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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Expect only the best in color composition, use of materials and human ingenuity!

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Suburban Home Marked by an Inspired Asymmetry: Jigsaw Residence

  • Jigsaw Residence (1)
  • Jigsaw Residence (2)
  • Jigsaw Residence (3)
  • Jigsaw Residence (5)

The Jigsaw Residence was designed by David Jameson Architect and is a fascinating modern home located in Bethesda, Maryland. Composed of uneven volumes, the crib’s exterior is highly original and appealing. According to the architects, “Jigsaw introverts itself in a continous spatial flow around an open air courtyard carved from the home’s remains. Fundamental to the […]

Exploring Residential Architecture From Many Vantage Points: Bilt House

  • Bilt House (2)
  • Bilt House (3)
  • Bilt House (4)
  • Bilt House (5)

We would like to share with you today a special project – a fantastic modern house that was impeccably designed out of many different elements. Architectural finishes, furniture and furnishings participate in the construction of this modern and comfortable residential space. The Bilt House’s design is captured from different vantage points by the talented photographer […]

Intriguing Architecture in Australia: Tramway by Vibe Design Group

  • Tramway_02
  • Tramway_03
  • Tramway_04
  • Tramway_05

We just received yet another impressive contemporary residence from Vibe Design Group. Tramway is a private home located in Melbourne Australia, occupying an area of 327 meters (plus an outdoor living space of 77 meters). Here is the official project description we were sent: “Given the client’s involvement in motorsport, we were motivated to create […]

Sustainable Contemporary Home in USA With a Highly Appealing Look

  • Peconic-Bay-Residence-02-750x492
  • Peconic-Bay-Residence-03-750x506
  • Peconic-Bay-Residence-04-1-750x496
  • Peconic-Bay-Residence-04-750x493

Peconic Bay Residence was designed by Bridgehampton-based studio Stelle Architects and is located in Suffolk County, New York, USA. According to the architects, “the house is sited on a bluff overlooking the bay within a grove of cedar and locust trees. Discrete volumes of varying public and private functions are organized around an axial promenade, extending to […]

Modern Terrace of Wood and Glass by DOS Architects

  • DOS Architects terrace (2)
  • DOS Architects terrace (3)
  • DOS Architects terrace (4)
  • DOS Architects terrace (5)

Simple transformations of a space can bring the luxurious feeling of wanting to change more and a constant thirst for new ways to improve your lifestyle by improving your surrounding space. Looking at this beautiful terrace transformation makes one want to maintain the feeling of new and exciting. Designed by London-based DOS Architects, the terrace […]

Cutting Edge Architecture in Brazil: Cobogó House

 The Cobogó House was designed by Brazillian architect Marcio Kogan of StudioMK27 and displays an original exterior and layout. The residence consists of three levels. The bottom one opens towards a veranda and a small picturesque lake, through floor to ceiling glass doors. This way, the large living room is connected to the beautiful outdoor landscape. […]

Architecturally Striking Barn Conversion in Surrey, England

For today we would like to introduce you to a mind-blowing conversion of a barn in Surrey, England, into a beautiful contemporary living space. The project belongs to Stedman Blower Architects and was featured on the famous TV show “Grand Designs”. The new residence displays a highly modern appearance and an original layout. The main […]

A Home Renovation Easy to Fall For: 3602 East Apollo Drive

We received an interesting project from property consultant Cody Derrick, of CityHome Collective. The project description we were sent made us smile towards the end: “3602 East Apollo Drive has been through it. Aside from the kidney shaped black bottom pool added in the 70’s, the rehab on this beauty has taken place over the […]

Delightful Mix of Traditional and Modern in a Moroccan Country Home

In case you were wondering how a Moroccan country home looked like, but didn’t have the chance to see one, here is a project that will raise your interest even more. Found on JJ Locations, this beautiful crib combines traditional elements with modern design approaches, creating a space that is beautiful, inviting and highly original. […]

Glamorous Fashion Bar in Germany by Berlin Rodeo

Berlin-based architecture & interior design firm Berlin Rodeo designed a fantastic 140 square meter bar in Berlin, Germany. What makes it obviously different is the glamour feeling comprised in a space that filters light and design elements to offer the best entertaining experience possible. Located in Berlin’s Schöneberg neighborhood, the Fashion Bar exploits ever inch […]

Two Hundred Tons Of Paint Bring New Look To Soviet Pipe Plant [Time Lapse Video]

These days, artists all over the world are taking over abandoned industrial neighborhoods and turning them into open culture scenes. This may not be the case with this Soviet pipe manufacturing plant, as it is still functional, producing over 25 000 standard sizes of pipe in 34 Russian and 25 foreign standards. However, the inspiration […]

Mesmerizing Private House by Oded & Elizabeth Tal Architects

We just received a delightful home design completed by Oded & Elizabeth Tal Architects. According to the project developers, the residence was built on a long, narrow sight of 800 sqm in the city of Herzelia near the Mediterranean Sea. There are four levels to the house: a full basement with cinema room and three bedrooms, […]

Charming Malibu Residence Capturing Views of the Ocean

An impressive example of modern architecture can be admired in Manhattan Beach, in southwestern Los Angeles County, California. Named the 33rd Street Residence, this contemporary house presents a solution to the challenging site conditions: a small 420 square meter lot had to be transformed into an amazing contemporary residence. The architects working on this project […]

An Elegant Design Approach: The Vertical House in Brazil

The Vertical House was designed by São Paulo-based studio Isay Weinfeld and is a 3,767 square foot, two-story residence located in São Paulo, Brazil. The brief called for a home especially designed and built for a young single man. Here is more from the architects’ official project description:  “Having a full program to consider – besides […]

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