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Amazing Folding Shower for Small Bathrooms

You’ve seen a lot of unusual indoor designs here on Freshome, including ones that can considerably decrease their volume for an easier storage. Still, this amazing folding shower is definitely a first. From Supiot…, this ingenious design can make a small bathroom feel much spacious. Easy to install, the shower can be simply packed up when it is not

Apartment Design in Timisoara with Ingenious “On Sale” Decorating Items

This stylish and highly functional apartment was redesigned by Ştefan Lazăr…, a Romanian interior designer and real estate specialist. The loft is located in Timisoara, Romania and represents a family gift for their son. Decorated on a small budget, with a lot of interesting objects which the designer knew they were “on sale’, we consider this crib to be

25 Inspiring and Delightful Traditional Kitchen Designs

Since we recently had a post on Freshome about modern kitchen interiors…, we decided to make a little research on classic ideas as well. So here you have it: 25 inspiring traditional kitchen designs that will take you back to the beauty and elegance of the latest decades. We tried to find exquisite designs with a well defined personality.

Twin Chair, a Blend of Design and Functionality

This simple and yet highly original design belongs to French artist Philippe Nigro… and for a minute had us fooled. At a first glance this furniture piece appears to be a common back-rest chair. But this design is not called “Twin Chair” with no reason.  Once unfolded, the design reveals its functionality. This is a great idea which can lead

Ceramic House in Madrid with Stunning Multi-Level Interiors

This original home comes from Spanish architect Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez… and is located in Madrid, Spain. The project is called “Ceramic House” and is a make-over of an attic space belonging to an old building. Here is some information from the architects: “As if the design would be a three-dimensional object, every one of the rooms or points of the home

Shower Mirror Which Prevents Condensation “Reflect”

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, condensation is a real drag, isn’t it? “Reflect” is an innovative design which acts both as a shower head and a mirror. “Reflect’ shower head comes from Nick Paget, an industrial design teacher and we found the unusual shower mirror idea presented in detail here…. You probably want to know what is the

24 Cool Wallpaper Stickers Ideas for Creative Interiors

It is very often that our readers ask for ideas on how to improve the overall look of a room. These cool wallpaper sticker could be the answer they are looking for. Easy to use, the wall stickers are pre-cut adhesive items, that can be simply unwrapped and glued in the desired location. They are various, so many ideas to…

Creative Design Idea: Desk Made From Briefcases

When first seeing the photos of this unusual briefcase desk, we hoped it was made from recycled materials. But apparently it was created using leather. All in all, the idea is interesting and worth showcasing. We don’t know if this desk was meant for nomadic souls and wanderers, or if you can pack it up once you are done working.…

Elegant and Original White Furniture Set from Michael Wolk

The Stryde furniture collection belongs to designer Michael Wolk and was introduced by Loewenstein… at the NeoCon show in Chicago this year. With a simple but beautiful shape, this set could remind one of the classical designs that were popular a few decades ago. However, this collection goes great in a modern and tasteful interior, bringing a plus of elegance.

Original Restaurant and Wine Bar in Beirut

We all have our special places around town in which we like to dine, have a drink and talk with friends. This wine bar/restaurant design comes from a Lebanese company called PSLAB… and we think it has the originality and atmosphere which can turn a common wine bar into a favorite place for going out. Located n Beirut, Lebanon, this

“Secret Stash” Hides Desk Objects in Places No One Would Think of

“Secret Stash” is one of the coolest ideas we’ve seen lately in this category. Creative and fun, this system comes from designer YiTing Cheng… and is able to hide things like keys, money, documents and even valuable messages in places no one would ever think about searching. The designer explains how this is possible: “This project is about concealing valuables,

Colorful Urban Eco Structure from Michael Johansson

Swedish artist Michael Johansson created an unusual urban sculpture which is exhibited at the Umedalan Skulptur 2010 …event. The giant project includes life-sized objects such as a truck, a trailer, a Volvo, shipping containers and even trash cans stuck together in order to create a 3D wall. The structure is called “Self Contained” and is said to be a statement

Furnibloom, Integrate Nature into Your Lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a home that reminded you of spring at every step? Well here is an idea for step one: Furnibloom was created by landscape architect Dagný Bjarnadóttir… and is actually a set of Plexiglas furniture. The uncommon aspect of this idea is the fact that Furnibloom houses a variety of plants. This is possible by

Cool Flexible Power Strip, Aesthetics and Functionality

To be honest, I was wondering when something like this would be released on the market. From Quirky…, this flexible power strip may not be the first of its kind, but it sure looks good enough for the screens. Its simple yet very flexible design could make life easier for those who always stumble on the classical straight-shaped strips.

Axor Flexible Bathroom Collection, a Little French Charm

Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, this beautiful bathroom collection has no less than 70 different bathroom items, which makes it extremely flexible. “Axor Bouroullec…” set is meant to greet the personal needs of any user. Completely customizable, this collection can lead to the creation of various bathroom designs. Moreover, the interior which they are integrated in becomes

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