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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Sustainable and Contemporary: Brooks Avenue House in California

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Brooks Avenue House was designed by Canada-based company Bricault and is located in Venice, a neighborhood in California  According to the architects, “the clients for this project needed more space to accommodate the needs of a growing family, but they were reluctant to leave their location in Venice – one of the few walkable neighborhoods in […]

Single-Family Residence Can Turn Into Multi-Generation Home

  • Oberen Berg House (2)
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The Oberen Berg House by Alexander Brenner has caught our attention due to its modern, bold and imposing architecture. Appearing like a collection of white volumes displayed on the northeast side, the residence is made out of a cluster of spaces connected to each other through openings in the geometric protective walls. The 4,876 square […]

A Caravan That Can Navigate Shallow Waters: The Sealander [Video]

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In case you ever wanted to go camping on water, here is a practical idea. The Sealander, designed by German industrial designer Daniel Straub, is a recreational trailer with amphibious features. Which means it can take you places on land, but also on water. Seen on NOTCOT, the unusual vehicle was built using glass-fiber enhanced […]

Contemporary Home in Chile Built Around Native Trees: Fray Leon House

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57Studio have designed the impressive Fray Leon House, located on the east side of Santiago, Chile. The residence was built around native trees an in relationship with them. According to the architects, “the interior spaces are organized around a native tree (Cryptocaria alba) that accompanies the access from the south. Through the hall, the presence […]

Interesting Minimalist Architecture in a Rural Landscape: Little Black Dress

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Designed by X Architekten, the Little Black Dress adornes the rural hillside landscape with a modern, black architecture. The 1,000 square meters property located in Gunskirchen, Austria, allows the minimalist residence to stand out among its neighbors. Reinforced concrete floors protect the building from flooding due to poor soil conditions. Gathered under a classic gable […]

Pharmaceutical Factory In Harbin Said To Be The Chinese Version of Versailles

Now we all knew the pharmaceutical business is doing good, but nevertheless, did not see this coming. What you see in the photos below are the interiors of an office building located in Harbin, northeast of China and belonging to Harbin Pharmaceutical Group. According to Daily Mail, the building consists of three levels of offices […]

Family Residence Surrounded by Scenic Landscapes in California

The Mill Valley Hillside residence was designed by McGlashan Architecture and is located in Marin County, California, north of San Francisco. The home was especially built in order to accommodate three generations, in two separate dwellings, under one green roof. According to the architects, the project “brings the grandparents closer to their children and grandchildren, […]

Four-Storey Summer House Showcasing an Original Architecture In Lithuania

G.Natkevicius & Partners, an architecture studio from Lithuania, completed a the modern 3,078 square foot Summer House located in Birštonas.  Here is an excerpt from the official project description the architects provided: the residence “is a 4 storey summer-house, 3 space garage plus storage and boiler-room, situated in the basement. Ground floor has a lobby, […]

Innovative Construction Material Displayed On The HI-MACS House

The collaboration between German architectural studios Karl Dreer and Bembé Dellinger Architects gave birth to this amazing residence that borrows its name from the natural acrylic stone used in its construction. The residence located in Bavaria, Germany, very close to the Ammersee Lake and overlooks the green forests of Upper Bavaria displaying a contemporary architecture […]

Local Stone and Modern Design: Casa Club Bosque Altozano

Casa Club Bosque Altozano by Parque Humano was built in Mexico City, Mexico. Showcasing a distinct contemporary shape rising on a natural ledge in a hill covered area, the residence overlooks Montana Monarca valley. Exploring the panorama through a vertical selection of windows accompanying the stone volume, the house reacts to its surroundings through the […]

Exotic Villa in Mexico With Views Of The Sierra Madres Mountains

We recently ran across this exotic villa called Casa Tortugas and figured we would share it with you guys. The residence is located near Punta Mita on the Riviera Nayarit, in a landscape that combines views of the Sierra Madres Mountains with a soft ocean breeze. According to the official description, “a covered terrace with […]

Modern Japanese Home With A Fascinating Architecture Geometry

This stunning looking minimalist residence was designed by Shigeru Fuse Architects and is located in Abiko, a city in northern Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The striking thing about this unusual home is its architecture geometry. According to the project developers, the construction site has a height difference of about 5 meters between the pedestrian path on […]

Hairdresser Shop and Residence In One Colorful Building: Casa Sasso

Here is a colorful and tasteful home design that will cheer you up. Casa Sasso comes from 57Studio and is a 1 658 SqFt residence located in Santiago, Chile. The project consisted in redefining a 1960s home and transforming it into a hairdresser shop and living space. The two functionally different units were separated by […]

The Comfy Way of Living in an Aistream Trailer by Matthew Hofmann

Matthew Hofmann (of Hofmann Architecture), a 28-year-old Central California Coast-based architect, is the master craftsman who’s turning back the clock. This is his second high-design Airstream project to be released this year. Can you remember the first Airstream remodel? According to the official project description we received, “for this design Hofmann found four feet of […]

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