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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Small House in Ukraine Displaying a Fascinating Blend of Materials and Textures

  • design project Bogdan Golovchenko
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This charming contemporary small house was especially designed by Kvartal Studio Group for a young family in Odessa, Ukraine. Displaying warmth throughout, the relatively compact (200 sq.meters/2150 sq.feet) residence combines different styles, color tones, materials and textures. Every sector has it’s own atmosphere and tone, integrating various modern architecture trends in its composition. An interesting looking […]

Mountain Ridge Hosting Dramatic Modern Architecture: House in Yatsugatake

  • design yatsugatake_house
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After spending many years searching for the ideal site to build his home, the owner came across this heavenly sloping mountain ridge at the foot of the Yatsugatake Mountains in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Next up, he commissioned Kidosaki Architects Studio to deliver a dramatic modern architecture project. House in Yatsugatake is partially extended off the ground, with […]

Modern Box House With Openings Inspiring Freedom in Sydney, Australia

  • North elevation
  • East elevation
  • West elevation
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Zouk Architects designed the Box House, a private residence located in the golden triangle of Strathfield, a region with exclusive venues in one of Sydney’s suburbs. Most of the properties respect a strict planning regulation. The Box House became a reality after analysing the immediate surrounding, which determined its final shape. Comprising a series of interlocked […]

Heritage-Listed Venue with Modern Additions in Maylands, Australia

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  • House plan
  • Bathroom details

The Australian architecture studio, Jonathan Lake Architects remodelled this heritage-listed venue in Maylands, Australia, adding a sense of contemporary design to the existing structure. The project completed in 2010 brings to our attention a new timber extension with steel framed openings. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow to flood the interior with light and warmth. The depth generated by the several […]

Rectangular-Shaped Single Floor House in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Cross section
  • Yellow detail
  • Bathroom white
  • Bedroom view

Occupying only a third of the total surface of the plot (250 Sqm out of 750 Sqm), the Pathway House designed by Jacobs-Yaniv Architects in Tel Aviv is a home that establishes a connection with the outdoor environment, in order to make the inhabitants feel relaxed and peaceful. Boasting a rectangular-shaped structure, the single floor venue brings the […]

Warmth and Elegance Displayed by Sustainable Prefab House in Princeton [Video]

Located just five minutes away from Princeton’s University, this new modern home designed by Marina Rubina in collaboration with GMLM Design Giedre Miller has some “elite” features of its own. Surprisingly enough, The Quarry House was fabricated at a modular factory in less than a month and installed on site in one day. According to […]

Hillside Home in Japan Cleverly Exhibiting the Owner’s Car Collection

Not too long ago, we published the Car Park House project in Los Angeles, which switches between the common positions of the open-air “garage” and the living spaces. This particular hillside home by architect Kenji Yanagawa in Kurakuen, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan is an interesting Japanese approach to displaying a private car collection. The striking dwelling […]

The Uncanny Honeycomb Inspired Estar Móveis Store in Brazil

Estar Móveis, a furniture design company from Brazil opened a new store in São Paolo and we have to say…it’s bold and crazy! SuperLimão Studio, the company responsible with the makeover, did an exceptional job! Estar Móveis, a firm with more than 60 years of experience, has recently started to change its direction, adapting a more contemporary approach […]

Colossal 3D Printer Designed to Build a Home in 24 Hours

Do you remember our post on the world’s first 3D printed Canal House in Amsterdam? Well, if that project was estimated to be completed in a matter of months- an impressive achievement- a new colossal 3D printer is being planned as we speak, with the purpose of building a house in less than 24 hours. […]

Interconnected Spaces: Contemporary Renovation of Residence 1414 in Austin, Texas

A house originally built in 1940’s, in a historical neighbourhood in Austin, Texas, a contemporary renovation by Miró Rivera Architects, to meet the current expectations of the owners. During the 1980’s, the venue did suffer some less inspired transformations, which were not reflecting exactly the true nature of it. What the clients wanted was to “get back […]

Welcoming Modern Crib Displaying an Intriguing Architecture: Oakley House

An original modern architecture approach defines Oakley House, a project developed by Benjamin Waechter Architect on an existing foundation measuring only 28’ x 28’, according to the local building constraints in Portland, Oregon, USA. Cleverly designed on top of this foundation, the welcoming modern crib is officially described as follows: “The ground level living space […]

Ingeniously Designed Small House on Wheels by Alek Lisefski

Web designer Alek Lisefski recently completed The Tiny Project, an ingeniously-designed small house on wheels, measuring 8 feet by 20 feet. The unconventional project is currently inhabited by the designer, his girlfriend and their dog. Its features are truly impressive: a passive solar system, 10 windows and a full-glass door for tons of light; high-end […]

Defined by a Perfect Indoor Outdoor Experience: Burkehill Residence [Video]

The design collaboration between Vancouver-based studio Craig Chevalier and Raven Inside Interior Design led to the development of a luxurious contemporary home located in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The 7,000 square foot mansion boasts four bedrooms and five bathrooms, plus an impressive array of features, such as infinity pool, outdoor jacuzzi, game room and […]

A Sequence of Straight Lines Defining a Dream Mexican Home

A true dream Mexican home, is set in Pachuca, México, Navona House falls into the category of luxury residences designed by JI Studio. A sequence of straight lines defines the structure, adding a sense of geometrical coherence. Massive yet unitary, the house is composed of several interconnected volumes. The social area, with the kitchen, living and dinning room […]

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