Stylish Dark-Toned Interior in Istanbul Designed by Tanju Özelgin

Stylish Dark-Toned Interior in Istanbul Designed by Tanju Özelgin

Istanbul-based designer, Tanju Özelgin, completed the interior of T House, a gorgeous multi-level residence sited in Bosphorus district. With objects of décor displayed in a museum-like manner, he imagined a stylish dark-toned living space, making use of local forms and materials. The neutral palette of colours, ranging from white/ beige to different hues of grey and sheer black create an astounding visual effect. Space looks modern, yet a little bit gloomy. Despite the excessive use of obscure colours, the interior inspires calmness and elegance. High ceilings, dramatic chandeliers, long curtains and exquisite artwork adorn the living room.

“In this project, Özelgin has used rough stone and raw concrete mixed with polished marble, wood and glass for the interior and sections of the exterior. Also the widespread use of stone surfaces on walls, floors and exterior areas can be considered as an example of the use of local elements. Besides, the use of stonewall panels in the primary living spaces is one of the most important features of the design.” From polished marble tables to futuristic-like sculptures – everything seems to fall into place visually. The overall design appears to be fascinating and intimidating, in the same time.

  • Earthy tones of colour
  • Work space and elegant details
  • Elegant and luxury
  • Tub and bedroom view
  • Dark bedroom
  • Shower black details
  • Dark tones bathroom
  • Black bathroom
  • Books
  • Stone wall and library
  • Library and elegance
  • Details decor by Tanju Özelgin
  • Decor upper floor house in Istanbul
  • Staircase
  • Modern quirky element of decor
  • Decor red human
  • Spacious living room
  • Tanju Özelgin interior
  • Dark elegance house in Istanbul
  • Dark-toned decor
  • Dark-toned interior
  • Dark elegance house in Istanbul
  • Elegance and sobriety
  • Interior by Tanju Özelgin
  • Inspiring sobriety T House

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  • Monnaie May 21, 2014 at 07:35 AMLogin to Reply →

    Interesting interior designing and decoration! Beautiful architecture too!