if you…

Ultimate Relaxation System Bed Chair

I love this bed chair concept, because as you can see is a perfect solution for reading in bed, watching tv, …. in bed or on the floor.I remember when I was in college I had to learn in bed, because I didn’t had enough space, and if I’ve had a bed chair like this my life would be easier.This…

7 Hi-Tech Sound Pillows for your iPod

A pillow is a small (and usually soft) support for the head, usually used while sleeping in a bed, or for the body as used on a couch or chair. For those of you who like to fall asleep to music now you can make this using a musical pillow.There’s no need for any annoying headphones, just enjoy the sound…

Bedroom Inspiration #1

Today I’ve decided to post something new on this blog. Something for more inspiration, because that’s why you are here. So let’s start with a set of beautiful bedroom design… pictures. From time to time I will add new sets of bedroom inspiration, as you see this is the #1 ( first set ). I know that these bedrooms might

Leaf Duvet Cover

I don’t know why, but I think that I love leafs, because yesterday I’ve also posted about this beautiful rug… that has a design based on leafs. Today I’ve found this beautiful Amenity Leaf Duvet Cover, that if you use it in a room were the floor is brown, and the furniture is brown you can have beautiful effect, like

Sofa Garden Pillow

If you want to improve your home decor Sofa Garden can provide you some decorative pillows that surely will give you a pleasant feeling when you come home.From their pillow collection I’ve choosed those pillows that I like the most.For more you can take a look at Sofa Garden.

Hot Chick Sheets – Inspiration for your bed

Ché… ( leading “men’s magazine” in Flanders ) released a special edition down slip/cover a little while ago, to bring the hottie to the nerds amongst us .Now everybody can have a hot “virtual ” chick in his bed every night. These sheets where made just for an advertising campaign, but I’m sure if you really want one you can

Tree Bed – Bring Nature in Your Home

This bed is specially made for those who love nature, and want a little “piece” of nature in their homes. Very romantic and refreshing, just like a bed from fairy tales. – Product page… – SlMetalWorks

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