Living under the Australian sun provides ample palm tree sun protection and the occasional breeze. Living in a modern Australian home connected to the outdoors is a dream. Designed by Davis Architects, this beachfront home in Byron Bay, Australia, is prepared to offer its inhabitants the best mix between indoor and outdoor living. The existing sub-tropical climate by the coast implies a lifestyle lived partly outdoors. Invited to spend quality time under the sun, the owners of this beachfront home can rest assured that their time will be well spent in an attractive home.

Any beachlover would feel at home here, where sleek design lines meet complementary trendy colors. Large floor-to-ceiling windows compose a bright and cheery atmosphere and invite surrounding views inside. This makes the luxury beachfront Australian home a place where dreams come true. And according to the architects, “this luxury beachfront property in Byron Bay has been designed to take advantage of the wonderful coastal sub-tropical climate. Indoor-outdoor living, large breezeway windows and overly generous covered outdoor areas are key in the design “conception” of this project. The four bedroom house also features a separate self-contained 2 storey terrace house to accommodate guests. As Byron Bay Architects we love using locally sourced materials. Hardwood doors, privacy screens, timber floors and sandstone walls all feature prominently in this design.

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