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Combining coziness with visual appeal, the bedrooms presented on Freshome abound in creativity and personality. It is here that you will also find inspiration for bachelors and bachelorettes, generous family bedrooms, as well as cool bunk beds and playful rooms for children. Intricate, yet aesthetic storing systems, fluffy carpets and creative wallpapers, alluring king-size beds and generous windows with exquisite views, fascinating reading nooks- all add up in this category, making your decorating task a breeze.

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Bedroom Paint Ideas: What’s Your Color Personality?

  • Jun 22, 2015, 2:13:35 PM
  • molding-2
  • chevron
  • dual-stripe

Have you noticed how color can affect your mood? When considering bedroom paint ideas, the right bedroom paint color choice will make a huge difference in how you feel. Famous psychotherapist Carl Jung famously pioneered the concept of color psychology. He was interested in colors’ properties and meanings and believed that colorful art had the potential as a tool […]

20 Teen Bedroom Ideas That Are Fun and Cool

  • This bedroom includes a small study space and a cool wall mural
  • teen small bedroom ideas
  • Teen storage
  • multi-purpose teen room

If you’re searching for teen bedroom ideas, think about what your teen loves and see their bedroom through their perspective. A teenager has a different view of a bedroom than an adult — beyond a place to sleep, it’s where a teen escapes from the world of demands and rules. There are few places where a […]

Lovely Range of Themed Children’s Beds Mixing Fun, Play and Rest

  • Pirate-Corner-bunkbed-Lifetime-Cuckooland
  • Wonderland-girls-bed
  • Illustrated-Circus-Bed
  • Kids-Cabin-Storage-bed

Balancing fun and rest, these new children’s beds from Danish company Lifetime are a treat. The collection below features special themes ranging from pirates and princesses to Morrocan style materials and airplanes. These fun sleeping solutions provide kids with more than just a place to rest their heads as they also double up as play […]

How To Design a Bedroom that Grows with Your Child

  • Choose traditional furniture that won't go out of style
  • Focus on multifunctional furniture that can change with your child's needs.
  • Avoid having to buy pricy design elements more than once by keeping them neutral.
  • Use accessories to add personality to the room.

Kids are notorious for changing their personal tastes from minute to minute. And, that’s okay – it’s all part of the fun of growing up.However, when it comes time to decorate their rooms, constantly updating the décor to reflect those ever-changing tastes can be exhausting, not to mention expensive. Use these tips to design a […]

Revolutionary Mattress That Fits Inside the Trunk of a Cab: Casper

  • casper mattress
  • project mattress design (1)
  • project mattress design (3)
  • project mattress design (4)

“Just the right sink, just the right bounce“, this revolutionary mattress design envisioned by sleep startup Casper promises quality delivered at an affordable price. Manufacture in the US, the mattress comes folded up in a box that fits inside the trunk of a small-sized vehicle, or even on a motorbike.The fabrication process blends together two […]

Before and After : Bedroom Makeover with Moss and Coral Accents

This inspiring bedroom makeover is the result of a design collaboration between Decorview and style expert Emily Henderson. The goal of the project was to bring a bit of sunshine into a Los Angeles family and beat out winter blues. The owners (busy parents of three boys) had a dull bedroom with mismatched window coverings […]

Beautiful Bedroom That Sizzles by Eduardo Arruga

Have a look at the sizzling details showcased by this beautiful bedroom! Envisioned by Barcelona interior designer Eduardo Arruga, this alluring interior is defined by a soft vintage feel. Five large windows, high beamed ceilings and a large walk-in closet make it a dream-like relaxation room. By combining the color blue with a variety of […]

11 Fresh Bedroom Trends in 2014 You Must See

The bedroom; one of the most sacred rooms of the house and one of the rooms where we spend the most time (even if it’s to merely sleep).  It can also be one of the few room where you can design and decorate it to meet your particular tastes, and not have to worry what […]

40 Stunning Bedrooms Flaunting Decorative Canopy Beds

Back in the days, wealthy people would add their luxuriously carved canopy beds to the will, leaving their beloved dreamland to be enjoyed and admired by future generations. Now, we get to enjoy past examples and contribute our own designs to the history of this fascinating bed. Wealthy or not, we all dream First built […]

Fascinating Idea for Small Interiors: Retractable Bed by Funn Roberts

We stumbled across this elegant retractable bed especially envisioned by designer Funn Roberts for actor Vincent Kartheiser. When dealing with small spaces, having a large amount of furniture disappear  from your living space is bliss. We were pleasantly surprised to see an idea that is able to replace the existence of an extensible sofa, resulting in […]

Bedroom Makeovers on a Whim: NOYO Headboards With Interchangeable Slipcovers

NOYO Home Décor creates custom headboards that can give any bedroom the personality it deserves. NOYO’s slipcover headboard design makes bedroom makeovers as easy as changing the sheets. With over 100 different design solutions for all ages and styles- from whimsical vintage to the bold and poetic-the user can simply pick out what fits his […]

Help Put The Fantastic Cuddle Mattress Into Production ! [Video]

Do you remember the Love Mattress we posted a while back on Freshome? Envisioned by Mehdi Mojtabavi, which we also interviewed, this design had an incredibly positive response from readers worldwide, and we can’t say this came as a surprise. The unique mattress stands up for couple coddling in a highly practical manner. The product […]

The Lost Art of Ancient Chinese Wood Carving: Magnificent Q Lin Bed

The ancient tradition of wood carving of Chinese screens is a lost art. For thousands of years, incredible artists would carve gorgeous screens that became an integral part of a typical Chinese home’s architecture. The fascination of this beautiful element of Chinese culture, mixed with the clean and modern design sensibility of Europe and a touch of the casual nature of California living […]

Inspiring Bedrooms for Boy and Girl in Modern Slovakian Crib

Slovakia is one of the east block’s countries recently coming alive in terms of quality architecture & design. Rado Rick Designers sent us an inspiring project consisting of rooms for a 6 years old Star Wars fan and a 2 years old princess. The main wish of the parents was to create living spaces which […]

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