Everyday life should unfold in bright, open and ingeniously designed homes. Seen on Alvhem Mäkleri & Interiör, this duplex apartment in central Stockholm provides a dose of highly appraised Scandinavian design as inspiration for those who love bright urban living spaces. The Charming central Stockholm duplex apartment spreads over a total of 55 square meters, so the design had to offer a luminous environment fit for Sweden’s long and dark winters. Under high ceilings, the apartment unravels an inviting and somehow sober living space infused with warm textures like wooden floors and stairs, cozy throws and pillow plus a comfy rug.

Arched windows invite sunlight deep into the apartment, penetrating the lower level, while the upstairs mezzanine bedroom is flooded with light from the skylights. White walls bounce the light around, while a contrasting modern dark kitchen breaks the monotony and adds a stylish, contemporary touch to the overall appeal of this compact apartment. Not to mention there’s room for a dressing space and a cozy terrace to enjoy the frisk, fresh air.

Can you think of anything else you need to live a comfortable life in Stockholm?