If you are looking for inspiration on how to decorate a small bedroom, prepare to be overwhelmed with fantastic ideas. After publishing these contemporary bedroom design ideas guaranteed to “rock your world”, these charming Swedish modern bedrooms and these holiday-inspiring ocean-view bedrooms, it is time to have a look at practical solutions for small homes. For today we gathered 40 photos of small bedroom interiors, each of them displaying a clever layout. Before you dive in, if you are looking for space-saving furniture ideas, be sure to check out our top furniture picks for small bedrooms.

So take your time and go through each and every photo from the list below, analyzing details and slowly configuring your dream bedroom. Keep in mind that light colors are a lot more efficient than dark hues in enhancing the feeling of space. As appealing as it might seem, a super-large bed will take up a lot of space, so a good plan is to reduce the size of the bed and fill the void with practical furniture accessories. If storage space is an issue, you can always utilize the area under your bed with storage containers like this one from Amazon. And bring in as many mirrors as you can! These being said, we invite you to feast on the display of colors and textures below! Enjoy making your bedroom as cozy and as functional as possible and when you can spare some time, drop by and tell us how your project is doing! If you’re still looking for more inspiration you should check : 35 Cool Headboard Ideas To Improve Your Bedroom DesignAlso, make sure to check out our post on Creative Organization Ideas to see how you can reduce clutter in small spaces.