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Intriguing Contemporary Residence Elegantly Maximizing Space in Fukuoka, Japan

  • design Project House-of-Corridor
  • interior Project House-of-Corridor
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Architect Show Co. completed the design and development of House of Corridor, a contemporary residence located in Fukuoka, Japan. Playing with geometric shapes, the architects created a visually intriguing street facade. A wooden entrance was integrated in the overall design of the building, adding an interesting aesthetic effect, as well as a functional feature: the […]

The House With a Japanese Maple Tree in Melbourne by Andrew Maynard

  • Red bathroom
  • Hallway
  • Simplicity
  • Wooden bedroom

One of the Australia’s brightest architects, Andrew Maynardan, designed this elegant and compact single-family residence located on the Moor Street, in Fitzroy (one of Melbourne’s suburbs). The new house, kept some of its old characteristics, such as the street façade, the original brick terrace and an old Japanese maple tree (located in the courtyard). Andrew’s projects are […]

Symbiosis Between Old and New: Beautifully Converted Farmhouse in Belgium

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Have a look at this lovely farmhouse recently transformed by the architects at Studio Farris into a contemporary family crib! Inside and out, the dwelling (located in an agricultural area close to Brussels, Belgium) has a friendly, welcoming feel. Its picturesque brick walls were renovated by the project developers, which largely contributed to its charming, […]

Elegant All-White Home Surrounded by Green Space in Parede, Portugal

  • Transition
  • White Corridor
  • Sairs
  • Neat Interior

 Humberto Conde has recently completed the Parede 11 project, a modern residence located in the countryside, in Portugal. The exquisite home, which seems a little bit “cramped” by other traditional dwellings surrounding it, was smartly built to enhance the feeling of space. Before building it, there were the following notes, worth paying attention to: “The new […]

Comfortable Home Modernly Decorated Welcomes the Nature Inside by Oscar Gonzalez Moix

  • Interior Decor
  • Upper Floor and Plants
  • House Plans
  • Lovely Terrace

Located on a plot of land in Molina, one of the upscale districts that comprise the city of Lima (Peru), Casa Cachalotes is an interesting residential project characterised by openness, transparency and joyfulness. The two-storey house, completed by Oscar Gonzalez Moix in 2010, is surrounded by an area studded with lush vegetation. A maze of greenery surrounds the house and moreover, […]

Modern and Bright House with Amazing View Over the Columbia River, Washington

This exquisite dwelling, located  on the Columbia River in Washington, is the home of a young family that has an appreciation for modern architecture. The River House, for this is the name of the project, was designed by McClellan Architects as a weekend retreat, a place where the family gathers and spends quality time together, away from the […]

Lavish Home Design With a Little Extra: 604 Acacia House in California

Inside and out, the 604 Acacia House designed by Brandon Architects in Corona Dl Mar, California, USA, inspires a lavish way of living. The street facade is surprisingly open, with plenty of windows and just a picturesque wooden fence marking the property border. The two-level building displays a variety of eye-catching symmetries, in both architectural […]

Small, Yet Extremely Creative Home Extension in France by Loïc Picquet Architecte

French architectural firm Loïc Picquet Architecte completed work on the restoration and decoration of an old house in the city of St. Louis, in the Alsace region of eastern France. In the back of the house the architects envisioned a small outbuilding, called Extension C. This unusual “protuberance” became a continuation of the kitchen; it […]

Modern Inspiring House Integrating Colourful Lights in Timisoara, Romania

We received this wonderful set of photos from Andreescu & Gaivoronschi, an architecture studio based in Timisoara, Romania. One of the prestigious referent points in the Romanian contemporary architectural landscape, the studio completed a series of significant projects in the last decade and has been nominated for several prizes. The studio’s latest (residential) project, known as […]

Irregularly-Shaped Tower Marking the Georgia-Turkey Border: Sarpi Checkpoint

In your next Georgia trip, pay attention to the curving lines of this unconventional checkpoint marking the border with Turkey, on the shores of the Black Sea! The Ministry of Finance of Georgia commissioned J. Mayer H. Architects to create the Sarpi Border Checkpoint, a modern tower used as a viewing platform. The amoeba-shaped structure provides […]

Filter Between Busy Street and Quiet Garden: Ecole Normale House in Bordeaux

Modern architecture has adapted to crowded cityscapes in a variety of manners. On Freshome, we see more and more private homes that act like filters or “buffer zones” between the street and commonly surprising courtyards. This is also the case with Ecole Normale House, a contemporary residence envisioned by FABRE/deMARIEN Architects in Bordeaux, France. The […]

Respect for Traditional Architecture: Inspiring House Rehabilitation in Spain

Barcelona-based Dom Arquitectura recently completed a stunning renovation project in Noutigos, A Coruña, Spain. According to the development team, the aim was to act respecting the current volumes of the old house, located close to the river. Maintaining the stone facade and replacing the original windows, the architects envisioned two new small and strategic openings in […]

Irregular White Residential “Box”: Modern Villa Bilthoven in the Netherlands

In stark contrast to the surrounding traditional architecture from the 19th and 20th century, this villa in Bilthoven, the Netherlands showcases a highly modern design. The project was recently completed by Clijsters Architectuur Studio and showcases an irregular shape, with distinct geometric protuberances adding up to the main white volume. With an inspiring placement in […]

Modern Rectangular-Shaped House Boasting an Elegantly-Joyful Interior

Seen first on Architectism, One27 Grovedale is a residential project completed by the architect Mick Rule in the city of Perth, Australia. The house, modern and bright, impresses the viewer with its neat and clean exterior. A fine example of bold and modern architecture (combining successfully elements from the middle of the last century with the […]

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