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Freshome covers a wide range of smart decorating ideas for apartments with a twist. Hundreds of projects are elegantly laid out in this category, helping you envision and develop your ideal apartment. From imposing New York penthouses, to aesthetically-perfect Scandinavian cribs and all the way to minimalist Asian inspiration, prepare to get  blown away by a variety of styles and surprising design solutions. And simply enjoy your virtual tour of the world’s best apartments!

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Artistic Focal Point Connecting The Living And The Attic

  • M2-House-by-Studio-Associato-Bettinelli1
  • M2-House-by-Studio-Associato-Bettinelli2
  • M2-House-by-Studio-Associato-Bettinelli3
  • M2-House-by-Studio-Associato-Bettinelli4

The M2 House is a residential project better described visually because of its massive dark focal point in the middle of the living space – a dark wooden staircase connecting the apartment to an attic space. This impressive project underwent by Italian Studio Associato Bettinelli solidifies a permanent residence. A space composed of a bright […]

When Two Apartments Merge : Paddington Penthouse in London

  • modern penthouse (1)
  • modern penthouse (2)
  • modern penthouse (1)
  • modern penthouse (2)

Paddington Penthouse was envisioned and implemented by SHH and stretches over a surface of 4700 square feet. The project is the result of a merger between two apartments located on the 14th and 15th floor of a new building in the Paddington Basin in London. According to the architects, the brief was to “create a […]

Glazed Double-Height Penthouse Overlooking The Urban Jungle

  • House-of-the-Tree (2)
  • House-of-the-Tree (3)
  • House-of-the-Tree (4)
  • House-of-the-Tree (5)

House Of The Tree rises above the city of Shenzhen, China, drawing in natural light through a defining feature of the space – a two-floor interior space partly glazed and open to the idea of “living between the city and the nature”. Designed by Kokai Studios, the penthouse apartment occupying the 48th and 49th floors […]

Spacious And Carefully Compartmentalized Ukrainian Apartment

  • Ukrainian-Apartment-(2)
  • Ukrainian-Apartment-(3)
  • Ukrainian-Apartment-(4)
  • Ukrainian-Apartment-(5)

What is it that people want from an apartment? Space, comfort, style, a constant feeling of a welcoming space, a private retreat from the world? Let’s see how many of these features we can spot in this rendering of a 300 square meter apartment designed by Alexander Chervinskyi for Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects. Textures and […]

Ebony and Leather Defining The Interiors of a Highly Modern Apartment in Moscow

  • choco_hqroom_ru_1
  • choco_hqroom_ru_3
  • choco_hqroom_ru_4
  • choco_hqroom_ru_5

Geometrix Design Architects have recently presented their newest project , a highly modern apartment located in a famous residential complex in Moscow. The total area of ​​the loft is 152.6 square meters and the materials used for the interior design- leather, ebony wood and stone- blend in perfectly with the strict geometry and precise architectural […]

Inspiring Redesigned Interiors Of A Gramercy Park Townhouse

The Isaly Residence is a stunning home designed for the Isaly family in a 1848 Gramercy Park townhouse in New York City. Turning a large triplex into two separate dwellings proved to be a challenge and the renovation involved replacing the old steel frame, as well as the electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. By adding […]

Updated Oscar Niemeyer Apartment Where Social Meets Private

Architects Felipe Hess and Renata Pedrosa updated this 140 square meter apartment originally designed by Oscar Niemeyer and the result is fabulous. Named Copan Apartment and located in Sao Paolo, Brazil, the contemporary residential space was demolished to the point of an open, fluid space, adorned with remaining columns and shafts. A core volume was […]

Dreamy St.Petersburg Apartment by Anton Valiev

We’ve seen many dream apartments – some of them small and versatile, others spacious and luxurious. All of them have a common point – a surprising interior design. Prepared to become someone’s comfortable nest, these renders by Anton Valiev exhibit a custom collaboration between natural colors and elegant furniture. With both feminine and masculine touches, […]

Small Apartment Design with Modern Features in the Philippines

Gabriel Perez, president of Green Asia Real Estate and Development, sent us photos and information about a relatively small apartment (69 square meters) located in Manila, the Philippines. Here is the description we were sent: ” The owner, despite having a small space, loves to entertain guests and thus configured an open floor layout. The […]

Romanian Penthouse Apartment In White, Black and Brown

Romania’s capital, Bucharest, is home to this very modern and elegant apartment. Designed to display simple, clean lines on the edge of coldness, the AC Apartment combines black, brown and white in a light, wood-adorned set of interiors. Bucharest-based Square ONE studio designed this project as an open floor collection of spaces where glass panels […]

Quality Wood And Stone Details Shaping A Polish Apartment

Trusting the interior designers you work with is very important – something incredible can result from understanding the needs and wishes of a client and then designing a residential space that can accommodate their lifestyle while constructing a new setting for their daily activities. The Marina Apartment 1 is just that kind of place – […]

Circular Skylights Shining Light In Reconstructed Bratislava Loft

Residential spaces come in many shapes and sizes – from large customized houses to small and challenging apartments. This Loft in Bratislava is somewhere in between – it measures 108 square meters of interior space and 151 square meters of terrace area. Designed by Prague-based by Atelier SAD, the loft is perched on the 12th […]

Stunning Transparency In An Urban Romanian Loft

Architects Ion Popusoi and Bogdan Preda collaborated on an amazing residential project – this stunning transparent loft In Brasov, Romania. Set in a fairytale landscape, on a central hill close to the Black Church, this apartment building hints subtly towards the exquisite spaces found on the inside. Overlooking the mountains and historical center of the […]

Practical Apartment in Singapore Reflecting the Lifestyle of the Owners

We received some photos and information about an interesting looking apartment envisioned by Stanley Tham and Jwen Sim of KNQ Associates. Enjoy the description of the design process and don’t forget to share your opinions below. “The essence of a well-designed space should have a wonderful energy, apart from just looking good. It is with […]

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