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Freshome is a leading online magazine for home & design enthusiasts where we present a mixture of carefully edited selection of the best home furnishings, interior designs, architecture and all kind of news from the design world. Since 2007, the site offers a daily coverage of representative global design influences and presents a cross section of young and fresh international creativity. If you want more details about and our team feel free to check our About Us section.

Freshome receives more than 3 million unique visitors and over 6.5 million page impressions per month giving our advertisers unrivaled exposure to our premium readership of architects, designers, interior designers, home lovers, consumers and opinion formers. Well-written and regularly-published original content attracts a growing regular readership of influential, educated and high-income individuals interested in design products, ideas and inspiration.

Freshome is read daily by a large elite audience of design professionals in the building industry, including architects, interior designers, builders, home designers, specifiers, landscape architects, planners, and engineers. Typical Freshome readers are style-conscious, decisive, high-income, college-educated consumers, from young adult upward, and they are relatively balanced as to gender.

They are highly open to innovation, but with a practical bent, looking for utility as well as novelty. As a style leader, each of our typical readers influences a wide circle of clients, friends, and colleagues.

Here are some statistics about our website :

Freshome has 94,000+ RSS readers ( January 2014 ), 890,000+ Facebook Fans ( January 2014 ), 98,500+ Twitter Followers ( January 2014 ), 40,000+ Email Subscribers and is one of the 10,000 most visited websites in the world according to, and the best part is that all these numbers are getting better each week.

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