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If you thought bathrooms are dull interiors with no major aesthetic potential, get ready to be respectfully contradicted. Stay tune for organic shapes, vivid colors, original storage solutions, lovely decorating items, state-of-the-art appliances, ripple faucets, miniature water fountains, rain showers and bubble baths. Our bathroom section below is packed full with incredible photos of interiors (sometimes having dazzling themes) that will play with your senses and challenge your idea of ultimate relaxation.

A Washbasin Like You’ve Never Saw Before : Abisko Washbasin

The Abisko Washbasin… is the result of a collaboration between Eumar Santhenica and Swedish Designer Johan Kauppi together with architect Lars Sundstorm. This design is a unique and totally new concept with an environmentally-conscious mentality without losing modern appeal. I’m pretty sure that you haven’t saw something like this before. The idea of Abisko was born in a project in

Beautiful Bathroom Sink with a Looped Towel Rail

I love simple and practical ideas like this ingenious bathroom sink from Sanindusa…. Made with 100 percent recycled material, the gently curving line of the sink terminates in a convenient looped towel rail. As you can see from the pictures this sink is quite small, and it works wonderfully in a small bathroom. The only bad things about this

Bathroom Fixtures from Toto, Oriental Charm at its Modern Best

How about adding a touch of natural class, a dash of cool green accessories and some eastern-styled simplicity to your bathroom? If you are game for it, then the latest range of bathroom fittings from Toto… are just the thing you’ve looking for. The Neorest SE & LE bathroom fixtures merge the calming background of neutral light wood and pale

Read & Roll : Elegant Solution for Bathroom Readers

A lot of people like to read in bathroom, and Read & Roll is something especially designed for this. Read & Roll designed by Turkish Architect Direnc Demirbas is a simple and elegant solution for both toilet roll and a space for magazines newspapers and books. It is made by plastic injection molding and thanks to its flexibility it can…

HansaLatrava Faucet by Octopus Design

So if you are here and your are looking for something unique to make your bathroom really cool, then this faucet design might be something you are looking for. Octopus Design, in collaboration with Bruno Sacco… of Hansa, former head of Mercedes-Benz design designed the HansaLatrava faucet. According to Octopus Design. “It is a formal sculpture which has never

Apollo by LineaAqua, Steam Shower Luxury

There is absolutely nothing like a lavish steam shower with some soothing music and ambient lighting to take the tension away. And Apollo by LineaAqua… does that exactly. It’s a space age-styled futuristic capsule that comes completely loaded with LED mood lighting, a stereo system with AM/FM and AUX inputs, a pampering spa seat and of course six sprayers that

Bathroom that works best for the person living alone : Oneself

Designer Pavel took the concept of utilizing the economy of a single space to develop the “Oneself” bathroom: a bathroom that works best for the person living alone. The essential elements of a full bathroom are incorporated into the wall space, blurring the line between design and utility, conservation and functionality. At a first glance this might appear a simple…

Wall Mounted Sinks and Cabinets From Sonia

A wall-mounted sink can add style to any kitchen or bathroom space. Today I would like to present you a new series of wall mounted sinks and cabinets from Sonia…. These pieces have a beautiful curved design that maximizes space by mounting sink/cabinet combinations directly to the wall, freeing up floor space and helping to create some visual space.

Bath tub design inspired by the natural form of the human body

This bathtub design by Marco Tallarida won the Bathroom Innovation Award… in 2008. The bath tub design is inspired by the natural form of the human body. Its shape resembles that slanting organic posture that we take while bathing. It was consciously designed to minimise the volume of water yet maximize comfort. The bath tub provides a comfortable and emotional

Cirrus MVR: The transformer among the bathrooms

The innovative and highly space-conscious bathroom designed by Michael Trudgeon just won the 2008 awards of the Reese Bathroom Innovation in Australia. And for good reason, too. Dubbed Cirrus MVR, the luxurious and complete bathroom folds up into a simple and minimalist shelf when not in use and thus saves on space greatly. Its design also allows you to save

Smart toilet system that uses shower water for flushing

The Grey Water Toilet System by Alison Norcott is a smart toilet system minimizes water wastage by allowing shower water to be utilized for flushing. When you shower drain water is collected and pumped into an in-wall tank, and when needed the toilet uses the in-wall tank of used shower water to clean the toilet. To avoid bacteria growth, the…

G-Full Toilet and Bidet(bench) from Hatria

Italian company Hatria… come up with an interesting idea for the bathroom that hides toilet and bidet smartly under the stylish solid wood cover, so when is not in use it converts into an elegant bathroom bench. Hidden away from view, the toilet and bidet are revealed when you flip up the wooden cover. The G-Full system is wall mounted,

Cascading waterfall from the washbasin to the bathtub

Chin Chia Lim’s Würfel recreates the magic of a cascading waterfall from the washbasin to the bathtub. I’ve never saw something like this before and this new approach is something really unique. The bad thing about this design is that you’ll need to fill up the sink every time you want take a bath and just imagine the amount of…

How to pick out the most appropriate bathroom vanity

So is it really important to sit, think and worry about decorating your bathroom? And is spending all that time and cash on bathroom vanities really a necessity? Well, just think about how much time your girlfriend is spending in there when you two go out, and you will automatically understand its importance.
Even for those with a settled family,…

Modern White Bathroom : Light by Arlexitalia

For those of you who own a big home, and want an interesting idea for a minimalist bathroom here is something that Arlexitalia… just released, a new bathroom collection called Light. AS you can see from these pictures the new collection is characterized by clear lines of design, a lot of white and simplicity. This minimalist bathroom is made from

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