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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Inventive Architecture Protecting the Inhabitant’s Privacy: House I by Yoshichika Takagi

  • House I by Yoshichika Takagi
  • House I by Yoshichika Takagi (2)
  • House I by Yoshichika Takagi (3)
  • House I by Yoshichika Takagi (4)

Japanese architecture studio Yoshichika Takagi has completed the House I located in Akita City, Japan. With an undeniable inspirational architecture, the building lies in the middle of an urban area, surrounded by large commercial buildings. As you can see from the pictures, privacy was a problem when designing this structure. The architects had to be […]

Contemporary Energy Efficient Laneway Home in Vancouver

  • The Mendoza Lane House02
  • The Mendoza Lane House03
  • The Mendoza Lane House04
  • The Mendoza Lane House05

The Mendoza Lane House was designed by Lanefab after the authorities in Vancouver encouraged owners to replace their garages with laneway houses in order to increase people density in certain neighborhoods. According to the architects, “the Mendoza Lane House is 710sf with combined living/dining/kitchen upstairs along with a balcony. It’s built on a standard 33′x122′ […]

Fabulous Mountain Residence in Whistler with Astounding Mountain Views

  • Luxury-Property-in-Whistler-2
  • Luxury-Property-in-Whistler-3
  • Luxury-Property-in-Whistler-4
  • Luxury-Property-in-Whistler-5

Valued at $8,500,000, this exquisite property for sale at Sotheby`s Canada is located in Whistler, British Columbia. Resting on 6,000 square feet, the 6 en-suited bedroom residence features an open plan gourmet kitchen and living area prepared for any catering and entertaining needs, as well as games and media rooms, a nanny suite and a […]

Sustainable Residence by SB Architects Nestled in the Hills of Mill Valley, California

  • The Hillside House by SB Architects
  • The Hillside House by SB Architects  (2)
  • The Hillside House by SB Architects  (3)
  • The Hillside House by SB Architects  (4)

Take a good look at this next residence. Try to imagine how it feels like to walk around in its vast rooms and see every detail that San Francisco-based SB Architects perfected when designing the place. The contemporary Hillside House – a simple name that expresses both the natural surroundings and natural materials used for […]

New Project by A-Cero in Madrid Playing with Concrete Volumes

  • A-Cero on Freshome01
  • A-Cero on Freshome02
  • A-Cero on Freshome03
  • A-Cero on Freshome04

We just received one of A-Cero‘s recent projects, located in the outskirts of Madrid. Here is the description from the architects; “The project is intended to respond to customer needs in terms of distribution, placement and surface. Housing is developed on 3 levels. We sought the perfect functioning of housing in relation to the needs […]

Canyon Inspired Residence in the Netherlands with Original Architecture Details

This uncommon looking residence was designed by architects 24H > architecture and is located in Leyden, The Netherlands. According to Arch Daily, the facade of the home is an echo of the “canyon” represented by this project: “the canyon flows through the house and encloses the stairs.” This feature allows light to enter the building […]

Charming L-Shaped Addition to a Seattle Residence by Shed

Southender Addition is a modern project designed by Shed Architects and located in Seattle, Washington. The clients needed an extra space for a bedroom and a guest bed, as well as for various storing needs. The result? An L-shaped volume which was added to the existing building, forming a tasteful and aesthetic architecture contrast. The […]

Inspired by Works of a Spanish Sculptor: A-cero’s Open Box House

Located in the outskirts of Madrid, A-cero’s wonderful Open Box House forecasts a world of modern architecture and comfortable living. The sculptural 750 m2 house has a surprisingly artistic shape, inspired by Spanish sculptor Jorge Oteiza, renowned for being one of the main theorists on Spanish modern art. Featuring three storeys, the Open Box House […]

Exceptional Container Home by and for Industrial Designer Debbie Glassberg [Video]

Who would have thought that containers will serve much more than their original purpose? Industrial designer Debbie Glassberg says she is driven by design and this is what helped her overcome ordinary architecture. Debbie Glassberg’s home is a 2,600 square feet structure made of five shipping containers that has a rather unusual appearance. Located in […]

Dreamy Miami Castle Surrounded by a Moat: Architect Charles Sieger’s Residence

Who here never dreamed of living their perfect life in a castle? I know I have, but i could never imagine how the castle would look like. Now I see someone is living in my dream castle! Owned by architect Charles Sieger of Sieger Suarez, the extraordinary property Charles Sieger is a renowned architect who […]

Inspiring: Garage Converted Into a Wecoming 41 Square Meter Crib

Garage conversions are very popular nowadays. It is amazing what some can do out of an old rusty room and today we have yet another project that proves impossible is nothing. French architects at Fabre | de Marien managed to completely transform a 41 sqm garage located in Bordeaux into a welcoming living space. Here […]

Small Minimalist Residence in an Urban Neighbourhood: The WBE House by AUAU Architecture

The WBE House is a project designed in 2010 by Nagoya-based architecture studio AUAU. Located in Kasugai, Japan, the small but cosy two-story residence was built on a narrow lot in an urban high-density neighbourhood. As you can see, the house has a striking contemporary look, setting it apart from the rest of the neighbouring […]

Magnificent Structure for Art: The Nanjing Museum of Art by Steven Holl Architects

The Nanjing Museum of Art and Architecture is now finished. Respecting the needs of such a building, Steven Holl Architects created a structure that shelters galleries, a tea room, a bookstore and a curator’s residence. The architects describe the architectural building:”The museum explores the shifting viewpoints, layers of space, expanses of mist and water, which […]

Architecturally Complex with Spiralling Enclosed Garden: White O Residence by Toyo Ito & Associates

For a home that has a rather futuristic look, the White O Residence is a very comfortable place to live. Designed by Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects, the 370 square meters dwelling sits on a gentle slope allowing the architects to take full advantage of the site in designing the unusual structure. A partially enclosed […]

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