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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Warm Atmosphere in Cluj-Napoca Residence by Qub Design

  • Observatory residence (2)
  • Observatory residence (3)
  • Observatory residence (4)
  • Observatory residence (6)

For today, we have a fresh Romanian house design that we would like to share with you. Created by Cluj-Napoca-based design studio Qub Design and the manager Dumitru Pop, this residence in the heart of a residential neighbourhood in Cluj spreads over three floors. The semi-basement features storage and the technical room. The first floor […]

Rustic and Modern Residence in Spain’s Priorat Wine Region

  • Residence in Priorat Region (2)
  • Residence in Priorat Region (3)
  • Residence in Priorat Region (4)
  • Residence in Priorat Region (5)

Designed by Barcelona-based Minim Interior Design Studio, the residence located in Spain’s Priorat Wine Region showcases a rustic atmosphere accentuated by the balanced use of modern furnishings. The building used to be an old mill, but the architects transformed it into an interesting residence while respecting the original space. Trying to overcome the building’s shortcomings, […]

Cozy & Picturesque Home Built on a Small Bay

  • FLODEAU-Pete-Bossley-Architects-Waterfall-Bay-House-2-KS-102
  • FLODEAU-Pete-Bossley-Architects-Waterfall-Bay-House-3-KS-747
  • FLODEAU-Pete-Bossley-Architects-Waterfall-Bay-House-4-PM-789
  • FLODEAU-Pete-Bossley-Architects-Waterfall-Bay-House-6-PM-746

Waterfall Bay House is a spectacular wooden residence designed by Pete Bossley Architects and located in New Zealand. Here is a small description from the architects: “Located in a remote bay in the Marlborough Sounds, this house emphasizes on the intimate qualities of the small bay. Set close to the water it runs along the […]

Inspired by Nautical and Traditional Elements: Burling Court Residence

  • Burling Court House
  • Burling Court House (2)
  • Burling Court House (3)
  • Burling Court House (4)

Showcasing a flawless design, both interior and exterior, the residence in Bethesda, Maryland was designed by and for the owner at Shinberg.Levinas. What used to be a typical 1940’s colonial brick house was transformed into an amazing contemporary home that “explodes the front and rear façade in order to reveal the inner-workings of the colonial […]

Swedish Waterfront Home of an Interior Designer

  • Marie Olsson Nylander's House
  • Marie Olsson Nylander's House (2)
  • Marie Olsson Nylander's House (4)
  • Marie Olsson Nylander's House (5)

Swedish interior designer Marie Olsson Nylander was blessed with a fantastic residence where she can relax and enjoy the serenity of family life. Located in Arild, Sweden, the beautiful 1970 home found on Mixr displays a shabby mix of interior design sources. The designer and her husband saw the villa three times before they bought […]

Dining Experience: Surrounded by Interactive Design

Designing a burger palace is not an easy job, especially if the restaurant is the place where the acclaimed chef and owner Bobby Flay would yet again experience with cuisine. Having owned many restaurants with different concepts and cuisines, the owner is interested in “the individual character of each of his projects, insisting on uniqueness […]

Idyllic Oceanfront Residence in an Exclusive Singaporean Community

This next residential project comes from Singapore-based architects ONG&ONG. Named 72 Sentosa Cove House, the residence is located in an exclusive oceanfront residential community in the East of Sentosa Island in Singapore. The architects needed to maximize the space and ensure the inhabitant’s privacy while constructing a comfortable yet luxurious residence. Neighbouring houses are situated […]

Impressive Contemporary Residence in Bangkok: L71 House

L71 House was designed by studio Office AT and is located on the northeastern side of Bangkok, Thailand. Modern and elegant, the residence stands out due to an interesting architecture, a clean interior design and a generous pool with palm trees. Here is more on the project’s structure from the architects: “All of the house […]

Unique Roof Playground in Copenhagen for Both Children and Adults

Danish company Julien de Smedt (JDS) Architects came up with an original way to take advantage of a space that is usually neglected: the roof. They managed to create an incredible rolling rooftop playground and park in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro district. The idea of the project was triggered by the fact that courtyards in Nørrebro tend […]

Traditional Architecture Meets Modern Design: Enclave House

Hidden behind an existing Queen Anne residence, the modern part of the Enclave House features fantastic living spaces divided by a beautifully landscaped garden while featuring parking facilities in the back of the lot. The front facade has undergone a restoration that avoided modifying the existing structure, look and elevation. Designed by BKK Architects, the […]

Beach Retreat in Australia Set Among Native Eucalypti

Here is a contemporary retreat that is sure to stir up your holiday plans. Pretty Beach House is located in Australia, just north of Sydney, in a beautiful natural environment, amongst the trees at the edge of a delightful beach. Consisting of a main home and three surrounding pavilions, each hosting one bedroom, the all-inclusive […]

Impressive Stone Residence with an Original Architecture in The Carribeans

This intriguing looking stone residence is located on the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy and was designed by Barnes Coy Architects. According to the architects, the site is situated on a high peninsula, with 270 degree views of the surrounding landscape: “The long axis of the house is perpendicular to the axis of the peninsula, […]

Spectacular Holiday Home in Cape Town: Mwanzoleo Residence

Mwanzoleo residence is an impressive looking holiday home located in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. The villa features five bedrooms and five bathrooms and is perfect for accommodating up to 10 people. Here is an official project description which we believe catches the spectacular nature of this residence: “Rising six stories with a dramatic […]

Minimalist Japanese Residence Flaunting a Fascinating Facade

Looking at the Cell Brick House from the outside makes you wonder how the interiors of this amazing architectural building are shaped. The skin of the house is what makes it so special. It displays a fascinating pattern of holes that rise up from a pebble-covered base. Small steel boxes were placed one on top […]

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